Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Joy Was Full!!

We ran here to the offices to buscar huge black garbage bags so we can more eficazmente clean the pench.  And I printed off the gold you sent me. THANKS!  It’s gunna be a great pday.
Don’t forget to practice the piano harrison, jefferson, benson and wilson.  Saturday is the perfect free time day to do it.  love
There is no way that you are awake yet, , , ,  but if you are.  Here I am.
REtener, REnovar visas, REcibir el Sacerdocio de Melquisedec 
Allow me to share with you my family wonderful news:  Gorge Dichano RECEIVED THE MELQUESEDEC PRIESTHOOD.
At a reunion with mission leaders, Elder Winget who is serving there told me.  I was lifted off the ground with happiness and glee.  My joy was full!  It is such a big pay day when a thing like that happens.  So simple to the common folk, but I opened the mouth with him, and now he has the Sacerdocio Mayor!  Lets get Jorge and Rita to the Temple!
Retener means retain, or retention.  We had a noche de hogar with Maria Eugeniain the iglesia this week and she Loved it.  Another cool thing is as we were hurrying to the church that night, we had entered the gate and my comp was opening the door when I saw a joven walking down the sidewalk.  Just as he passed the church, I popped out and invited him to the noche de hogar.  His name is Alex, and at first he told me no bc he had to go buy cat food for his cat.  What a lame excuse!  On a second more energetic invite, he accepted and followed us into the church!  It was a sweet N de Hogar, and a youth in the ward, Gotmy randomly assigned me to teach the lesson.  That was fun!
Alex is a science genius, he admires people with faith, but it is hard for him to believe in God.
Also Carmen is doing Wonderful!  She received the Holy Ghost last week, and this week we have visited her and Florencia several times. It is finals week in Argentina, and so while reteaching Carmen the 5 lessons, we teach Florencia English.  On one of these occasions I taught Carmen a principle for lec 5, priesthood and auxiliaries.  I explained many things, including being a maestra visitante and she is So Excited!  She has the ganas to activate all the inactive members!
Florencia has been a focus for us, but she’s putting a little dura.  She studies the Bible everyday!  We have already gained her trust, and I know that the second she understands the Restoration, she will be set.  And she has an awesome member to help her out!
My comp and I still have the fire.  But we realize that we are working alone.  A small small percentage of the members home teach.  Hardly anybody magnifies their calling.  An awesome recent convert 8 months ago, Oscar, commented to us that apart from our visits, and the sister missionaries, not a soul has visited him besides Hermano Aguila.
The church is so unappreciated here!   The people who want to work don’t really know how, for example, because they haven't been assigned a companion and don't have assigned families to visit.  And when they pedir that from the auxiliary leaders, they get nothing back. So what Hermano Aguila does is he just visits Everyone!  He goes with the SP, or solo, or with us.  He is a 70+ chilean who I admire.  He has the energy level of a newbie in the mission field!
Yesterday I did divisions with him.  He was on his bike and I ran behind.  We visited some inactives and contacted references and had success.  I want to be just like him when I grow up.  He lives the Gospel, and understands the scripture that says not everyone that says Lord, Lord entrará en el reino de los cielos, sino los que hacen la voluntad de mi padre que estas en los cielos.  In the church we Do things which enable and help us to be like Christ.  3 nefi 27:21/27. That’s a great scripture combo.
In ch 8 of PME it says the phrase CONSEJO DE BARRIO 5 times under the instruction on how do llevar a cabo una session de planeamiento semanal.  We have discovered that it has been years since this ward has had consejo de barrio.  Can you believe that?! It blows my mind.  That’s why the church isn’t growing here.  I take back my comment about how this work is missionaries doing members work. I was wrong.  It is our work.  But still, the barrio needs to help us!

We had an amazing small training meeting this week.  We were taught about the plan of the profet: 5-5-5.  I love it!  I had heard about it, but now I really understand it.  The area 70 in the area and President Avila had a retention focus too, and we were taught about that.  It was an amazing meeting, and I learned so much.  My comp and I are Determined to make consejo de barrio happen here in Godoy Cruz Centro.  We are already putting ideas into play, and it is so fun and a challenge.

