Saturday, December 31, 2011

I will hold nothing back

Dear Family:

I had a good week.  Last night we did divisions with Elder Menocal, and it was great.  We taught a great man in his Kiosco, and when we spoke to him, taught him, and promised him he really seemed to change and listen.  Last night the 2 of us invited so many people to come unto Christ, we worked with all our strength.  We planed well before, and had a great success.  The measure of success comes from within.
We also talked with a nuts guy, he has the most whacked almost Korihor doctrine I can ever remember hearing.  This guy believed that no matter what you do, or how bad it is, every single soul will be given mercy and be saved by the grace of Christ en el postrer dia. He completely ignored the points of Repentance, and obsolited our personal responsibility.  At one point Elder Menocal said to him, that is the biggest lie I have ever heard!  It was awesome, but this guy hasn’t accepted the preparing God has done to him. (and by the way mom and dad I love all the encouragement and counsel you give me!  I’m certainly not the perfect missionary, and I love the love and support you send me, and have always sent me through everyone of these months.  I thank you profoundly, from the bottom of my heart.  I love you two.  Stay strong together.)
I love the mission because it opens your eyes to the world.  You see how crazy it is, how beautiful it is.  How crazy some people are, how LOST!  And how awesome some people are, how INCREDIBLE. Being in a class room at BYU or at 72606 E 260 PRNE just doesn’t get you this.  (you need to go somewhere like Chicago, or Hawaii to get some life experience:))  I am so thankful for the mission.  It has saved my life.  I was a good kid before the mission, but being here and living this has put me on a higher plane.  It was nothing automatic, and in the end I had to chose to change, and to walk closer to my Saviour. 
Training Elder Moon again is fun.  But this time I am teaching him how to run the mission, I mean be the mission secretary.  He is doing great, and has a great attitude like always.  We are in a 3 some with Elder Lounsberry, and things are good with us three.  Las Oficinas have been amazing for all of us.  One thing that we have all changed in is living the Word of Wisdom.  We eat healthy and excersize good. Real good.
Today was the day we have been training for.  Lounsbury, Burr y yo. For weeks now we have had our eyes on the 13K.  Lets tell some of the story with pictures.

We were out the door at 6:45.  Do you like me running gear.  I almost pull it off like Braden did.  (and on the run we found many many pibes y chavónes who leaving the party from last night, 99 percent drunk and just a lot of commandments broken.  The chavón in the background on that first picture is a perfect example.) That next picture is of 3 heroes, about to conquer the world, and their goals.
We took the bus to the plaza independencia, and then walked a kilometer up to the gates of the parque San Martin.  It’s a huge park, very well maintained.
We stretched it out, sang some pump up music, Elder Lounsberry offered a prayer, and we were off.  It was so beautiful.  We were very well prepared, and our bodies preformed amazingly.   Elder Burr had no ankle problems which was wonderful.  And in the end we did it.  We conquered.  We ran a 13 K (it was exactly 8 miles and a quarter).  Our time was 76 minutes and some seconds I was 20 seconds behind Lounsberry with 1 hour 16 minutes and 58 seconds.  We averaged a 9.2 minute mile time.  I am very very proud of myself.  I ran a 13 K today.
Before the mission I hated running, now I love it.  It helps a lot to have 2 fearless warriors al lado.
A detail worth mentioning is the last 2 miles were up hill.  And the last kilometer about was climbing cerro de la Gloria.  It is very famous, seeing it is on every 5 peso billete in Argentina.  At times it was so steep, then it would switch to stairs.  It was killer!  But we did it and we are all contentisimo.  As I type our brains our churning, turning our desires into goals.  We are planning something fantastic.  Something I would have never dreamed of doing.
I am so thankful for mortality.  I am so thankful for this body.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be active and do sweet feats.  Not all could have done what we did today (some because of their own poor choices, but many others because the fall of Adam has placed limitations on their bodies).
When we hit the top, completely dead, Elder Menocal and Moon were there with the camera.  And the champions were photographed.

