Monday, April 25, 2011

I am filled with so much desire.

My Family:

Hello to all.  Elder Ostler reporting from Justo Daract.
One thing I don´t like about email is lately I have always been worrying over them, usually the couple days after I send them.  For some reason I get frustrated with myself.  I will try not to do that.
This week was a really unexpected week!  I was involved in a special transfer and I’m not with Elder Molen anymore . . .  instead, I’m killing Elder Wetzel!  Just a preview of whats to come . . .
The district meeting that we had one week ago was so amazing, it just seems the Lord keeps helping me out and giving me little answers and pushes.  I gave the meeting, but it was the comments form 2 elders that just hit home.  I was filled.   Last week I talked about a routine I have set for myself in Daract . . . and part of that routine is not baptizing.  Something needs to change.  Because I have huge desires to baptize.  And for the 5th week in a row, no one came to church.  It is kinda weighing down on me and causing hardship.  I know Dad, that the Lord wants me to baptize just as much and more than I do.  And that for me, serving in Justo Daract is a trial and an opportunity to grow . .  but man.  Justo is killing me.  But don´t worry, I’m being strong and enduring and working with a smile.
So the special transfer, we just received an unexpected call Wednesday from the zone leaders telling us that Elder Molen would be leaving and Wetzel would be coming.  And then that evening, I talked on the phone with the aps.  They pretty much told me the same thing, and that this was an inspired transfer.  That I am the person to help and kill Elder Wetzel.  It was an unexpected change, and to tell you the truth I was excited.  And I thought killing Wetzel would be easy, keeping him focused etc.  But after 4 days together, it’s kinda hard.  Elder Wetzel was one of the first people I met in Argentina because he trained Allen.  It’s good, but just the ganas to work really aren’t there.  And so I really got to put in the pilas and a ton of energy derived solely from prayer and the study of the scriptures and do this month good.  I have established this habit in Justo that when I think about the need to pray and am in the pench, I just go to the chapel and get on my knees.  I have never been so thankful for the supernal gift of prayer.  We are so lucky we get to pray!
This week I made brownies (sin una mix) or tried to make them.  They were ok at best.  But the best part was eating the melted chocolate and butter.  Spooning that into the little boca (mouth).  Yummy!  Maybe next time I’ll spend some pesos and just buy a mix.  And for a siesta snack melt some butter and chocolate in a sauce pan.
And on Saturday we made ourselves spaghetti for lunch, or a variation you could say.  It was interesting, we just echared (threw) a ton of different spices and flavors . . . but it was very edible.
As far as the work, it’s going.  I’m using my faith and HOPE.  We get out there every day and I hope something good will occur.  And know something great is going down this week.  We had some way good lessons . .  but nope.  We had one solidly committed to church, Carlos, the guy we helped with his fence but nope.  For some reason he didn´t show.  So in church it was just 8 . . . en total.  Five members, Julie (the Alaniz little chica) and us.  We can only GROW!  If you know what I mean.  Three of our members were out of town.  Including our branch president so Hermano Alaniz ran everything, and he's pro because he’s done it all his life, and us three were the only sacerdocio.  Piano went good, the Hermana Alaniz didn´t like my chosen hims, so she changed them right before we started . . . but no worries because I could still play them!  Victory.  And I was so excited to hear of the practicing of the piano starting up!  You go Saydi and whip those boys into shape.  Work those fingers.  And Harrison . . wow, you better practice if you want that Envoy!  I hope life is good my little brother.  And you too Jefferson.
Justo Daract is just a tiny place in the middle of nowhere.  There are 2 economy.  The train, and working in the campo, doing farming etc.  Noting else.  The city is a grid and mostly dirt streets.  If you walk the city at the right time, you will see NO ONE!  Not a soul.  And hardly a car in gear.  Its quite the shock for my buddy Wetzel, who just came from the heart of Mendoza.  And with them, it was just a switch, Molen replaced Wetzel and visa versa.