What we did one night was call the bishop, EQ pres, our mission leader (we talk with him at least every other day) and some consejeros en el obispado and we asked when we were going to have consejo de barrio.  We acted shocked when thy all told us that that meeting doesn’t funca here . .  and we went from there.  I had some great conversations with people.  I can just imagine that if we all worked  together, we could easily double church attendance.  If 555 was put into play and members would magnify their callings . . o shout hallelujah!  But we have the vision, my comp and I.  We must inspire the ward, we must aminarles!  It is our responsibility!
Mom, I love when you share about your visiting teaching!  That is so strange that you have inactives to visit. LOVE IT!  I just can’t imagine you as a visiting teacher!  I just know your wonderfu though.  Before the mission, I never thought twice about things like this.  
I don't even recognize my own father!  I received SO MUCH MAIL this week, and in it was a picture of dad/duane.  I was sure it was duane at first, but argued against myself for awhile.  I found relief in learning that Duane was at our house and did help with the famous dog pen.
When I say so much mail, I kid not.  Please tell people that I love them.  Thank you Graffs!  Thank you McCalisters!  I don’t know how I'm going to eat all those nutterbutters!  Tell the little McAlister boy that yes it is getting hot down here, and all the jovenes like to play soccer.  They play in the streets sometimes too.
I am supposed to tell you that I got your long typed letter mom.  And is that other kid in the picture with Jefferson (they seem to be working on the dog pen) Ahmed?  I still find it interesting all you tell me about him.  He got to go to Hawaii!!  HEY! You’re all still in Hawaii!!!!  Can’t even believe that.
And wow, espn front row, brightcolorfulshorts, under the basket, duke and kansas!!!   I love all the amazing experiences you are having.  I love hearing about the growth and progression of Harrison and Jefferson.  It’s weird to hearing about them doing the same things I did.  So weird.  Internship, dating, mowing,  highschool, so busy, singing in the choir, wait, I never did that.  And Wilson looks exactly like Benson to me.  I get confused when you send me pictures.  Hey I just realized 1 month and we talk on the fone!!!  I'm so excited, and so glad we didn't talk last month!
Saydi’s email to me was precious too.  My fav part was, Wow the spirit of Elijah is in me!  Go Saydi!  We are going to listen to so much music after the mission.  You know there is a rule in the mission handbook that says: para que usted tenga la mira puesta únicamente en el Señor y en Su obra, evite toda forma de entretenimiento mundano.  I am striving to live that, and it is hard.  Usually I get the first line of song out, and then I remember, so I stop.  And switch to Que firmes cimientos!  How firm a foundation.  
My emails are always so long.  I don’t know but it seams like they would get boring.  

During our planeamiento semanal this week we dropped Adriana as an investigator, she’s come to church 3 times!  But says she has no desire to continue, and she hadn’t read the book of mormon still!!  Of course we read it with her, but I mean on her own.  But finally she read it!!  She read a lot, and understood much.  She’s great, and mostly crazy.  She loves us, and learned how to make cheesecake for us. When the first bite went down she says yeah, I used liquor to make it. Gulp.  and I accidently put a whole cup in.  She regretted saying that because neither of us took another bite.
I can’t tell you how amazing it was working with Hermano Aguila yesterday.  So many cool cool lessons and people.  And really hot.  
Renovar visas. No dad its not routine, my job as secretary.  These last 2 weeks I had done tramites (documents/paperwork) with 25 elders.  Sometimes I don’t get to bed until 12 and wake up at 6.  And it becomes very stressful at times.  But things always work out.  I was so calm doing it this week.
My least favorite place in the whole world is Migraciones.  It’s where I present all the documents and the visa actually gets renewed.  Well I have my contacts there, and this week they told me that we have been doing it all wrong.  And they told me the right way to do it.  I'm so behind.   Both me and Elder Ivie have been diligent at leaving at 4. That is finally catching up because some of the work just isn't getting done.  I focus on whats most important, (many many tasks and Argentina laws still don’t get followed, like every missionary applying for a DNI) and still feel swamped as secretary.  In 6 weeks (I hope) when I train the next secretary, there will be 2 of us.  And that will be great.
About the Argentine system,  it is so true that the man who planned this city did it after drinking 3 bottles of wine, because the transit system doesn't work to well either.  I know because I drive all the time.  And don’t even get me started on the banks.  
O mom you’ve done it, so we’ve got to plan when you come.  We could get together Monday and you could come to the farewell dinner at presidents house.  That’s been done before.  That would be sweet. That dinner starts at 1800.  The only other thing I do that day is have a final interview with president.  I want to spend a day in Justo, one in Rivadavia Mendoza, and one here in Godoy Cruz.  I wasn’t serious about machipuchu, or aconcagua.  I'm fine with whatever.  