To skypellegared to me finally.  Thanks for being the best parents I have ever had.
I did feel very funny on skype.  My favorite was when I tapped the micrófono to see if was still working.  Psyche!  I enjoyed myself so much, and am so grateful for Presidents help en deciding to skype and not just call.
Some more pictures.  The pen ultimo is the actul cerro de la gloria. We ran just over 12 kilometers to face that.

It took psyching out in the brain and just will power to climb it without walking.

After the run we took a bus home.  My skinny little legs were on display, and there were a couple viewers.  We drank water and lots of cepita and baggio juice and then showered.  Both Elder Burr and I fell asleep during personal study (Burr was honest and slept at his desk, but after 20 minutes I threw in the towel and climbed in bed!) then we went to vea and did compras and them came here and, as you see in the last picture, cooked more noodles!  It’s our 3rd lunch of noodles in 3 days.  We are noodle pros.  But, when Sister Avila cooked for us yesterday,the food automatically tasted way better.

And I decided that because it’s pday I’d take my tie off.
We received a formal invite to pass new years eve with President Avila and his rockstar family.  So at 7 we are going over there with the Packers.  We have special permission to stay out late.  We have to be back at 11:45.  Something tells me president will let us stay to watch the fireworks form his 6th story balcony.  We’ll see.
Then tomorrow we are encouraged to stay in the pench, unless there is a cita fija.  
So it’s new years eve.  Sweet!!  I have some sick new years resolutions.  I’m not going to be part of the new years crowd in the gym, because we’ve already started conquering some of our goals. Like journal every day, and well we just ran a 13 K, that counts for something.  Commitment.  Diligence.  Desire.  Goals.  
I have learned much about the 4 above mentioned words.  
Hey Harrison, so proud of you for practicing the piano this week.  I don’t require perfection from you.  I just want you to give your best.  I set a sweet goal this morning with respect to those ivory keys.  Do the same.
And Jesh Jefferson, Get your mouth out of the way!  Sounds like owning and also getting owned on the hard wood court!  I played basketball the other day and did horrible.
Amanda, thanks for what you said about acting on inspiration. Perfect!  Love you miss cowgirl who still says ya´ll.
The Christmas party was this week.  We as an office crew had a big part in that.  It was super fun.  Part of it was a free time sports.  I felt like I was back at BYU, or the MTC, because we played soccer against so many people and our team ROCKED:  Lounsberry, Esplin, me . . . forget about it.
Then over 25 of us walked up the parque San Martina and played football.  It was so fun!  So different from normal life.
I also saw Edwardo Quiroga and got a letter from Cristian F.
Also, some time ago we received permission, Elder Hyer and I, and we went back to Rivadavia!!!  It was INSANE!  We ate lunch with Rosa and her familia, (2 of her kids have got dunked since we’ve been there (one used to teach catholic school!)) it was so so so so so so so so sweet.  We didn’t have time to go the Jorge and Rita, and plus I've called them countless times, but no da.  Number doesn't work.  But it was sweet, and Elder Hyer is a cool Elder.  
About BYU living, yeah just put me somewhere.  Follow the spirit,  find some place decently close to campus, and cheap.  Maybe a place surrounded by lots of single girls!  ha!  Am I burning?
So that is all.  Good bye 2011, my full year as a missionary.  Hello 2012.  I still can’t believe I ran a 13K.
I encourage all of you to obey all of the commandments of God.  It’s the best way to live.
Elder Ostler

