Monday, May 30, 2011

I was so bold!

Buenas Tardes
Can you believe that this week there were 2 different circuses in Justo?  One was from Mexico, and I thought of Braden and Jase, just owning that land.
My companion is Elder Moon, from Draper Utah.  He’s a Greengo.  Just like me.
But before I forget, tell Elder Reynolds HI!!!!!!!!!!! You are my role model number 1 in my mission, and I still talk about you all the time.  Your name will live on in Mendoza, as long as I’m here!  Hey, I’m training, in Justo Daract!!  Small world, no pun intended.  People still remember and love you, and hugo barrozo sends saludos.  I love you Elder Reynolds.

The best lama picture ever.  The Elder Ostler/llama stare down.
Last night we had the coolest lesson.  We both were left without much animo (energy) to work after church (the 3rd hour was pretty bad) seeing as no one came, we were pretty disappointed, or at least I was.  So we studied the siesta, and read a great scripture in Alma 23:3 that says in part podrin salir a predicar la palabra Segun Su Deseo.  I have been praying for more ganas to work harder here in Justo.  After reading that scripture, I knew that right then, we needed to salir a predicar la palabra, so we put some good plans down and had an amazing experience.
On divisions in Justo 10 months ago, I met this guy, and we were in the area, in barrio norte, so I decided to give him a try.  At first, he was totally not interested and busy, but after convincing him to let us in, we were set.  We sat in his 2 chairs and he stood.  His name is Ricardo Martinez and I first took him to be a classic Daracian, clueless.  But much to my surprise, after my son wonderfully explained baptism, he gave the classic, I’m already baptized response.  So I pulled out the picture of Christ’s baptism and then he said, that’s not how Christ was baptized.  He was baptized with echando un pocito de agua sobre la cabeza.  So I pulled out my Reina Valera, that’s the Spanish bible, and I asked him to grab his, and we read together in Matthew 3 about Christ’s baptism.  It was a wonderful experience.  And I think in part, he understood.  Then I invited him to be baptized sugun la manera que fue bautizado Jesucristo.  But he still held on to his traditional católico bautismo.
And then I did something I never did before.  I said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I say unto you that your baptism didn´t count.”  The spirit was so strong.  I felt so much power, which I know was given to me because de mi obediencia y deseo.  He felt that what we were teaching him was true.  And he didn´t deny it.  He said to let him think it over, and come back later.  I asked if the next time we could come by if we could help him juntar o cortar la lena.  He was surprised we wanted to help.  So Ricardo showed us around back and all the stuff he had and was doing.  Now there’s a man who wanted nothing to do with us 15 minutes before, showing us around his small, humble home and al fondo de su casa.  He let the Spirit in his heart and the Spirit let us in that house.  I have a grand desire to baptize this man with the debida autoridad de Dios.  We are going by tomorrow.  He loves us and I love him.
I was so bold like that because it is something Gene R Cook taught us to do in the MTC.  And I remembered it.
Elder Moon is so Great.  I traveled to pick him up Wednesday morning.  Us 12ish trainers waited around for awhile before they all walked in, and when Elder Moon walked in, I KNEW I would be training him.  No voices, no doubts, I just knew.  And sure enough, when President Lindahl called me up, he announced I would be training Elder Moon.  Pretty sweet huh.

Right after it was announced that we would be comps on Wednesday
He is So Fresh out of the MTC, so many new ideas, so much unsmothered Faith, which I am working with and playing off of.  He has some Great Ideas.  I want to give him the opportunity to teach, a lot.  So every lesson, a couple times, I turn to him and HE GOES:  he just talks and teaches and struggles with the spanish, but it is so great.  His pure testimony triumphs over his bad spanish.  I love being with him and we will work miracles in Justo.
O Justo.
Also, all the fresh info from the States!  It’s so fun talking with him.  Here we go, I got his family memorized.  Eight brothers and sisters.  Laralyn, Bethany, him, Macall (hey Saydi, I guess she’s going to BYUH too, Sweet) then Bryce, Shane, Miranda, and Molly.  All of their kids are the same ages, almost exactly, as our family.  It’s just that they have one extra older sister, and Benson and Wilson would be chicas.  hahahajajaja.

Pineapple with my companion, Elder Moon.  So Sweet!  I know how to pick 'em.
I saw Elder Arrua in the terminal and talked it up with him about the great land of Rivadavia.  And my Joy is Full.  All of my converts, really they are the Lord’s converts, the Lord gives the increase, but all of them are doing good and going to church!!!!  Alma 23:6 those who were CONVERTED unto the Lord, Never Did Fall Away.  So sweet.  That is such a Sweet Taste in my mouth.  But I do know now that Jorge and Rita are asisting about semana por medio and rita is internado in the hospital, sick sick sick with their 3rd child, so kinda bitter sweet there.  But Elder Arrua showed me a foto of him in the chapel with Jorge and Rita and the 2 munchkins and Jorge was in a white shirt and tie!!  Wow, o what alegría.
So remember the sketch I was in?  That happened this week. . .  and it was AMAZING!  It was so so good, so funny, it was for people of all ages, because even the adults loved it.  What a blessing from God that I was able to do that, with so much help from the zone and especially Elder Esplin, Elder Austin, Elder Galdo and Elder Yasan.  It just went great.  Definitely a last minute thing.  But afterwards we went on surprise divisions for an hour with the zls and on the bus ride home, we had to take a different one, the blanca paloma, we had to stand and it was so so tiny and small.  And the ceiling was pretty short.  It was fun practicing being 5’ 10” again.