Also when you go from Bs As to Mendoza, use LAN.  I'm completely fine with whatever, really.  Yes I can drive, I have a carnet. The problem is that renting an automatic in Argentina is difficult, but possible.  And because I was a victim of the circumstance before the mission, I never learned stick shift.
We are getting references from members these days, and it is so nice.
And happy thanksgiving.  It is such a blessing to have Sister Packer in the mission.  She is wonderful and has done it again.  She has made us thanksgiving dinner!!!  It smells AMAZING, I can’t even describe.  Coupled with looking from those pictures of Benson and Wilson with the pumpkins, I feel like I’m in the USA.
Also, Elder Lounsbury met a goal this week, so we are going to a fancy ice cream place today to celebrate.
We hope to find new people this week.  Last week we taught 17 lessons, and hope to teach over 20 every week.  We are happy.  We are in the Lords work.  We also started an english fast today, with Elder Christensen.  Now I have support!
Love Elder Ostler
An Amazing Thanksgiving dinner!  You don’t go wrong with a 24 pound turkey.  The Packers did it all.  They are such good people.  The dressing was amazing too.  And then Sister Packer unveiled the 2 pumpkin pies.  We went crazy because it was so good. Even though she had to use squash, it tasted the exact same.

The second picture is of Hermana Villegas giving me Sister Packers homemade whipped cream.  She is a new senior sister in the mission from Caseys mission.
I have much triptofane flowing through my veins, a good nap is in order!
Ooo a bowl game would be nice.  Have a nice day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The tender mercies of the Lord. . . even in legal work

Hello everyone!  How are you doing?¡
Warning, this email will come in various parts.
A wonderful heartfelt congratulation to Jefferson for hitting the curb while driving with dad, and for Making the Freshman Basketball Team!!  That is so sweet, and I am happy for you.  And speaking of basketball, look at you mom, in HI @ a DUKE game.  How cool is that.  A dream certainly coming true.  Still, nothing beats Butler in SLC, Winning!
Pday in the offices has been switched to Saturday now, it is just better like this.  Before what would happen was on pday we would get tied with tasks like random trips to the airport, or getting a license, or preparing for old missionaries leaving and the new ones coming. (For example on Monday we send 2 Elders home, and guess who organizes and makes that happen?) So pday on Saturday is the norm . . and now the only draw back is, that's the Baptism Day!
Today we are Baptizing, while that is a huge blessing, our pday is basically over, apart from email you.  On that second picture you’ll notice a water heater with 2 forks in it.  Yup, sometimes you have to do stuff like that.  We’re filling up the font right now and making all the other preparations.  It’s a good pday!
And this morning was wonderful because I headed up operation clean, in the pench and it worked.  The pench looks and smells so delightful.  2 of the floors even got mopped!  Then we readied ourselves and went to centro.  We all put money on our bus cards and then Elder Lounsbury and I went to a sweet restaurant!  It was a wonderful environment, in plain centro with a ton of people.  And there were some music gigs going on in the plaza.  We played the game, find the gringos! We´re not the only extranjeros in Argentina.
I only naturally thought of Randy when I took the picture.  (And hey Randy king of Antarctica, I am so taking you up on your offer to teach me stick shift).

This picture was taken during our weekly planning session last week. Wonderful times.  

And this one was on Thursday, when Elder Lounsberry hit 12 months. He loves snickers, so we celebrated by buying him a dozen snickers and 12 alfajores.  We presented it to him during a great weekly planning meeting.

See if this sounds familiar:  Elder Lounsbury comes from a family of 9. 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  He is the oldest boy and the first missionary of the family.  He went to BYU for 2 semesters.  He knows the song Machu Pichu by JV.  He is from the Northwest. His mom has a blog specifically for his mission.  His name is Lounsbury.  He is my companion.