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A yearning for Justo Daract

Dear Family:  
Hello mom and dad,  and Amanda, all the way in Chicago.  Hi Saydi, Harrison, Benson, Jefferson, and Wilson.  How is everybody?!  I will admit that the playing bang comment Mom sent me, I chose to feel jealous.  But I realized something again today.  As we were in the sports stores in Centro, there was popular and new music playing.  I really wasn't impressed, nor drawn to it, and sometimes quite the opposite.
That’s something I think about when going home, music.  But I realized again today that my fantasies aren’t going to come to pass. When I get home things will not be perfect and never ending happiness.  "The grass is always greener on the other side" is false. The grass is green right now!! And really green!  I want to focus more energy and thought on enjoying THIS, what I am right now.  The things I am doing and loving right now.
I still challenge all of you to a bang championship when I come home.  I love you so much family and am excited to see you all tomorrow! We've got a tight little family unit.
As Godoy Cruz Centro goes, I have this to say.  Romina came to church last week!  Elder Lounsbury and I went to her house, and we walked to church together.  Remember, she’s 16, knows 4 languages, very intelligent, and 2 weeks ago only wanted to talk about music with us.  She thought we were all praying saints.  After the Christmas Devo, which she loved, she decide to come to church.  And she came and Loved it!  Some jovenes in the ward showed her some great love. We had an awesome cita set up yesterday with her (with member present too!) but it fell.  In the text she sent us letting us know she couldn't do the cita, she at least told us she’d see us at church tomorrow.  That is the positive part!  Then the cita we had with Maria Eugenia fell, then the cita with Carmen and Florencia fell as we received another text message.  So yesterday we were so bummed! bc all of our good people and citas couldn't meet with us.  We ended the night with the Packers at the Bishops home, with his wonderful family.  They made tacos for us!  It was an unforgettable fun fun atmosphere full of love.  And it was the first dinner I've eaten in months!
A big  bummer this week was we have had no success at contacting Edwardo and Yanina . .  at all.  
This week has been a yearning for Justo Daract week, believe it or not.  I miss those days SoBad.  But when I was living some of them, I never would have dreamed of saying that!  I miss the almost 4 months I lived and preached there . . .
Reason being that I’m comps again with Elder Moon.  Crazy huh!  He is the new secretario de la Misión Mendoza!  Being with him reminds me so much of the beautiful days in Justo Daract.  I also talked on the fone with Hna. Alaniz this week!  What happened was the Elders from Justo called me reporting robbery.  Ladrones broke into the chapel and stole all the expensive stuff, cash, cell fone, camera, watch etc.  Well I fielded the problem and as a result ended up talking on the pone with Hna Alaniz for a bit.  It was so sweet!
So yeah, I miss Justo. It was a wonderful foundational building block for the rest of my life.
Christmas in Argentina.  It is my last one and that makes me sad.  I can’t believe I’m old in the mission.  Sadly, Christmas celebration here includes even more sinning, more drinking, more breaking the laws of God.  What a way to honor Christ and remember his birth.  I won’t celebrate it that way though. Tomorrow I will do my second annual study of Mosiah 3.  focus -} Atonement.

During one of my personal studies, I posed myself this question, how can I better apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life?  I love that question and want to think and ponder it more.  We don’t always have to be doing something, sometimes we can just ponder.  Then we will be able to come to amazing conclusions about life and the scriptures and share them with others, like Amanda does every week. Shes a great missionary, and I hope she knows that.  We love you Amanda!  Take fuerza, and keep doing what your doing till the end of your mission!  
I feel like I’m in a hard spot in my mission.  We are in a trio with Elder Lounsbury and Moon.  I know that the last chapter of my mission is about to start.  I’m excited to work with a new ward, new leaders, new area, etc.  I promise to explode, to run faster as Amanda wonderfully put it in her last email.  But to tell you the truth, I’m kinda tired of this ward.  There’s not much going on with them.  And they (the leaders) don’t like cinco cinco cinco.  So I already know one of my trials this week and in Enero:  take energy and still work super hard in this area, even though I know I’m leaving shortly.  I can do it and I will do it. The Lord has called me.  It is my Calling!
Mother this will make you happy.  I spent money today!  A lot!  Let’s just say it was on sports brands.  And I’m a runner.  This week Elder Lounsbury and I ran 32 Kilometers total.  Our phrase is "our future wifesLounsbury so much.  We ran 8 this morning.  Elder Burr usually is right there with us, but his ankle died this week.  
I was super worried when I read your first sentence dad!  But it’s all good. Keep seeing!
I’m game with the skype plan.  I know you can hold out 30 more hours mom!

