Saturday, June 26, 2010

One last letter for today.

June 18, 2010 . . . . 9:48PM

I shouldn't have said I was scared for the TRC earlier - fear and faith cannot coexist.  I was nervous - or I should uv' been.  Not scared.  This week went so fast.  It's been great.  Thanks for the spoon and fastbreaks!  Awesome!  Fantastic!

So the TRC tonight was way way good at first.  So tonight the task was to talk in Spanish for 7 minutes to 2 people.  They were door approaches and we were supposed to introduce ourselves, get to know, and ask about families and relate families to the Gospel & then bear testimony & set up a return appt.  Then for the 2nd guy we actually go back 10 minutes later and teach a 20 minute lesson.  So the first one went real good.  We knocked on the door of a big black man and it was so so good.  Then the next door was a missionary!  We were so ticked!  So we did real bad with him.  And I totally lost the spirit.  Friday night is supposed to be our "real" night teaching someone, so when we knocked on the 2nd door and an Elder opened up, I was ticked!  So we work for 10 minutes to prepare, and I prayed & really tried to have the spirit be with me again.  It was way hard.  And the lesson went OK at best.  Afterwards we talked with the Elder and found out he has been here for 4 months!  Mexico.  No Visa yet.  But Wednesday he starts a temporary reassignment in Salt Lake South.  BTW, sorry you cannot read this.

So the TRC didn't go so well, but we got back to class and had an amazing lesson on baptism.  And then we learned how to plan better. Mi Compineros are so tired and want to go to bed early.  They are so tired but I'm just fine.

I didn't take this picture.  Don't know who did but Elder Bagley gave it to me cause he didn't want it.  It is of him swiping his letter outta my manos.  It was the day he got his 1st letter.

Tomorrow is a normal day.  Lots of study time and lots of class, the only different thing is that I am going to practice the piano for 45 minutes.

I guess I don't know what to say now.  Ask me more questions if you want to know certain things.

I love you all and am kinda excited to see you when I'm done, but heck, I am more excited for Argentina!!

Practice your piano, Love,

Elder Ostler