Just a great Elder he is.  We are thoroughly enjoying our time together. His position in the offices is the Historian.  When the mission baptizes 100 in the month, he is kept pretty busy with managing los registros bautismales.  Do you even think where the information comes from when you print out a ward list?  He enters all that into the church system.
He also has learned how to program, and has made some stinking Awesome programs for us.  One is called Google Mendoza, and it is a life save.  It is an excel program that allows you to search missionaries, ZL, DL, trainers, and Zones so quickly and easily.  He is also finishing the mission store one too.  It is such an easier way to buy things from the mission, like a triple for an investigator, or hymn book, or the restoration dvd, and things like that.  It is a program that he has incorporated bar codes into, and it absolutely blows my mind.
Also, the way he jugars a la pelota is extraordinary.  He is the best jugador de futbol in the mission, hands down.
Wellp, lets go prepare for this serviciobautismal!  Carman is Amazing!!!
MOM:  Boys are still sleeping. Its 8 am here. Making breakfast (french toast) in a couple minutes. I'll try to pay attention to my email in case you send more - AND I KNOW YOU WILL! A baptism! The best thing ever. I can't wait to hear about it. I love you, and miss you. Oh and the date tomorrow is 11-20, 2011. Cool. Like last week we had 11-11-11.
Elder Ostler:  I cant believe its so early there!  The font is filling and I’m practiced to play the piano.  I'm doing the special musical numero. Not singing of course!

I didn't dar me cuenta that the whole family was going to HI.  Is it so fun going to the beach.  Somethinglikethatseems completely unreal to me at this point.  We saw a fighter jet fly overhead today, and it blew my mind, that things like that exist.
The experience of teaching and bringing the Spirit to Hermana Carmen has been wonderful! Also we are extremely dedicated with the area book, teaching records, and planning, which has proved to be so effective and wonderful.  Carmen is so sure of what she is going to do. She truly understands that it is a lifelong covenant with God.  She has friends in the church.  She has everything necessary to be a successful member of this Church, building on the basic foundation of a strong testimony and Desire.  She has truly repented of all her sins and has made it manifest before a representative of the Church.  She is Humble, and she wants to follow Jesus Christ.
Have you all gone to the beach?  Is it pretty warm there?
Yeah, cool thing about the dates mom.  And I loved that part where you explained about that one talk.  How we must teach people the Gospel so they can go to heaven with us.  And I loved loved Amanda’s commetarios towards her younger brothers, me included. She’s just great.  And I marvel at the many differences in our missions.  Like I’m living in a sweet pench with 6 awesome re contra amigos Elders, and she’s in the boonies of Chicago, and lives just the 2 of them.
A package in form of a box arrived on Tuesday, when mail was brought.  Thanks for all that!  So many ties, I don’t know what to do with them all!  My favorite tie on earth is the one I’m wearing right now.
I laughed at your visa questions mother.  Yes, it seems simple enough, renewing visas.  And keeping everybody current.  This country makes it difficult enough, and I think if I fully dedicated myself to doing just that, I would be so ahead of the game.  But being secretario includes so many other things.  And everyday there are fires to put out.  And a list a mile long of things to do, a big one of making sure everyones got the right flights, and keeping parents and SP happy.  Also, I am the manager and planner of the calendar. 
Also I am heading a project to have all long distance bus tickets purchased beforehand, by an amigo in Shrivadavia San Juan, Edwardo Quiroga, who has a bus line company.  This will make it so much easier for us because the pesos will never pass through the hands of the Elders, which then get reimbursed for later.
This week Elder Christensen and I went to the bank and I received 10.000 pesos in my name.  It is my second batch of big money, and I am responsible for every centado.  It is all used for legal purposes.  We have a huge HUGE safe in the offices, and that is where we store all the pesos and passports.
With just the four of us working here now (no one is training) it is nice. Elder Lounsberry (I type it like that because of phonetics, it sounds like that) and I are really good at leaving the offices at 4.  And getting there at 10.  2 of the days this week were spent doing police records and certificado de domicilio (which req 2 witness with a current DNI to be present).  Well I didn't realize that my 1 witnesses had the DNI vencido . . . And I was So Bummed, because I thought I would have to come back another day with those same Elders, (and the whole process is just a pain!)  I couldn’t talk my way out of this one, but the Lord provided.  In my moment of despair I look up and see a big smiling man trying  to shake my hand.  He says hello Elder.  I’m Hermano . . a member of the carodill a ward.  How can I help you?
A smile over took my face, ear to ear.  The tender mercies of the Lord, even in legal work.  I am so thankful that that Hermano was there that day and was willing to help us.
What else can I say?  Well, anticipate a quick foto send after the bautismo!  
Love you all!  Practice your piano.  The brother who practice piano the most this week is named, El Capo.  And whoever practices the least is called, La Gorda.
Bautizar!!!  2 pictures taken.  On the second one, we are with Elisa Vera.  The amiga fiel that has shared and shared the Gospel with Carmen.  And her daughter, florencia.  It was such a wonderful service.  After she was baptized, she reverently repeated over and over, halleluja!  hallelujah!