We get to go Christmas caroling this afternoon!  We are super jazzed. Then we have dinner with office Elders, Packers, mission Presidency and President Resek (area 70! super cool!) at President Avilas home. Then after church we have lunch with just us and the presidents family.  Then we are going to read Luke and do the Nativity with the Packers, and then Eskypearemos!
Know that I am doing good.  Know that I am expecting and knowing I will receive inspiration from you tomorrow.  I have 60 minutes.  And the vonage fone on hand just in case.

Listo.  Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  
Elder Ostler
ps Saydi,  good to know that your home . . .

Saturday, December 17, 2011

He was prepared by the light of Christ

I had a very amazing thing happen to me.  
An entire family came to church last week!  It was Edwardo and Yanina and their 2 little kids.  When they arrived about 4 minutes into Sacrament meeting, I jumped out of my seat, and with joy on my face let them into the reunion and sat next to them.  And they stayed the next 2 hours.  Edwardo is Amazing, we have really done nothing for him.  We have convinced him of nothing, he was prepared by the light of Christ, and he accepts everything.  We had a several fantastic lessons with him, one of which stands out because Juan Borges accompanied us (x missionary) and it was out of this world.  We taught the Restoration complete.  Edwardo has sincere desires to baptize himself and OOO it is so great. what a blessing from above.
We have another investigatro, named Romina.  She’s 17, knows 4 idiomas, and is the daughter of an antiguo investigador.  Both Romina and her mother came to the Christmas devocional.  It was wonderful. Romina is very intelligent.  Before she viewed us as Santitos, just as people who constantly pray and are holy etc etc.  For that she hasn’t had too much ganas to come to church etc.  But the new bible videos the church has launched touched her heart.  This week the Light of Christ was working on her, and when we went by on Tuesday she said: I really liked the movie that they showed during the devocional.  I want to come to church this week.
!!!!!!!!!! wow, that floored me. We were so excited, Elder Lounsbury y yo.  What another blessing.  Because God is the Giver.
3 weeks ago a woman with the apodo "Pichona" was baptized in Casey´s mission, in a little city called Azul.  She now lives in our area - Godoy Cruz Centro.  We visit her and are teaching her the 5 lessons over again.  On the first visit we had I asked her for references.  She is So Amazing, no one does this - she gave us the name of her younger sister, (bytheway pichonas like 75) and then stood up, went to her fone, and called her right there.  She told her that she was sending the missionaries to her house, and we put a specific time and day.  So sweet!  I love people of ACTION.  The Sister, Irma, does not live in our area.  I passed the references to who it belonged to, and they were valiant missionaries and went by at the appointed hour.  Irma is So Prepared for the Gospel, is going to church, and has a fecha to be baptized!  I love it when things like that happen.
These last 2 weeks I have done divisions with Elder Falcon (he is comic relief.  I don’t let him speak to me in spanish) Elder Menocal (we taught a great part member family, it was wonderful.  I’m a singer in lessons, and they had a piano in casa, so rare, so I played the piano and we all sang a hymn. fun) and Elder Burr (last night we taught the Restoration to an old couple sitting outside.  We also sang Dios da Valor.  It was a cool experience.  Elder Burr is Great!)
This week we had almuerzo with a family in our ward.  Megan and Leo. She’s gringa, from Utah, and married him, hes Argentina.  They are young like us.  They had a friend over, and she was a gringa too - Lauren from Washington!!  She wasn’t a member.  It was a fun english cultural experience.  It was incredibly interesting to listen to Lauren talk about traveling Argentina, and about how distinct and different Mendoza is from the rest.  She says that if all we know is Mendoza, we don’t know Argentina.  She agreed wholeheartedly with us that the people here are seco.  It’s not a friendly culture.  It was super intriguing hearing her point of view.  
Yesterday I had an hour long interview with President Avila.  It was So So amazing.  While some of the time was talking about administrative things and questions I had about Secretary seeing as transfers are coming up) it was still so fulfilling and so cool. I cannot tell you how wonderful he is!
He encouraged me to use skype.  I thought the same things my brothers and sisters did at first.  So now I’m in a pickle.  I don’t even like pickles.
I don’t know what to do, but with in about 20 minutes here I will make a decision.  A man of action.
Alright I just decided, we are doing it!.  I will call you on skype a little before 9.  I will also call you on the vonage fone, so if the skye cuts we will still be talking!   
This part of the letter is called random details:
After a long fast from celestial cereal, it is back in stock.  It is heaven in a bowl and So Good!  I put in a banana, extra corn flakes, extra raisins, and extra avena.  Also, my body is addicted to Raisins and Peanuts.  I’ll send you a picture.  But seriously, I love it!!