Everyone has either a horse, cow, pigs, chickens, ducks or sheep in their yard.  It’s so sweet!  In this one part there is a beautiful green grass field with yellow flowers, and cows and pigs roaming around.  It is a dream really.
But somehow I got to find some more animo.  And Faith.  I think I just hit the longest streak without a soul in church. (Then again, maybe not, my first 2 areas were rough too).  But lets just say, this is noting like Rivadavianoticias from Arrua; one is that his father, who passed away years ago, his temple work has been done! Arrua is so happy and so so just happy about that.  And, an open the mouth I had in Rivadavia, just before I left, got baptized.  That was a great news too.... the bad part is Jorge and Rita aren’t showing their faith!  Arrua said they struggle to come to church.  Because he took another work and is working some Sundays.  But it’s not permanent.  And so what I’m going to do is send them a letter this week when we all go to MENDOZA!
Yes, we are going for a zone conference and it’s going to be great.  I’m going to personally ask president about skype etc.  Also, Amanda, get permiso to call me if you want.  But I have no info on the phone call.  Yes the church might have a landline, not sure.  But as a plan B, we will use the cell phone. And I’ll pass the number next week.  But yes, I guess I’m pretty excited for that too.
But there are miracles happening in the zone.  The zone leaders, Elders Esplin and Williams saw miracles this week as they had 8 in church.  I had to fight the jealousy off as I heard that.  But at last, I’m happy for them.  They are out working hard.
I know the Lord is testing me and seeing what I got.
I am filled with so much desire.  Just bursting with desire to see miracles, do good things, keep the mission rules, and Rock Justo.
And a memory card solution has been discovered.  Elder Wetzel goes home 24 May, so I will just send all my 10ish gigs of memory home with him, and then his mother can send it to you! Genius!!  And I might just have to send you an alfajor too!
Molen went out good. He is psyched because he is now with his first Latin.  And good for him.  I hope he rocks it there.
I need to smile.  I learned about gratitude this week.  And being thankful for the mountain of blessings that I have, and that the Lord gives me every day.  And I Thank Him.  I read the amazing talk by President Monson again.  Almost every human being has an infinite capacity for taking things for granted.  Yup, that’s me.  And also, the way to cultivate gratitude is through prayer.
Kinda an everywhere email, I did make a cute little outline, but didn´t use it to much. I just tried to talk to you guys and create a dialogue.  I love you all so much.
Happy Birthday Dad!!  Have a good tomorrow.  And that’s sweet you’re all studying preach my gospel!  That also made me happy.
And mom, hello. You don´t need to cry. I’m ok.  It’s called a lance .  . hello.  I’m usually not cold, often either hungry or Way Too Full, and sometimes lonely.  But life can´t be without trials . . come on.  We just got to recognize were inside of a trial and learn.  You just got to go through life without looking stupid.
One thing about Elder Wetzel . . his Spanish is PERFECT.  Not an error.  And his accent, it is perfect. An instant dictionary.  He says three words to the guy, and they ask, ‘are you Argentine?  It is insane.  I want that!
I WAS going to send sweet pics of the pench I took, but this computer doesn´t want too!  Ughh, so enjoy those next week I guess.  And my letter hasnt´t arrived!  I might just be done with laboring over letters.  I sent SO MANY in that one.  Easily five.  I really hope it gets there.
And I do thank thee for all the many prayers offered in my behalf.  Thank You.
Today was a good p day.  We played greengos vs latins in futbol at the church and we smoked them!  It was great.  I spent my whole gas tank right at the beginning and got a hat trick.  Four of our first five goals.  And then I spent an awesome time as arcero.  Goalie.  I was a wall.  So that was fun. Then we bought empanadas and played settlers of catan.  It was good.  P day is so inspired.  And my comp lives for them now.   Now I just got to drag him to the next one.  He’s psyched to go home, as anyone would be. We have many things to teach one another.  And learn together.  He’s a crazy kid though.  The person he reminds me the most of is Jordan Calaway.
Well it’s just about time for me to go teach another district meeting.  Yeah.  Have a good week in the Tricities and in Rensselaer.  O, and whose city is bigger, mine or Amanda's?  Keep your head up Amanda, you are a servant of Christ.
Happiness to all, and to all a good night.
Elder Ostler

