Saturday, December 10, 2011

Because you are what matters most to me.

See picture *Thats where I’ll be calling home from.  te he he

Happy day to all!  Good Morning, and Happy Pday too.
I am in high spirits, doing great.  That was a rather long email you sent me, but I really liked it.  I’m glad to hear Dad’s still an orthodontist. And that Harrison is going on dates with girls.  I was again filled with much happiness in reading that the school boliche was not attended. Hats off to you all!  I once went to a dance in that garage, it was super fun!
The fone call:  How bout this.  The Packers have a vonage fone here, with a Utah number.  You call me on that number.  It won’t cost them anything extra.  I not so frequently get calls on that anyway.  That’ll be SWEET with Amanda Panda.  When would be best for her?  We are not supposed to proselyte that day, (except citas fijas) so after lunch a partir de las 15 hrs we can talk.  What ever is best for Amanda, lets do that.  Just send me an email soon with the time you will be calling, and I will reserve the vonage fone.  Because 4 other greengos are going to use it.  So hurry!
Go Elder Reynolds!  That is a successful missionary.  Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today.
realmente, no se que es lo que quiero comentarles.  Todas las cosas andan re bien, y yo con mucho felicidad.  con mi compañero, nos llevamos bien, y aun encontramos personas para enseñar.  El enseñar el Evangelio Restaurado es la mejor manera para declarar el arrepentimiento.    El enseñar y invitar a las personas a hacer compromisos me da tanta felicidad y esperanza.  también me ayuda fortalecer mi propio testimonio.  Yo se que el evangelio fue restaurado por un Padre tan amoroso. Se que José Smith fue un profeta, y que el realmente vio lo que dijo que vio - Dios y Jesucristo. Ellos le hablaron, y de inmediato le comentaron a José Smith a cerca de un libro.  un libro que cambiaría el mundo.  
Y de verdad de verdad les digo, El Libro de Mormon cambió el mundo. el la evidencia que José fue un profeta, y que Jesús es el Salvador del Mundo.  y el Salvador individual de cada uno de nosotros.  El vive!
This week I had wonderful study sessions, had a wonderful weekly planning session with Elder Lounsbury, and we found another family.
The Justo Daract family is a little complicated.  We would love to go by, but everytime we our high/drunk frined nos atiende y nos complica la cosa.  es muy dificil enseñar a esta familia.  pero de todos modos, leseguiremos invitando y ayudando.
The second family we found last week was Ximena y Andres, los chilenos.  They have about 27 years, and Andres is the son of Carmen.  We have had 2 amazing lessons with them.  They cuplieron con los compromisos, y cuando volvimos y hubieron leído el folleto de la Restaruacion y nos preguntaron muchas cosas.  Ellos aceptaron el compromiso bautismal y tienen la meta de bautizarse el dia 24 de DIC!  Son tan buenos, Ellos fueron preparados por el Señor.  ¡Que gozo el enseñarles!

And this week as we did divisions with Elder Falcon (one year later) we contacted an ALB.  This guy is named Edwardo and is SO GOOD! He also is prepared, and loved our short visit.  He’s about 28, MARRIED LEGALLY, and has 2 little kids.
Last week was Stake Conference, and it was sweet.  For the first time in my Argentine career we saved seats for church.   We were right up close, and the choir was sweet.  Adriana came again, but still insists on not being baptized.  Carmen is doing well too.  We saved a seat for her too.  But we haven't been able to contact Florencia, la hija, because she went to Chile.
Last night the ward put on a sweet, almost really well planned, activity. 7 non members came!!!  It was incredible, and we were all so happy. A few of the members brought friends and family members, and some investigators came.  We watched Joy to the World on a huge projector, and por lo menos I felt the spirit So Strong!  The Singing of the Motab was great!  Then afterwards there was so much food, someone had cualquier cantidad de empanadas ordered, and they were So Good!  As the party ended all the left over empanadas were put on a bandaja and in my hands, and we walked home kings.  In our heladera right now there are dozens and dozens of empanadas.  And so much dulce.
It was a sick activity, we saw a ward actually being a ward. The unity, the smiles, the friendship.  I was on cloud nine, a pesar de los investigadores que no llegaron.  And the Empanadas were SOO GOOD.
Christmas is a time to REMEMBER.  The pelicula Joy to the World make it click within me that it is the season of Christmas.  A time that the world sets apart to Remember the things that matter most in this world.  That is why it will be such a treat to talk to you all on that very special day.  Because you are what matters most to me.
I loved hearing the songs on that pelicula so much.  My love for Christmas and the music it brings grew.  Also watching it in Spanish was awesome.  Go Spanish!
I have one more thing to comentarles . . . .  
I learned how to drive stick shift.  
I have never ever felt the love of driving.  I always thought it craziness when I heard about people just going on drives.
Now I understand.
This week an important man in Buenos Aires brought us a new car.  I was the one who received it, and was given the capacitación of how it worked.  Then, he took away the old one.  He told me . . . The church doesn't do old cars.
This car that he brought us is SO LEGIT.  It is the same everything, Volkswagen, Sharan.  Just a bit newer.  The "old" one was probably a 2006.  This one is a 2011.  It is 0 Kilometro, brand new.
And a stick shift.  On Thursday Elder Lounsberry taught me how to drive it.  I started on a hill. I had been practicing in my mind all week long, so the actual first lesson went super well.  I went about a hundred meters before I killed it the first time.  Then I just did laps in different Argentine neighborhoods, killing it every so often.  When I went to a main street for the first time, I was super nervous, but did just fine.  I have logged about 60 minutes of drive time.