And this picture was taken on Tuesday.  Usually just Elder Packer and Falcon go, but because it’s Christmas, more hands are needed.  I love that picture!  I’m the one on the right hand side, with the blue shirt on.

This week I put up scripture pictures all over our pench.  I wrote my goals and posted them, and put the Abinidi  The Book of Mormon is so amazing. 
Washing garments and socks in the shower every morning.

I did a lot of tramites with a lot of missionaries this week.  I renewed a lot of visas.  I also drove the Sharan alot.  It drives like a stick of soft butter.  It is Incredible!  
A love for the misión.  A love for the Mendocinos.  A love for my Savior.
Elder Ostler
ps1 we are having an asado today
ps 2 ok i live in Godoy Cruz, Pizurno 172, that’s in Argentina. 
ps 3 Amanda is Great!
ps 4 Great to hear about Jefferson and basketball, and Harrison
ps 5 And Benson, And I think the other little tiny brother I have is named Wilson?  correcto
ps 6 Laurel with the mission papers.  How about that!  vení a Argentina!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Because you are what matters most to me.

See picture *Thats where I’ll be calling home from.  te he he

Happy day to all!  Good Morning, and Happy Pday too.
I am in high spirits, doing great.  That was a rather long email you sent me, but I really liked it.  I’m glad to hear Dad’s still an orthodontist. And that Harrison is going on dates with girls.  I was again filled with much happiness in reading that the school boliche was not attended. Hats off to you all!  I once went to a dance in that garage, it was super fun!
The fone call:  How bout this.  The Packers have a vonage fone here, with a Utah number.  You call me on that number.  It won’t cost them anything extra.  I not so frequently get calls on that anyway.  That’ll be SWEET with Amanda Panda.  When would be best for her?  We are not supposed to proselyte that day, (except citas fijas) so after lunch a partir de las 15 hrs we can talk.  What ever is best for Amanda, lets do that.  Just send me an email soon with the time you will be calling, and I will reserve the vonage fone.  Because 4 other greengos are going to use it.  So hurry!
Go Elder Reynolds!  That is a successful missionary.  Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today.
realmente, no se que es lo que quiero comentarles.  Todas las cosas andan re bien, y yo con mucho felicidad.  con mi compañero, nos llevamos bien, y aun encontramos personas para enseñar.  El enseñar el Evangelio Restaurado es la mejor manera para declarar el arrepentimiento.    El enseñar y invitar a las personas a hacer compromisos me da tanta felicidad y esperanza.  también me ayuda fortalecer mi propio testimonio.  Yo se que el evangelio fue restaurado por un Padre tan amoroso. Se que José Smith fue un profeta, y que el realmente vio lo que dijo que vio - Dios y Jesucristo. Ellos le hablaron, y de inmediato le comentaron a José Smith a cerca de un libro.  un libro que cambiaría el mundo.  
Y de verdad de verdad les digo, El Libro de Mormon cambió el mundo. el la evidencia que José fue un profeta, y que Jesús es el Salvador del Mundo.  y el Salvador individual de cada uno de nosotros.  El vive!
This week I had wonderful study sessions, had a wonderful weekly planning session with Elder Lounsbury, and we found another family.
The Justo Daract family is a little complicated.  We would love to go by, but everytime we our high/drunk frined nos atiende y nos complica la cosa.  es muy dificil enseñar a esta familia.  pero de todos modos, leseguiremos invitando y ayudando.
The second family we found last week was Ximena y Andres, los chilenos.  They have about 27 years, and Andres is the son of Carmen.  We have had 2 amazing lessons with them.  They cuplieron con los compromisos, y cuando volvimos y hubieron leído el folleto de la Restaruacion y nos preguntaron muchas cosas.  Ellos aceptaron el compromiso bautismal y tienen la meta de bautizarse el dia 24 de DIC!  Son tan buenos, Ellos fueron preparados por el Señor.  ¡Que gozo el enseñarles!