Monday, April 18, 2011

Justo Daract has put me on my knees

Well Hola Familia.  Como anda todo?  ¿Bein?
Ohhh where to start and what to say. . .  This cyber we are in for some reason feels so American.  New english music and all.  I don´t recognize any of it.  I rejoiced to hear the news about Elder Matt Young.  That makes me SO HAPPY!  And it’s ok for the branch president to live in Cordoba.  More than the ties, I received the 2 libro de mormons.  And speaking of mail, I recently sent, last Tuesday, a loaded letter.  White envelope, so look for that.  I absolutely loved the email!  And don’t worry mom, for some reason my body now likes getting up right at 6:30.  I pop right up and head to the capilla.  I get on my knees and pray in the chapel every morning and evening.  I’m finally in my routine in Daract.  And things are going good and running smoothly.

We are staying Juntos, Elder Molen and myself.  Deep down I knew.  The first little bit you have to get used to the new companion, which I did with Molen.  The moment we found out we were staying, everything changed.  (Right now we are listening to ‘evacuate the dance floor,’ I’ve heard it at BYU before.  It gets weirder and weirder to listen to this tipo de musica!!)  What do I mean by everything changed. . .  how to explain this. . .   I really push him.  Like before, I just kinda quietly went through the day.  But now, I’m really trying to help him out with many things, from teaching to waking up on time.  Our relationship is doing good good, so no worries there.  Obviously there are still things I have to tolerate, and I’m sure he does too, but life is good.

O, a comment on that eagle picture.  First, HARRISON - congratulations.  Remember - the preseason is where the missionary is made.  And mom you look so good!  Nice and young and everything.  And I’m not just saying that because it is you BIRTHDAY!!  That is the first thing I thought when I looked at it . . .  but dad on the other hand.  You turned 49ish¿ Dang brother, where’d your hair go?  Hey, I love you dad.  We will have to hike up some mountains after the mission and talk, with Boston and Rush going in the background!  OO something reminded me of cool the engines this week.  I tried to sing it, but couldn´t remember any of the words. Listen to that for me, would you?  And mother, almost all the half-way abstract names in the emails, I don´t recognize.  Like Gabby, Blake, Saydi’s blanket lady, yeah, no idea.  I’m just forgetting everything!  que tal
Although numerically this week wasn´t on fire, I had a good week of learning.  A quick story.  Today normally would gave been a bummer day for me, but let me tell you something.  Generally we take an hour bus to Mercedes Sunday night after the work finishes and the sun sets.  But last night we found ourself in a lesson to remember, until late, making us miss the bus.  I was totally fine with that!  If you know what I mean.  Any chance to teach the Gospel here in Justo Daract and I am all over it!  I love teaching!  So we were just going to go over this morning and do a normal p day.  But then word came that we were going to San Luis!  Sweet, I was psyched, we were going to play futbol and Elder Gonzolez and Hinojosa are there (Elder Hinojosa is dying this transfer!)  Basically, our bus to Villa Mercedes was going to arrive a little late this morning, after the bus they wanted to take to San Luis left.  So we got hosed!  Due to bad planning, or really just no planning by the zone leaders, the elders in Justo Daract got toasted for the p day.

When I found that out, about 7 am I was so bummed!  Then I started getting mad.  Then my spiritual side realized something. I have been praying for growth and that usually comes through trials.  I realized this as a trial which changed my attitude.  I want to learn from this.  So I was still decently bummed because the zone left to San Luis without us etc.  So I was over by the big heater in the church.  And apparently got a little too close . . . because for some reason I quickly moved away from it and touched my backside and felt something all melty.  Upon further investigation, I found that the heater had melted my best pair of money shorts given to me by THE Ben Ostler.

