Saturday, December 24, 2011

A yearning for Justo Daract

Dear Family:  
Hello mom and dad,  and Amanda, all the way in Chicago.  Hi Saydi, Harrison, Benson, Jefferson, and Wilson.  How is everybody?!  I will admit that the playing bang comment Mom sent me, I chose to feel jealous.  But I realized something again today.  As we were in the sports stores in Centro, there was popular and new music playing.  I really wasn't impressed, nor drawn to it, and sometimes quite the opposite.
That’s something I think about when going home, music.  But I realized again today that my fantasies aren’t going to come to pass. When I get home things will not be perfect and never ending happiness.  "The grass is always greener on the other side" is false. The grass is green right now!! And really green!  I want to focus more energy and thought on enjoying THIS, what I am right now.  The things I am doing and loving right now.
I still challenge all of you to a bang championship when I come home.  I love you so much family and am excited to see you all tomorrow! We've got a tight little family unit.
As Godoy Cruz Centro goes, I have this to say.  Romina came to church last week!  Elder Lounsbury and I went to her house, and we walked to church together.  Remember, she’s 16, knows 4 languages, very intelligent, and 2 weeks ago only wanted to talk about music with us.  She thought we were all praying saints.  After the Christmas Devo, which she loved, she decide to come to church.  And she came and Loved it!  Some jovenes in the ward showed her some great love. We had an awesome cita set up yesterday with her (with member present too!) but it fell.  In the text she sent us letting us know she couldn't do the cita, she at least told us she’d see us at church tomorrow.  That is the positive part!  Then the cita we had with Maria Eugenia fell, then the cita with Carmen and Florencia fell as we received another text message.  So yesterday we were so bummed! bc all of our good people and citas couldn't meet with us.  We ended the night with the Packers at the Bishops home, with his wonderful family.  They made tacos for us!  It was an unforgettable fun fun atmosphere full of love.  And it was the first dinner I've eaten in months!
A big  bummer this week was we have had no success at contacting Edwardo and Yanina . .  at all.  
This week has been a yearning for Justo Daract week, believe it or not.  I miss those days SoBad.  But when I was living some of them, I never would have dreamed of saying that!  I miss the almost 4 months I lived and preached there . . .
Reason being that I’m comps again with Elder Moon.  Crazy huh!  He is the new secretario de la Misión Mendoza!  Being with him reminds me so much of the beautiful days in Justo Daract.  I also talked on the fone with Hna. Alaniz this week!  What happened was the Elders from Justo called me reporting robbery.  Ladrones broke into the chapel and stole all the expensive stuff, cash, cell fone, camera, watch etc.  Well I fielded the problem and as a result ended up talking on the pone with Hna Alaniz for a bit.  It was so sweet!
So yeah, I miss Justo. It was a wonderful foundational building block for the rest of my life.
Christmas in Argentina.  It is my last one and that makes me sad.  I can’t believe I’m old in the mission.  Sadly, Christmas celebration here includes even more sinning, more drinking, more breaking the laws of God.  What a way to honor Christ and remember his birth.  I won’t celebrate it that way though. Tomorrow I will do my second annual study of Mosiah 3.  focus -} Atonement.

During one of my personal studies, I posed myself this question, how can I better apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life?  I love that question and want to think and ponder it more.  We don’t always have to be doing something, sometimes we can just ponder.  Then we will be able to come to amazing conclusions about life and the scriptures and share them with others, like Amanda does every week. Shes a great missionary, and I hope she knows that.  We love you Amanda!  Take fuerza, and keep doing what your doing till the end of your mission!  
I feel like I’m in a hard spot in my mission.  We are in a trio with Elder Lounsbury and Moon.  I know that the last chapter of my mission is about to start.  I’m excited to work with a new ward, new leaders, new area, etc.  I promise to explode, to run faster as Amanda wonderfully put it in her last email.  But to tell you the truth, I’m kinda tired of this ward.  There’s not much going on with them.  And they (the leaders) don’t like cinco cinco cinco.  So I already know one of my trials this week and in Enero:  take energy and still work super hard in this area, even though I know I’m leaving shortly.  I can do it and I will do it. The Lord has called me.  It is my Calling!
Mother this will make you happy.  I spent money today!  A lot!  Let’s just say it was on sports brands.  And I’m a runner.  This week Elder Lounsbury and I ran 32 Kilometers total.  Our phrase is "our future wifesLounsbury so much.  We ran 8 this morning.  Elder Burr usually is right there with us, but his ankle died this week.  
I was super worried when I read your first sentence dad!  But it’s all good. Keep seeing!
I’m game with the skype plan.  I know you can hold out 30 more hours mom!

We get to go Christmas caroling this afternoon!  We are super jazzed. Then we have dinner with office Elders, Packers, mission Presidency and President Resek (area 70! super cool!) at President Avilas home. Then after church we have lunch with just us and the presidents family.  Then we are going to read Luke and do the Nativity with the Packers, and then Eskypearemos!
Know that I am doing good.  Know that I am expecting and knowing I will receive inspiration from you tomorrow.  I have 60 minutes.  And the vonage fone on hand just in case.

Listo.  Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  
Elder Ostler
ps Saydi,  good to know that your home . . .