And this week as we did divisions with Elder Falcon (one year later) we contacted an ALB.  This guy is named Edwardo and is SO GOOD! He also is prepared, and loved our short visit.  He’s about 28, MARRIED LEGALLY, and has 2 little kids.
Last week was Stake Conference, and it was sweet.  For the first time in my Argentine career we saved seats for church.   We were right up close, and the choir was sweet.  Adriana came again, but still insists on not being baptized.  Carmen is doing well too.  We saved a seat for her too.  But we haven't been able to contact Florencia, la hija, because she went to Chile.
Last night the ward put on a sweet, almost really well planned, activity. 7 non members came!!!  It was incredible, and we were all so happy. A few of the members brought friends and family members, and some investigators came.  We watched Joy to the World on a huge projector, and por lo menos I felt the spirit So Strong!  The Singing of the Motab was great!  Then afterwards there was so much food, someone had cualquier cantidad de empanadas ordered, and they were So Good!  As the party ended all the left over empanadas were put on a bandaja and in my hands, and we walked home kings.  In our heladera right now there are dozens and dozens of empanadas.  And so much dulce.
It was a sick activity, we saw a ward actually being a ward. The unity, the smiles, the friendship.  I was on cloud nine, a pesar de los investigadores que no llegaron.  And the Empanadas were SOO GOOD.
Christmas is a time to REMEMBER.  The pelicula Joy to the World make it click within me that it is the season of Christmas.  A time that the world sets apart to Remember the things that matter most in this world.  That is why it will be such a treat to talk to you all on that very special day.  Because you are what matters most to me.
I loved hearing the songs on that pelicula so much.  My love for Christmas and the music it brings grew.  Also watching it in Spanish was awesome.  Go Spanish!
I have one more thing to comentarles . . . .  
I learned how to drive stick shift.  
I have never ever felt the love of driving.  I always thought it craziness when I heard about people just going on drives.
Now I understand.
This week an important man in Buenos Aires brought us a new car.  I was the one who received it, and was given the capacitación of how it worked.  Then, he took away the old one.  He told me . . . The church doesn't do old cars.
This car that he brought us is SO LEGIT.  It is the same everything, Volkswagen, Sharan.  Just a bit newer.  The "old" one was probably a 2006.  This one is a 2011.  It is 0 Kilometro, brand new.
And a stick shift.  On Thursday Elder Lounsberry taught me how to drive it.  I started on a hill. I had been practicing in my mind all week long, so the actual first lesson went super well.  I went about a hundred meters before I killed it the first time.  Then I just did laps in different Argentine neighborhoods, killing it every so often.  When I went to a main street for the first time, I was super nervous, but did just fine.  I have logged about 60 minutes of drive time.