NO!!! It was just the thing that would have pushed me over the edge.  Our p day got hosed and then my money shorts got totaled.  But something interesting happened. I just became ok with it.  I laughed at it.  Christ is changing my nature.  Before the mish, I would have been so ticked at the outcome of 2 events like that.  But I sit here in Justo Daract, just happy with life.  I went outside and walked around and smiled.  And counted my blessions.  I looked at the beautiful horses that rome free behind the church fence, not 40 meters from the door to the church.  Amazing, remarkable.  And a cool thing is that even though the calefactor melted completely through my shorts, not a mark anywhere else.  Not even a piece of melted shorts.  How cool is that!
Justo Daract has put me on my knees.  I have found strength and happiness through the gift of Prayer.  It is incredible!  During the day I physically feel a boost, a light push and encouragement from behind me. Angels really walk with me in Justo.  It is something inexplainable.  I have been praying for answers and wanting personal revelation and am receiving it.
I gave a talk in church this week.  I was stiring and so unsure on what to speak of.  Until Saturday night, we were walking in the streets, bytheway, hardly any of them are paved, and it came.  I knew what it was I was supposed to talk about.  I went home and studied for the talk, and wrote it Sunday morning in the 2 hours we have before church.  And yes mom.  We live IN the church.  The door to our room is not 15 steps from the pulpit.
The talk turned out really well.  I filled out 22 minutes. My talk was 4 claves a la felicidad (4 keys to happiness).  Although there are many, I was given four.  la santa cena, la esperanza, la gratitude, y el servicio.  It was just great.  I learned so much!  But the audience wasn´t to huge.  There’s really only 8 active members, and 2 weren´t at church.  So there were 2 of us, 6 of them, 2 little kids, and a high counsel member from San Luis.  It’s just a different life here family!  And yes mom, there is primary.  This week the primary teacher wasn´t there, and so I taught it!  It was so sweet.  No one asked me, I just kinda stepped in and did it.  Man this music I’m listening to is so raro!  There were the 2 little girls, one alaniz, and the other is Jose´s daughter.  And then the other alaniz 12 year old Samule was there too.  So it was us 4.  And the spirit.  We talked about Jesus and the little children and about prayer.  And piano in church went well too.
This week we ate 5 meals with the members!!!!  I am getting good at talking to people. I am coming out of my shell, and it is great.  I love it.  Saturday we had an activity and the members came and we spent the morning deep cleaning the church. Afterwards we ate this great food.  And then after the 3 hour lesson last night with Ernesto and his family, they fed us.  It was great, last night we taught everything, all 4 commandments and the plan of salvacion.  And they asked us every question in the book of questions to ask missionaries and started writing a second one!  What a great night.  I wish I had more more more time.  We’ll have to talk in 3 weeks.  I asked about skype in my email just barley to president.
And now we have light in the kitchen!  It was fixed by hermano alaniz! and o my you should have seen what came out of our hot water heater.  Just leafs and dirt and crud.  It needs deeper cleaning, but we might get it working soon. As for now, we shower with buckets.  And I’m getting it down to a science.
It was sweet one night this week when I talked to some pibes (kids) openly grafitiying a city statue.  The Book of Mormon challenge started this week and I’m doing it in spanish.  It's not to hard.  66 days. 
Well that’s what I got for you this week. 
I love the mowing pow wow comment. 
Go make that money kids so you can serve a mission too!  It’s worth it. 
Happy Birthday mom.  Man you’re old, but you look so young.
Dad, you choose well.  Mom’s a gem, isn´t she?
Amanda, I love you too
Elder Ostler

Monday, April 11, 2011

It was a day of rejoicing!

Hello Family, Hello Amanda.  I hope you all still have your hope in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I hope you are all happy, and like dad tells me, to enjoy the growth that comes from trails.  If I was at home I would give you all the biggest hug, because your my Family, my God given family.  I love each of you, make it a great week.  Remember that your Brother and Son in Argentina loves you!
I feel like last weeks email wasn´t too great, it just didn´t come out right I feel.  So I hope I can comunicarme good in this one.
We are in Villa Mercedes right now, and today I have taken 2 showers in their hot water wonder they have!  At least in Justo we got 3 pots to boil water in every morning, so I can take a hot shower!