So Carmen was baptized.  It is just so wonderful.  Elder Lounsbury and I really got to know her.  We had daily contact.  And sometimes twice a day!  She received all the lessons, cumplired with every commitment, and OOOOOOOOOO it was SOOOO awesome.  To bring a soul to Christ.
Now, Florencia!
Today was the first time Elder Lounsberry got in the water.  I know he is just psyched!

After the baptism we all sat around the piano and it was very spiritual. Then we went and there was leftover cake from another activity, so we partook and then Elder Falcon and Elder Christensen came in, so all 6 of us missionaries sat around in a circle with Hermana Vera, Carmen and Florencia, and it was SO FUN!  It was so real, we talked about everything spiritual to super super funny.  And now Elder Burr, Menocal, Lounsberry and I just finished cleaning the church.  O boy, won’t even go into that tema.  But it was real good.
So, its pretty much time to fly.  
Thank you for your constant support and way to many packages.  I know you love me.  I can feel it all the way down here in ARG.  And thanks Mc Allister and Grammie and Grandpa Skinner for the love always.
Thank you for praying
Love Elder Ostler

Monday, November 14, 2011

I live 2 completely opposite lives.

Dear Family:
O Hello!
First, I thank Grammie and Grandpa Skinner for feeding me a constant stream of handwritten letters.  I love them!
And thank you McAlister Family for the package and letters!
It was a wonderful email from you that I read this morning, while doing tramites to enable Hermana Zepeda to return home.
You asked me to  think of a Christmas Present, and so I did. When I get back home I want a pen. And a really nice one.  Bet you didn't see that coming.
Please write me every Saturday for the next 3 months.  That was when pday was.  Today is definitely not pday, but President is giving us a second to write today anyway.  So what do you want first.  The area, or the offices?
I live 2 lives.  And now working 100 percent, giving it all, applying everything Aidukaitis taught uS, I honestly live 2 completely opposite lives.
Lets start with the area:  
Being with Elder Lounsberry is AMAZING. He has really turned up the heat and is working so good and really soaking in and applying the teachings from on high.
This week we planned for over 8 hours.  Over 6 of them being planeamiento semanal.  (like not goofing off planning either). 
It was definitely something new, and definitely something difficult.  We followed the 13 steps very detaildly.  But only got to step 10!  We didn't even finnish yet.  
And it So Paid Off!  Even though we only found 2 new investigators, 3 investigators came to church!!!
O Hallelujah! 
Adriana (her second attendance)
Carmen (getting baptized in 5 days, at 4:30 recien had a sweet lesson with her.  And we invited a member and it was SO SWEET!)
Florencia (Carmens Daughter, she came to church because her work got delayed due to the rain!)  Such an awesome blessing o the rain.
Those were the 3.  Florencia stayed only for the 1st hour, then had to go work.  The other 2 enjoyed all 3 hours.
O my gosh I am so anxious to tell you Everything, but we have to leave for a lesson in less than an hour.
Quickly:  Carmen came back from a very spiritual trip to Chile (hometown) and the missionaries there were actually teaching her sobrino!  Hmmm.  Not a coincidence.  She came back and now really has the ganas to obey and be baptized.  Our plan with her is daily contact (obv) and involucraring all the members we can.  Even ones we don't really know, like the woman that accompanied us today. She is so excited and content and ready.
Adriana is a just great.  A little crazy.  Ok alot crazy.  We have had some great times with her.  Like walking her dogs, then sitting on the grass on a beautiful afternoon and teaching lesson Restoration, and she really understood.  So wonderful.  She still says she’s not looking for a religion or the baptize herself.  On Saturday we were invited and went with her in her car with a member to Potrerillos, a wonderful lake outside the city in the mountains.  That was fun. She went from not wanting to go to church at all, then to committing only to come the second hour.  Then on the fone Saturday nite, we convinced her to attend sacrament meting too because Gotmy, a youth she knows, was speaking. Then she was ushered into the 3rd hour and apparently Loved it.
We don't really know Florencia really well, except she was almost baptized 5 years ago.  I think we can get her. 
We also had 2 more people solidly committed to come.  One was a Spaniard who talks to us in vosotros and uses all sorts of strange vocabulary.  It was a miraculous find, and basically this man knows everything from nefi to moroni.  And we put a fecha with him right there.  We visited him in his house and I prestared him my watch so he can wake up for church, but because of the rain, he didn't come. That’s who we have a lesson with right now.  Hope I get my watch back.  He is so so so so ready.  I hope he comes through with his end, because we are absolutely doing everything we can.  We’ve gone by with a member twice.
The other was Virginia! I had a positive fone convosation with her. She asked me, who was baptized today?  Nobody I say.  O  today was the day for me wasn't it.  That was so good to hear.  We have hope with her.  And manso plans made.  (2 lessons with member planned with her this week, and the bishop already went by)