I love driving it.  I will never ever in my life buy an automatic.  One becomes part of the car driving an manual.  It depends on you to drive.
That first night after driving it, I could not stop thinking about it.  It was just as bad as when you fall deeply infatuated with a girl, and she doesn't leave your brain.  That’s honestly what it was like.  Going from neutral, to first, then to second, and then up to third.  O it is a dream. I love it.
The neutral to first still gets me sometimes.  I’m still learning, but better speed that process up  because next week I have over 20 Elders and some sisters coming in to do documents on 3 different days.
So that’s life.  I’m becoming less of a city boy every day.  Killing pigs, throwing cows, driving stick shift.  O the life of an Argentine.
Love Elder Ostler

I doubt you're at your computer but if you are, I'm not sure when we're outta here.  Hopefully soon!  I got an hambre for empanadas!
HO HO HO.  To my family

MOM:  Hey, what an awesome email.  I’m not at my computer but I am on my new iPhone. What are you doing for the rest of pday?
Elder Ostler:  New ifone!!!!  Dang girl.  So good to talk to you!  It’s been so long.  Can you believe the stick shift part?
MOM:  I totally agree.  Nothing like driving a stick.  Our missionaries got a new car a couple months ago.  New cars are so fun.  Jefferson has bball practice in an hour & Benson is going to Grandpa Skinners to shoot his 22 rifle.  And it’s 15 degrees here.  So dang cold.  What’s up for the rest of the day?
Elder Ostler:  I’m eating an apple.
We are going to do compras, and clean the pench, and I am going to write letters.  OOOOOOOOOOOOO, send me the address of Amanda and Laurel (her house) urgent like right now if you can, and the Boston Mission.
MOM:  Amanda’s address is 1305 Annie Glidden Road #1514; DeKalb, Illinois 60115.  I’m looking the other 2 up.  Who is in the Boston Mission?
Elder Ostler:  Daniel Chavez
MOM:  Elder Daniel Christopher Chavez
Massachusetts Boston Mission
Natick, MA 01760
Elder Ostler:  Thanks so much for doing that for me.  I put the goal to write 2 letters every pday for the rest of my mission.  Last p day, I wrote 2 letters.  This p day, I’m writing 2 letters.  
I love commitment.  I love doing things that I say I wil do.
Amandas spiritual thoughts are GREAT.  She is so awesome.  It will be cool to be with her again. 
Thanks so much.  You probably went on Face to get that.  Here they don't day facebook as much as they just say face.
It is hot here.
MOM:  I love her spiritual thoughts too.  I'm so jealous that it is sunny and warm there.  We are absolutely freezing.  Do you ever see Cristian F?
Oh, Kade Eppich snapped his collar bone in 2 places.  It looks horrible.  Had surgery 2 days ago and is doing good.  He did it during his state championship football game.  He caught 3 interceptions. Kraymer leaves for the MTC in 1 month.
So is Lounsbury a super cool guy?  And you guys sure seem to clean your pench alot which is fantastic.  Makes it easier for the holy ghost to dwell.
Elder Ostler:  Send that family my love.  Dang, 3 picks.  That kid is a beast!  Kraymer, to join the ranks of Argentine missionaries.  So sweet.  The work never stops.
Yeah, by rules the pench should be cleaned every pday before leaving the pench.  So we are only keeping half the rule today.  Spirit of the law, right?  Not.
He’s really awesome, Lounsberry.  He is very . . chill.   So it is my struggle to not dominate the streets or the lessons.  When I give him a lesson to lead, he is doing a lot better at that.  We get along SO Well.
I realize that I am very strong in my personality.  Very dominate.  I love the social limelight, usually.  Living in the limelight, the universe . .something . . .  Bytheway I have been So Good at not singing worldly music.

Alright, we are out of here.  Chau

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have a calling and I only have 6 months left.