Some comments¨colon.  Dang what a trip, sounds like it builded some character!  Yes, me and Jefferson are a lot alike. Except he’s way sweeter than me.  I mean hey, I was never king of dance in middle school!  Hey, and Harrison was too!  What a great family this is.
A word on Butler.  Yes they lost, but that is ok. They really are a great team, and watching them play this season I can make several conclusions.  First, as already mentioned, they play with heart.  They love the game and it shows on the hardwood court.  Second, I love the fluidity of their ball movement.  Their lineup may not be the strongest, but they make it work.  One thing that amazed me about them is their willingness to share the ball.  They are humble ballers and realize they can´t do it alone.
Hey I just shot our beautiful sister missionary, Amanda an email, it was a good one.  I pray for that girl, my sister, and hope the sunlight from heaven is smiling upon her!
And Saydi!  Woman, one year of college education and no ring on your finger!  What’s up!  That’s all I will say on the matter.  I will mention nothing of  _A_ _ _.  Nothing at all.  I really loved that letter you sent me.  I love you girl!
2 Gold Nuggets.  As things turned out I spent 5 nights in the zone leaders pench.  We worked Villa Mercedes, my birthplace, and rocked it.  We got into a bunch of houses and taught.  I love teaching!!!!  This one house, I saw the door open and inside the house saw a piano!  I approached the door and hollered hola buenas tardes and a lady came out.  She looked pretty judgmental, not going to let us in.  I talked about her piano, how I played, and would love to play her piano.  The spirit overcame her and she let us in!  I played some simple hymns and sang mas cerca dios de and it was just wonderful.  Then we taught her un ratito and it was good.  She said several times, “I don´t know why I let you guys in! I don't let anyone in, ever!  And if my daughter knew you were in my house, she’d kill me!”  The Spirit baby, the spirit got us in!  We just gotta be worthy conduits to let the spirit work through us.  That’s the quest, to always be worthy of the spirit, . . . hmmm kinda sounds something like I heard yesterday in sacrament meeting.  Is not the Gospel Beautiful, Simple? I love it.
So then on Wednesday we, Elder DPort and I, the 2 big bad DLs hopped on a bus at 4 am and slept to Mendoza.  And this is where gold nugget one comes into play . .  the capacitación (training) we had was INCREDIBLE!  It was one of the best days every!  Some highlights!  Elder Huntington, Cabranes, Hinijosa, George, and Arrua were all there!!!  Wow, I talked with all them.  I was so high on life that day, if you know what I mean.  It was a spiritual feast from the mouth of our President Lindahl.  You would have just had to been there to know what I am talking of.  And we ate!  Pastel de papa, which is hummmm. . .  like shepherds pie, but without the tomato taste, and the potatoes are topped with cinnamon and sugar!!  Out of this world.  And we had dulce de leche covered apples.  Dulce de leche, which is kinda like carmel, but way better, is my drug.  I’m hooked.  And we had tortitas.  Uniquely mendocino.  I miss those.
It was the first time I have seen Huntington in Argentina, it’s been 8 months.  And it was AMAZING.  It was a day of rejoicing as I saw so many of my friends.  So many!  I did receive a glorified mail with 2 great ties and a blank sd card.  Thanks!  But not the box.  We have a zone conference at the end of this month, I’ll get them then, acuna matata, no worries.
The bus ride back with the zone leaders Williams and Miller was also amazing, so much fun!  We were almost the only ones on the bus, and Mendoza is just BEAUTIFUL.  I connect with you mom as you try to describe the vistas of your backpacking trip.  WOW  is all you can say.  There is a God.
Gold nugget number 2 came on Friday.  We went to CORDOBA!!  I could spend the whole email talking about this day.  With permiso, the branch president, Jose took us out to his campo with his wonderful wife Paola, and their bebito ornella.  It was a 45 minute drive on the worst rode on the face of this planet.  Pot holes the size of olympic size swimming pools.  It was exciting that’s for sure.
And then we arrived.  He owns hundreds of acres, hundreds of cows, pigs, horses, chickens, and of course ducks!  And there is a river that runs right through all of it. Notice picture.  I felt like Huck Finn for the day.  We went fishing with a rifle, and had exito!  That night, I cleaned the fish and cooked it up the sat siesta!  Thank you dad and Grandpa Skinner and Eagle Cap for teaching me how to clean a fish!  It was great!  My hands smelt like fish for a while though!

Wrestling pigs, watching cows, hunting armadillos, and shooting fish.  It was a day to remember.  You’re probably wondering why did he send a picture of a pig?  Look at the nose.