I love driving it.  I will never ever in my life buy an automatic.  One becomes part of the car driving an manual.  It depends on you to drive.
That first night after driving it, I could not stop thinking about it.  It was just as bad as when you fall deeply infatuated with a girl, and she doesn't leave your brain.  That’s honestly what it was like.  Going from neutral, to first, then to second, and then up to third.  O it is a dream. I love it.
The neutral to first still gets me sometimes.  I’m still learning, but better speed that process up  because next week I have over 20 Elders and some sisters coming in to do documents on 3 different days.
So that’s life.  I’m becoming less of a city boy every day.  Killing pigs, throwing cows, driving stick shift.  O the life of an Argentine.
Love Elder Ostler

I doubt you're at your computer but if you are, I'm not sure when we're outta here.  Hopefully soon!  I got an hambre for empanadas!
HO HO HO.  To my family

MOM:  Hey, what an awesome email.  I’m not at my computer but I am on my new iPhone. What are you doing for the rest of pday?
Elder Ostler:  New ifone!!!!  Dang girl.  So good to talk to you!  It’s been so long.  Can you believe the stick shift part?
MOM:  I totally agree.  Nothing like driving a stick.  Our missionaries got a new car a couple months ago.  New cars are so fun.  Jefferson has bball practice in an hour & Benson is going to Grandpa Skinners to shoot his 22 rifle.  And it’s 15 degrees here.  So dang cold.  What’s up for the rest of the day?
Elder Ostler:  I’m eating an apple.
We are going to do compras, and clean the pench, and I am going to write letters.  OOOOOOOOOOOOO, send me the address of Amanda and Laurel (her house) urgent like right now if you can, and the Boston Mission.
MOM:  Amanda’s address is 1305 Annie Glidden Road #1514; DeKalb, Illinois 60115.  I’m looking the other 2 up.  Who is in the Boston Mission?
Elder Ostler:  Daniel Chavez
MOM:  Elder Daniel Christopher Chavez
Massachusetts Boston Mission
Natick, MA 01760
Elder Ostler:  Thanks so much for doing that for me.  I put the goal to write 2 letters every pday for the rest of my mission.  Last p day, I wrote 2 letters.  This p day, I’m writing 2 letters.  
I love commitment.  I love doing things that I say I wil do.
Amandas spiritual thoughts are GREAT.  She is so awesome.  It will be cool to be with her again. 
Thanks so much.  You probably went on Face to get that.  Here they don't day facebook as much as they just say face.
It is hot here.
MOM:  I love her spiritual thoughts too.  I'm so jealous that it is sunny and warm there.  We are absolutely freezing.  Do you ever see Cristian F?
Oh, Kade Eppich snapped his collar bone in 2 places.  It looks horrible.  Had surgery 2 days ago and is doing good.  He did it during his state championship football game.  He caught 3 interceptions. Kraymer leaves for the MTC in 1 month.
So is Lounsbury a super cool guy?  And you guys sure seem to clean your pench alot which is fantastic.  Makes it easier for the holy ghost to dwell.
Elder Ostler:  Send that family my love.  Dang, 3 picks.  That kid is a beast!  Kraymer, to join the ranks of Argentine missionaries.  So sweet.  The work never stops.
Yeah, by rules the pench should be cleaned every pday before leaving the pench.  So we are only keeping half the rule today.  Spirit of the law, right?  Not.
He’s really awesome, Lounsberry.  He is very . . chill.   So it is my struggle to not dominate the streets or the lessons.  When I give him a lesson to lead, he is doing a lot better at that.  We get along SO Well.
I realize that I am very strong in my personality.  Very dominate.  I love the social limelight, usually.  Living in the limelight, the universe . .something . . .  Bytheway I have been So Good at not singing worldly music.

Alright, we are out of here.  Chau