My Dearest Family:
Thank you for sending me that email.
A mix of thoughts and feelings are running around in me and I don’t know what to say.  To Harrison, that surprised me what you had to say.  And thinking back, yeah that’s probably right.  In classes like Psyc, I didn’t really care.  It was all busy work.  I honestly can’t remember a thing I learned in that class.  I’m to blame though, because I didn’t put in effort.  I loved Mr. Smiths class, he taught so well.
But about doing the homework, again they are probably right.  I did the work, but mostly only to pull the grade.  Don’t make that mistake.  Take advantage of the schooling you have.  Despite the defects, it’s actually quite good.
O boy and speaking about that . . . I don’t know!  I don’t know what to do about housing.  Have Amy pick.  She still writes me the greatest letters, and I thank you for that Amy.  You’ll have to try to help me like dogs when I get home.  Thank you Amy for yours this week.  So much candy!  We took some Reece's to a lunch appt with Carmen and Florencia, and they loved it.
And Harrison, remember to stay close to the spirit.  Really make an extra effort every day.  Establish a prayer habit, and do it in the same place every night.
All right lets start, shall we?
A woman that Elder Arrua and I found in Rivadavia, but she went on vacation so we put her in the area book, got baptized.  Her name is Teresa.  That’s always fun to find out. I believe that the Lord is always preparing people. The Lord is trying to prepare everybody, but Agency is part of the plan in this life, it was in play before we were born, and we will still have agency in the next life.  God never touches peoples agency.  I think its like that.
Last night we had a power lesson with Adriana.  We had that crazy pday adventure with her.  I am trying to have Elder Lounsbury teach more, and he threw it down.  The spirit was so so strong. I hope to God that she prays and can recognize the respuesta. Let us expect a miracle.
Wednesday was one of the best days of my mission.  When you teach 4 lessons in the tarde, it can never go wrong.  That day is mostly unexplainable, it was amazing.  We found 2 familys.  One was a reference from Carmen, de hecho it was her 27 yr old married son.  Their names are Andre y Gimena.
Then using the carpeta de area, we found Norma y Oscar.  We have so much hope for them.  Norma is a middle aged woman who is looking for the truth.  It was incredible to talk to them, they told us that they recently moved here to GC.  They said before they lived in San Luis.  Hey, I lived there too!  Have you ever heard of Villa Mercedes?  Well I lived just outside that city.  Norma says yup we are from Justo Daract.  I couldn’t believe it, it was so cool!
Uncharted territory, how bout that dad.  I have put goals.  I need to perfect them and think about them a bit more.  Then I will put them in a nice place to always remind me.  I have changed the way I open the mouth.  You’re right mom, Scott C's letters rock.  They helped me this week.
I want to explode these last 6 months.  I have so much ganas to learn more about the Atonement of Christ.  And I’m going to do it.  I want to become a polished tool in the hands of the Lord.  I feel often like I lack so much.
I want to live closer to the spirit of the Lord.  I also want to live Happy.  I am, o sea, I exist that I might have joy.  I want to live the Gospel to the fullest and experience that joy.  And the best way to live the Gospel to the fullest is to share it with others.  To be a missionary.  To be someones angel.  That is what Carmen calls us sometimes. mis angelitos.  In my eyes the true angel is her friend, Hna Vera.
We have a perfect system, its called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  I realized that I have become frustrated much, because the system is not being fully used or taken advantage of.  President had helped me realize that we need to work with our ward on the level that they can handle it.  Maybe they won’t be able to expedite the 555 perfectly.  But I need to have more patience and work with them in more unity and love.
We did achieve to have have consejo de barrio this week.  3 people came and a 4th at the very end.  I have so much ganas to develop more love and kindness.  Mom your words really inspired me.  Emailing you family leaves me with the desire to be better.  That’s probably the best part of this.
Life is good.  Elder Burr took me and Elder Falcon running this morning 8 kilometers.  Then at 9:30 we had a cita with the jovenes to play futbol.  So I'm really tired, but we are going to get something great to eat and have a great pday.
I finally feel that I completely understand the process to correctly renew a visa now.  That’s a great feeling.  Better than that, though, is I am finally grasping how to ratify an elder who enters with a 3 month visa.  I had a tranquilo week in the offices, and it was good.  An Elder got mad at me, but President backed me up.  I love that Man.  So Much.  He embodies the Gospel.  He is an example.
The picture is Elder Burr, Lounsberrry and I celebrating after a goal.  GOAL!

I’m happy, I’m trying to meet my goals and be committed.  I have a calling and I only got 6 months left to fulfill it.  This week I had my purpose written a little more deeply in my Argentine heart.
Sending my love,
Elder Ostler