Yeah, ouch.  Who did that?  Yours Truly!  The whole experience of wrestling the pig, flipping it on its back, and me putting a wire through its nose is all on film.  But due to the awful mail system here, you probably won’t ever get it.  That’s a joke!

It was amazing!  Then one time, actually twice, the pig escaped and I went running after it through the brush and weeds.  It was so so so cool.  Unico (unique).  And on top of that, Jose gave us an asado, so good! Made from one of his cows he shot 2 weeks ago!  Grandpa Skinner would love that place!  It was the best day ever!

Then that other picture is of me just after I roped that pig all by myself, we couldn´t catch it for the longest time, but finally I got it baby!  I love pigs, and cows.

Some random things. . . .
2 buddies from BYU, Matt Young and Tom Saywer should have received their mission calls . . . if you could find our where they are going, I’ll buy you an alfajor someday.
I thought of a kudo bar, and of .38 special this week.  Just some random comments.  Everytime I or Elder Molen says, ‘I got’ . . .  I just start singing ‘I got boom 2 tickets to paradise, won´t you, boom, pack your bags we’ll leave tonight.’  That’s for you dad.  Thanks for raising me on the classics.
OOOHHHH and on a recent bus ride I heard NIGHT FEVER by the Bee Gees and just about went crazy!!  It was a good 2 minutes!
Being district leader is good now.  Juntos (together) with the spirit, I gave a beautiful district meeting la semana pasada (last week).  O and the verifying and numbers, it’s just great.
On that lost envelope I sent, it was the same type as the last sd card I sent home.  Brown and fun.  AND NO!  There were 2 letters in there for Dale, the uncle, and Mike. They were so so so good.  So tell them I tried!  It was for Chelsea and Julie too, and the family . .  dang.  But life goes on.  It always will.
Might I also add this is the first letter in months that you haven´t mentioned lacrosse . . . what happened?  It’s weird to hear of the spring sports up there, because someone turned on the ac here.  It’s fall!  The horario (schedule) of the misión changed, so I’m up at 6:30 and down at 10:30.  O Yeah!
Transfers! Today is day 1 of my 7th transfer! Wow, how time is just in a rocket ship!  But the news is . . . are you ready . . . I still don’t know.  I find out in 2 hours what is happening to me . . . if me and Molen stay or if one of us leaves.  I will stay probably for sure . . . but Molen . . . it cold go either way.  It would be kinda cool to get another Latin, and he thinks the same.  But for him it would be his first Latin.
Yesterday we taught the best lesson to this guy named Jose.  It was all about Joseph Smith.  What a cappo he was!  So transfers, yeah, still a mystery.  But we were on the phone with the aps last night, and they wouldn't tell us!  I about died.  But now I’m tranquilo...  what happens happens, and it’s God's will.
Side note, Saydi I want a picture of  _A_ _ _.  Thanks.  And in that glorified mail, thanks for the pictures!  I love the ones of Saydi and Amanda.  O just look at our little girl, a sister missionary.
Well, it is time,
I love you  
Elder Ostler

Monday, April 4, 2011

I plan to pay the price.

From reading your email, it sounds like things are going good back home in the Tri-Cities.  The 3 Bs.  That’s sweet Ben is coming, man I miss that kid.  I haven’t heard from him in forever, send him saludos and a big high five. Where is he going to school at?
BUTLER.  Many people will say I can’t believe it.  BUT I CAN.  Simply, BUTLER is the best.  They play with heart.  That brings me so much alegria.  Butler in the finals.
And Backpacking, that sounds really great.  And I must comment, I will be excited to show up to the Tri-Cities and find my own propio lacrosse helmet.  Seems to me like I’ll be pretty good at the sport.  O the lawn mowing!  Harrison, DO IT; you will be happy later that you learned just a little about work.  I promise.  But also, DON’T KILL YOURSELF!  Mow enough, but master the balencery of your schedule.  Go Jefferson.  Make some good money, and do a good job.  And Saydi, O Saydi, Have Fun doing what you love most . . .  mowing:)