I wish I could communicate what I have learned from Elder Aidukaitis. It changed my life.  He taught us about knowing the beginning from the end.  Sounds crazy right.  But mom, where will you be on 05 de Junio 2012.  Right?  You will go to all lengths to get here, even if your first flight is cancelled, and you aren't refunded.  Get it?  You know the beginning from the end.  At least in part.  I studied in the scriptures about that frase and at least found 2 mentionings of it.  It was so sweet.
He taught us about feeling every hour of our day with an commitment that will lead towards baptism.  After pl semanal we are striving to have every hour of every day planned, in pencil, because a lot of it is going to change.  And this week, we did just that.  Everything is planned.  Also, we don't knock doors.  O sea, that’s not a planned activity.  Like today we knocked 3 or 4 doors just in between apts, and walking back here, and were hosed on all of them.
I talked to the nicest man and his 2 young girls from Mexico today. People from other countries are so much nicer than Argentines.
Elder Aidukaitis taught us about not being a victim of circumstance. I don't know how to explain this in writing in such a short space of time.  The teaching I received from him would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the business world to receive.  It is gold to us, and we are applying it all we can.  And it is working.  Por lo menos, I've never seen Elder Lounsberry so on fire.  We are doing great together.  And we are going to baptize.
An intense week in the offices has started for me.  I think other than writing this message to you, I've been in my chair for honestly half hour today.  I had to do a bunch of business to get Hermana Zepeda out of the country (for reasons of health).  She entered with a tourist visa of 90 days and it was never renewed.  And the lines were so long to day.
Because on Friday we had viento sonda.  A super super strong wind Mendoza and SJ receive a few times a year and literally knock over trees.  It was super strong, and there is still mess everywhere.  Huge tree trunks line the roads, and it did havoc on the horrible Mendocino wiring.  After the wind came the rain.  I have never seen rain like this here.  It rained for 48 hours straight.  And the lightning one night rumbled the pench.  So cool.  We loved it.  And I found something out. . . my shoes aren't waterproof anymore!
Other things I am doing this week mostly include making steps to renew the so many visas that are expired.  When a 1 year visa expires, nothing really happens.  The people at migraciones don't really care.  Just that one time or another someone has to renew it. And the church wants it done pronto!
So this week I am doing the tramites where the Elder has to actually be present.  That complicates things.  In 10 minutes a bus leaves from SJ and I am doing police record and address changes with 6 elders.  Same thing next Tuesday.  Then 2 other days this week I am doing the same thing with local elders.  Sometimes its just such a headache and I don't like it.  I can’t wait till I'm a full time missionary again.  When I am, in 3 months, I am going to kill it.
The sun never sits on righteous missionaries testifying of Jesus Christ.  When I have all hours of the day to preach teach and baptize.  O I have just learned so much and am so excited.  As for now, Elder Lounsberry and I are doing the best we can with what we got.
Thanks for asking dad.  Maria Santos went back to Peru, and Maria Eugenia was at all 3 hours of church this week.  She is AMAZING. So special and a powerful story to tell.
On Sunday I found out I was giving a talk during prelude music (that I was playing)(on a sweet not keyboard), so that was fun.   igual, I loved it.  And I played piano, because the normal lady was absent.  There was not many people on church at Sunday, due to the rain.  And the church here is NOTHING like the states.  Rain makes people question their commitment.
But we as a church here in Argentina is really young, and it will grow and get better.  We will have a temple here.
Last week we did an intense cleanage of the pench.  It was wonderful.
Elder Burr and I and Elder Falcon still run.  It’s always fun.  This morning was wonderful infact.
Well I have to go.  So much to do.  Every night we have planned to all up to 6 different members and investigators.
The mission is going So Fast, but I continue to enjoy every step.   I am doing amazing at the start of this transfer.
It was interesting to read how Amanda said how I have changed.  I don’t feel that way at all.
I was so happy to read Harrison that those finger tips of yours were on the ivory this week.  YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THAT:  LIVE THROUGH THE PAIN OF PRACTICING.
Love Elder Ostler
I love the storys of dad going to 6am ward council mtng.  Our ward hasn't had a ward council in over a year!  Imaginese!
You are a wonderful father.  I still think of you in Japan a lot.
If anyone finds my future wife, tell her to wait for me.  
Love Elder Ostler

Monday, November 7, 2011

I called in a member for backup!

