Sunday, June 27, 2010

The MTC is great!

Hello family:       . . . . email on June 25, 2010

Wilson: the MTC is great!  For the last couple of gym periods I have ventured out to the MTC fields and have played soccer.  It is so so so FUN!  It is the best.  When I am playing and do a great move I usually think of Ben Ostler, but this week as I play, I am also going to think of you and what you would do when huge sweaty Elders are running after you.  Sometimes I score goals.  It is a lot of running but playing futbol is just great!  2 days ago as I was playing, I tweaked some of my toes on my right foot and it hurt pretty bad.  The whole bottom of my left foot killed and I was limping so good.  As I went to sleep all the Elders told me when I woke up that it would be worse and swollen real bad.  So I prayed that night with faith that Heavenly Father would heal my foot.  And He did!  It was a simple miracle, and when I woke up, I could walk completely normal.  Just remember if you ever have any problems, Go To The Lord.

Benson, I hope you are being good to Mom and Dad, I know you are.  I hope summer is just great for you, remember, you are 10 so live it up.  Sometimes I wish I was 10.  At least I'm pretty sure thats how old you are.  Benson, remember to practice your piano every day.  Last week I played for Church as you know and guess what......I didn't mess up once! It was great; however, I felt a little weak playing Firm Foundation because I mostly only played top hand.  So practice every day so when you get here you can play both top and bottom hands when you are asked to play How firm a Foundation.

Jefferson!  It is great to hear about all your training adventures for the triathlon.  Oh, and nice use of the word "poned" in your letter to me.  We all enjoyed that.  You are a valiant son of God and can do great things in your life.  Remember to practice your piano.  It will help you (and the ladies might really enjoy that talent of yours as you grow up.... hmmmm.... something to think about when you don't want to practice).

Harrison:  I think you will pone Jefferson at the swimming leg of the race.  You got to let my know who finishes first out of the 3 of you.  I don't think good ole Dad has a shot at beating you, but Jefferson will give you a run for your money.  Just remember that it is a mental race too.  As with anything, believe you can do it and YOU CAN!  Also, don't miss a day of piano!  I know I have said it already but it is so important that you do it.  God has commanded us to develop our talents.  And by obeying Gods commandments you will be blessed.

Saydi.  Thanks for letting me know that you were listening to the Proclamation by Jonny Vance.  That just killed me because we are not allowed to listen to music here.  I guess that there have been problems with 4 Elders all wanting to listen to different things in the same room.  So we can't do that which is a bummer.  But, there is a musical perk here and that is that we have devotionals twice a week; one Tuesday night and one Sunday night.  That is not the musical perk, duh, this is.  Before the speaker there is a musical number and it is always AMAZING.  2 weeks ago this Elder with the most beautiful voice sang a great song.  And as I was standing in line for this weeks devo (Elder Allen and I were at the front because we went 2 hours early) we noticed the Elder right next to us was the one who sang it.  We talked and eventally he said "open to a verse."  Then he sang it in his broadway amazing voice.  It was so cool.  So that devo we thought for sure an Apostle was going to be at.  So I was on row 4.  Then they announced it was a member of the 70 and I will admit, I was a bit ticked.  But he gave the best talk ever! It's next to "The Way" you know that one, it was one of my favorite talks of all time.  Also, last week this angel of an Elder sang "All Creatures of our God and King.. .... and it blew me away.  It was so so so beautiful.

Ok Amanda: suggestion for the Sister missionary.  I saw this Sister with crocs on for shoes and they were pretty cute if you asked.  Not like I know anything about style.  Anyways, thanks for the orgami bird.  It's weird to think that if you were in my shoes right now you would already be in the field harvesting!  That is so cool to think about.  It is great to have an awesome older Sister.

Mom.  Ummm I tired to fake you out and I actually sent a photo card last Friday and I fear it hasn't gotten to you yet!  I'm kinda freaking out it is lost.  I sent it in one of those bigger letter things you gave me.  There was letters in that too.  Then the next day I sent you a normal letter.  So I don't know but please dearelder me about that!!!

Because I have not bouncy balls or racquetballs to throw around here, I just toss my blue meal card up in the air.  In the cafeteria, I was tossing it up as we were leaving and it fell and slid under this shelf that is impossible to retrieve.  So we went and got haircuts and then got permission, cause secruity is tight, and were able to go to the front desk and we asked to get a new one.  We waited till the MPresidents break was over (5 min) then went and got a new card.  Basically because the MPresidents are here they have closed off the main building for the week.  So we had to get permission to go get a blue card.  We didn't see any Apostles in there, but the district above us got to shake the stoic hand of Elder Holland yesterday.  That didn't make sense and I do realize that, sorry.

Dad, A TRIATHLON, really?  That is awesome.  I wish I could see you train and ride your bike to work!  Ha!  Ok, 2 minutes left.  You know you have left Babylon behind when it isn't till the 3rd week that you find out one of your comps likes 70s music!  Huntington likes Boston, REO, etc.  So that is cool.  I'm in a 3some now because Bagley and the Elders left to the DR.  So both my comps and a lot of people here like country and one night we sang country love songs so thanks Amanda, for making me hear those all the time because it was fun to be singing those with them.

Spanish is good, I'm picking it up.  I just need to be more diligent with study time, personal study time.

Bye, Love You

Elder Ostler