Remember, don’t let the practice of piano slip through the cracks.  Please I plead with you, develop this skill.  Again here in Justo I am the branch pianist.  We have a little dinky keyboard here in the church/pench.  And I practice the siestas and play domingos.  But it’s not my choice!  The cappo branch president chooses and notifies me a week in advance.  And coming up this next week are some tricky ones.  The excitement never ceases!
I am doing really well.  Preaching the gospel, improving myself, and having fun.  It was a good week, yes you were wrong mom.  But certainly there were 2 choice really terrible mornings and other downer times . .  but we don´t talk about those so much, we learn from them.  Bad days are just a part of life that help me improve and appreciate the good and great and amazing ones.
The Lord blessed us with 13 news this week.  Truly, He opened doors, He blandared the corazones, and He helped us Teach.  The best new we found was one of my open the mouths.  A great 20 year old kid, and from the many tattoos, a little lost in satan’s lies.  His name is Gustavo.  We taught to his needs and talked about a wide variety of subjects.  The restoration was dominant though.  And he really is going to pray about it.  It was a miracle lesson.  We continue to work with Mario at this changing point in his life.  His second marriage is falling apart and he has no work.  The economy, if you can call it that, in Justo is HORRIBLE,  we hear that all the time.  I realize from being here that having a dad with a job is such a blessing.  And ours has a Great Job.  Wow, it amazes me.  Also the simple blessing of having pan on the mesa also is so huge.  We’ve never been without, so we don´t know what that’s like.  We are a blessed family.  I consider myself the luckiest and most blessed man to walk this earth.
The 2 man pench we have is great.  We get along really well.  Elder Molen has a great spirit, and we still have so much to learn.
What President Lindahl said to me this week via email was that Elder Molen and I will see many miracles together.  And we already have.  The nice thing about a 2 man pench is that I have the blessing of easily being focused during the siestas.  I cook, eat, study Spanish, and practice hymms.  Side note.  I’m excited for after the mission to learn and play songs other than hymms!  For the first time in the mission, the ipod music system has become a big thing.  I listen to that all the time.  I am in complete awe of the vocal chords of Elder Jonny Vance.  That one song is amazing. Also, I have a goal to learn Daughter of a King in tagalog.  We both really enjoy listing to that.
Ok . .  that was just the introduction, because this is the Conference Edition Letter.
I loved loved loved conference.  I have never been so excited for it in my life.  In my life.  Due to a problem or 2, we didn´t get to her the beginning ni la primero discurso por Perry.  What temples were announced?  Hardly any of the members were there on time for the first session, and no one seems to know.
Sister Stevens spoke on Beholding the little Children. I thought of Benson and Wilson.  And how precious they are. I loved when she talked about Jesus and the little children.
And then one of the next talks, Elder Gonzalez gave the first Argentina shout out!  Elder Cooks talk about women was amazing.  I thought of you mom, and how silly that one paragraph you wrote today was.  You are amazing.  It is how you face your trails that makes you amazing.

Oaks mentioned the wilderness survival merit badge and I thought  of my good friend Jase Ward and that cold night we survived under our tashmahal!  And he gave an Aaron Rawlston shout out.  I liked that . . Mom do you still read those books? Do you still watch our cop shows late at night?
And then Sister Allreds second Argentina shout out!
Elder Nelson dropped some cane on tithing and I loved it.  In this misión our asignación (allocation) has been upped to 700 huge pesos every month.  I thank all tithing payers throughout the world for the willingness and faithfulness to accept the blessings of God.  And mom and dad, thank you for teaching me that esencial principal.  Pay your tithing so you won’t be burned at the day of vengeance, Elder Nelson said!  That was sweet.
Elder Maynes talked about establishing celestial traditions in the home.  I reflected back on our home and was sweetly reminded that you did that, mom and dad.  Our home is a celestial home.  And Ballard talked about finding little flakes of gold.  I thought of my daily experiences are like that, little flakes of gold, and here’s 2 of them from this week.
We met Carlos, who lives on the outskirts of Daract, and he was a ful with trabajo, we offered to help, as we always do, and to our astonishment he accepted. So for an hour and a half we worked with him on his farm, fixing fences and playing with the pigs, literally.  It was a rather big flake of gold, it was an amazing amazing experience.  A picture is attached.