My Dear Family:

An account of the fotos.

Me with Elder Aidukaitis 
Driving San Luis
Lunch in San Rafeal
The race to prepare 12 missionaries going home envelopes
The last 2 pictures were taken 2 hours ago in la plaza indepencencia. It was so beautiful.  It is spring and every day is absolutely beautiful. Mendoza in Novembre is una hermosura.  I love this time of year. . . but a few more weeks we´ll be sweating whether we’re workin or not. You can feel the heat coming.  Or your can just look in the streets and see the indecency in the streets and have a pretty good idea it’s almost summer.  HA!

I was able to come in early and print off your emails, and they were wonderful.  Nice on the jaguar.  And I love the constant dogpen/sod project stories dad.  How is Ahmed acting these days.  You have been quiet on that.  Does he go to church?  Does he look anything like Raymond?
And mother I just loved loved your email.  I will give you my opinion.  I love it!  I love how the enforcement.  I love the parenting.  To the Best Parents in the world, I give you props.  And about the Friday OR Saturday nite for Harry boy, I love it.  And hats off to the cell phone call.  The last thing I remember when I look back on my highschool/ childhood (wait, I’m still a child) is how many texts.  Practicing Piano is So Much More Valuable.  But I understand, it IS hard!  Satan is an :in the moment: kind of guy.  And practicing piano every day is definitely something satan is against. But we fight against him.  I realized Yesterday again, how disgusting and malicious he is.  How knieving and rotten and infeliz he is.  *for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself*   We all must be So Aware about satan and his plan for our life.  We have to recognize the temptation, and then be smart and Strong enough to take the escape route. Somethings we do in life, like the small stuff, a lot of times isn't *bad*, but maybe is it distracting?  We must strive to remember Jesus in todo momento.  (by the way I have chocolate from the states that Sister Carr brought me.  WOW, it’s lindt lindor)
Thats what we COVENANT to do every week.  We promise, with God. We make a promise to Him, the most powerful being we know of. The Exalted Man who created the earth on which we live.  And we promise HIM.  That is soo coool.  This Gospel and Church is SOO COOL.  And I love being a missionary for it.  I love representing His Church. Regardless of all the laughs, and staring, and rejection, it is awesome. Time of my Life.
About the rejection.  I have realized that the rejection I experience is very Very minimal.  So small.
I mean, they nailed Christ to a cross, they chopped off Johns head, they rubbed hot tar on Joseph’s body, and then covered him in feathers.  And all they do is tell me NOPE:  Go preach in your own country.
I still want to be more faithful.  To rise above my fears and doubts and soar.  Sometimes I think and see myself grounded and firmly settled in the Gospel.  And on strictly the basis of Testimony, yes I am.  But on other things, man I am such a little kid.  You realize why men like President Avila and High Priest Ostler and Elder Andersen and Scott are who they are, because they have So Much Experience in the Gospel.
Last night Elder Lounsberry and I had quite the experience.  To paint the Picture, Virginia was progressing wonderfully.  She reads every folleto, then looks up the scriptures in the back.  Then she goes to  And she is gracing the first chapters of Nefi too.  So all is just going wonderful. We had made daily contact with here up until Saturday, we went to her house and called her, but nothing.  Then, she didn’t come to church.
As we were starting our first Big weekly planning (like Aidukaits taught us) we called her and I communicated with the husband..
Right after that I called in a member for backup and we took a bus to the house.  We were excited and nervous.  What Gorge had told me on the fone was that Virginia didn't want to meet with us and tampoco wanted to get baptized.  That hurt.  It hurt me a lot.  And I KNEW that this Dirt Bag Gorge was the reason.
So we sat down in his house.  He wouldn't let us see Virginia.  He said that he was her representative.  What happened is that Gorge spat out science and denied our testimony and the very faith he once had.  He rejected the very message that he taught for 2 years of his life, 30 yrs ago as a missionary in BS AS.  It was so so so sad.  Anti Mormon literature is SO DANGEROUS:  please family, be so careful.  It has destroyed Gorge and satan has robbed him of his testimony.