Carlos and Elder Ostler
Also, Friday night, our branch got together and we watched a movie! And ate an asado!  The movie was great, Gifted Hands, in Spanish and just, it was a great night.
The priesthood session was amazing!  I agree!  I loved how Anderson mentioned BYU hoops.  The message was clear.  Learn your priesthood responsibility and Do them.  Become something.  I plan to pay the price, which is my new found mission model, and do that.  I will be studying a lot about the priesthood this week.
Elder Gibson, among other things, said, a deacons duty is to share the gospel.  My thought turned to you, brothers,  especially Harrison and Jefferson.  Are you sharing the gospel with your concidos and amigos, and just whoever?  Harrison, I love hearing about you going on división with the elders SO MUCH.  I can´t believe you date and drive.  Did I miss something, the thought hit me that Benson is a Deacon, with the Priesthood of Aaron.  Really?  Do you boys invite friends, to church?  You should.  It is so easy, and the rewards are HUGE.  Sharing the Gospel is fun, not scary.  Just get over that first little fear and selfishness speed bump and start collecting the little gold flakes!
And mom, how’s your investigator?  I loved the little you shared with me about that.  So thanks for being amazing and sharing this Gospel.  Have you invited her to be baptized?  Baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Santos is the ONLY WAY to be saved and live in the reino celestial . . .or at least it is the fist step.  Invite her to church.  Testify, bring the missionaries, there is no way she can say no.  If people only knew what we were selling.  The price is one prayer, and the reward is ETERNAL HAPPINESS!
I loved Eyrings discourse.  A funny memory.  He talked of peace makers, and I thought of Miss Amanda, and how she is a peacemaker.  One of her YW value projects was ignoring me!   That is how maldito (wretched) I was!  And how amazing she is, because she did it and is just incredible.  But right now you might not feel that way.  I haven´t read your letter yet, but mom tells me its hard.  But girl, you can do it!!  Just work!  Do it how the Lord wants you to do it.  Do it with a smile.  Trials and pain are GOOD.  I love you dearly Amanda.  Just keep going, life always gets better.  You will look back on this transfer with a smile, I promise.  So make it a good one!
I love Monson’s talk too.  I felt his power.  Through revelation and the Holy Ghost I Know that he is God’s prophet on the earth today.  You know, I felt goose bumps so many times this weekend. It usually never happens to me.  And that choir!  Even through our really crappy Argentine speakers, we were able to feel the power and amazingness of conference.  Yes, we watched it in English.
I must finish so quickly, I loved Bishop Burton’s pink tie.  I complimented a member on his awesome purple tie Saturday, and he just took it off and gave it to me.  It was amazing.  So I gave him mine, . .  the beloved pink one!
And the Sunday pm session was unheard of.  Scott, Christofferson and Robbins were the highlights for me!  If I only had more time . . . .
They also showed a BYU Hawaii deal and I loved it.  Go Saydi.  Also, that Messiah, the Lamb of God was INCREDIBLE!  I want to see that again.
This weekend for conference we have come to spend the days in Villa Mercedes.  We are living in the zone leaders pench.  It is great to have hot water and a strainer!  O the little things in life.
Today was a great p day!  We cooked an asado, walked in a river of sorts, and played futbol.  It was so great.  And, in 2 days I get to go to Mendoza for the conference, I’m a district leader, so I will personally be able to bring back my mountain of letters!  I’m so excited to go!  And it’s the last week of the transfer, so we will see what happens!

We head back to Justo tonight.  It’s been a good descanso of sorts here in Villa Mercedes.  District leader for me is hard.
I got a smile on this face and simply just feel like this has been a very strange email. 
Siga adelante family.  I love you all so so much.  Boys, study, mow, play lacrosse, read your scriptures, and practice piano.   That is your o so important to do list from me.  I love you parents, and am eternally grateful for the both of you.
Another fun fact before I close, I read my patriarchal blessing so much this week.  It was powerful and some of the promises are amazing!
Back to conference, I thought that the overall themes may include, Get Married! God loves and hears us, revelation, marriage again, that’s separate from getting married.
And that’s funny about the hacering caso a kings Benjamin’s speech by sleeping in the tent with the door to the prophet.  My family is just so awesome!  I love you all.
Yours truly
Elder Ostler