We were very bold with Gorge.  I said some bold things.  But after some time I realized it was hopeless unless we could talk to her. Virginia.  It was like trying to throw a rock through a wall.  He is so spiritually dead and as Elder Lounsberry said, past feeling.
I was furious.  I can tell he recently got a new dose of anti stuff, because he was on fire.  But it was hellish fire.  2 weeks ago he wanted to baptize her, but Satan grabbed his heart and let him down forbidden paths, just saying what ever thing, so many lies.  And you know what, it all came down to the Book of Mormon.  He wouldn’t even accept the commitment to ask God if it was true.  It was so sad. I will NEVER let that happen to me.  He also said Virginia had gone on line and read these things.  That was what killed me.  She is so Pure, has such good desires.  Has such a good heart.  And I am O so thankful that that is what God will judge.  She will be saved, if she so desires.  Her husband has just confused her.  He is an idiot.
That was my first experience as a missionary with anti mormon material.  A copy paste from above - But we fight against him.  I realized Yesterday again, how disgusting and malicious he is.  How knieving and rotton and infeliz he is.  *for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself*   We all must be So Aware about satan and his plan for our life.  We have to recognize the temptation, and then be smart and Strong enough to take the escape route.  
I actually didn’t plan on including that story.  
As we arrived to the pench, after a minor power out in the city, taking the wrong bus, and finally getting home in taxi, I turned on Elder Burrs ipod and got rocked by Safety for the Soul by Elder Holland.  What a rockstar.
At the end of the lesson Gorge told us, and don’t come back. The only hope I have is that I actually have the personal cell fone number of Virginia.
Let’s move on shall we?
Transfers happen tomorrow officially.  I found out that Elder Moon is Senior comp.  That’s exciting!  I will be with Elder Lounsberry, and that is sweet.  We are going to do things right.  We are going to plan and pray and hope that God blesses us with people to baptize.  Because in the end, it is Him who gives the increase.
Through one of my comps inspired abrir la bocas, we found a woman this week that came to church!  Her name is Adriana.  She is 50ish, so super old.
We had 2 lessons with her, and then went to her house Sunday morning and she drove us to church in her sweet stick shift.
I am going to drive a stick shift after the mission  - goal.
She was surprised that it was 3 hours long.  But after the first hour she wanted to go to the second.  That principios del evengelio class Blew Her Mind and she was so excited for round 3!  When I set a cita with her for Tuesday, she said, do you like ice cream?  Of course I said yes.  She says, alright come at 5:30 and  I’ll have ice cream for you. You know your investigairo likes what she is learning when she’s got ice cream for you!  So we are psyched for her.  The only thing is she’s a bit stubborn.  But we’ll get her.  The Spirit can break anyone.  
The first lesson we had with her was cool, because when I looked up at her big bookshelf, my eyes immediately locked on the Book of Mormon.  It was glowing.
Uhg, I always think I’m going to write short emails, but they’re always long.
So sending 13 elders off this week was fun.  And I also had to send another visa waiter off to Bs As that same day.  So I was up at 4:30 as we drove him to the airport.  I talked with some Germans (in inglish if course) and then this Sweet teacher at Cambridge from London. And her accent was So Thick.  Almost didn’t understand her.  So that was 2 sweet encounters.  Then with the 13 super nervous and ancy elders, their flight was delayed 90 minutes, so that was a fun airport wait.  Not
But they all left fine, no problem.  Yes Davenport was one.  He has been our DL this transfer, so I have been verifying with him noche por medio.  
Well, Elder Burr and I ran good this morning.  And now we are going to make some healthy muffins, recipe from Hermana Packer.
So have a great week,
Elder Ostler
I forgot to mention . .  the Friday night parties next door to our pench . .  that last till 5am, loud music, good for sleep patterns/
. . . and I am almost done with the BOM Liahona.  It is So Good.  I love the first couple pages, especially from President Monson.  And how it focus on Baptism and Covenants.  I love the Book of Mormon.  And like Joseph Smith and Hyrum, would die to defend my testimony of it.  I know that it is the Word of God.
I’m here if you need anything.