Wow, the Wards moved, tell them I love them!!  Go Brother Ward!!
And while I was standing up on the dark bus ride back to my Nest, I had a good think session.  And this is what I came up with.  I was appalled to read from Miss Saydi that there was Dust On the Keys, with regards to the piano.  The dust should be in the Wind.  Right Dad?  So here’s what we’re going to do.  I’m not sure if you’re practicing or not right now, but no importa.  I urge you all of you boys to PRACTIAR EL PIANO.  So importante.  So here’s the paino desafio.  6/7 days a week.  2 weeks.  You put the time per day necessary.  Harrisions should be a solid 45 minutes, brother I know you’re super busy, just do it, right Ben?  So if you can cumplir with that, here’s what we will do.  Harrison gets a dinner to Red Robin with his date and whoever else is on the date paid for by Mom, that is, of course, after a spectacular date themed after the grand color rojo, or red.  Red rope, red rover, Big Red gum, you got to do a Dr. Seuss book activity so you can say you Red some books, and some other great things you can think of.  Make sure they’re read, or Red.
Jefferson gets a day or 2 at the farm with Grandpa Skinner!!  Might not seem like much, Jefferson, but just go.  I wish so much I would have spent more time with that amazing man!  I love you Grandpa and got your letters this week!!  To answer your questions, the total population of Justo is said to be about 10,000 people.  Although to me, it’s about 900.  No idea what kind of fish we shot, no idea if it’s legal.  Pretty much there’s no rules here in Argentina, so yeah, it was legal.  I also think j walking is encouraged.  And I loved your question regarding waking up at 6:30 as a trail of faith.  That certainly helped my get up at 6:30 this morning.  I thought of you.  Yes it is a trial of faith, especially P day.  Do we really understand that the Lord will bless us if we get up at 6:30?  I think that we don’t.  I like looking at it like this.  This is the only time in my life where the LORD will bless me if I wakeup on time.  I love you grandpa, stay strong.  I’ll see you in the Temple someday.
And Wood, felicitaciónes on your Eagle.  Now, prepare for the Missino, the best thing you will ever do.  EVER.  It’s so hard, and so fun.
Like today for p day we played fútbol and then Elder Morinico taught me how to make pizzas and we made for the whole zone.  We’re talking homemade.  They were so good and so cheap!  It was so fun.
Ok, so Benson, for your premio, you could go mini golfing with dad and some friends, sweet!  And Wilson, how about a day with the friends spent outside doing some sweet activities.  Bottom line, I really hope you all are practicing your piano.  Ok Saydi, you want something too.  Hmmmm.  Nope, got nothing.
Sorry about calling American spaghetti crappy last week.  I really craved some good PREGO this week.  Uhg.  And yes, mail was received - lettes and 2 packages.  One from the Grandparents Skinner with 2 huge M&Ms packages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, absolutely incredible.
People are astonished with us, as missionaries from this, the True Church.  Just like in the Book of Mormon, like in Alma 18:2 how the king was astonished exceedingly by Ammon.  The slayer.  During Elder Moon’s first panadería experience, I started talking to the lady about word of wisdom.  After she found out who we are and what we do, and for how long, she was too exceedingly astonished, it was pretty cool.  And then to top it off, she threw in a free semita!  Maybe valued 4ish pesos, just a bread thing with pieces of meat in it.  So good.
And so looking back at Ricardo, he was just so impressed with us.  A complete change Alma 22:3, Lamoni’s father.
In church this week we had the Full Flock.  No investigators, no inactives.  Uhg.  Uhg again.
We contacted Carlos, which is becoming harder to do, and had a great lesson.  He told us, upon my asking, that on Tuesday, he stooped smoking and that he had already threw out the whisky.  He is really repenting and becoming converted unto the Lord!  That was one of my favorite parts of the week, hearing that.  That he kicked the addictions and is even avoiding even the very appearance of evil ..  but he just can’t make it to church.  He is so busy and needs a lesson about putting the Lord first.  C’mon Carlos, I know you can do this.  But after the lesson, Moon had a good experience as we did the rounds with Carlos and fed the pigs.
And of all the people we had committed to come to church, nope.  No one.  Disappointing, but we will continue moving forward.  With faith, and with a big ol smile.

Sunday morning photo shoot
Yes Mom, Carolina Ponce from the other area came to church for a 3rd time, and the elders blessed her home.  Sweet success.
Well family, it has been good.
I love you,
Elder Ostler

Monday, May 23, 2011

Latin: Denied!

Hello all.
I am at the same cyber that I was at with Cabranes when I sent my first batch of 15 pictures home.  Just an fyi.  You were probably wondering.
I loved the Casey comment.  I do think about that kid a lot, us both being in Argentina.  O what I would give to be his comp!!!  If that happened, chau, game over.  I love you Casey and pray for you;)
Memory cards/cd/pen driver:  Sent
New memory card: comprado
Elder Wetzel has it all, secretly secured with duct tape in his backpack.  It should arrive Wednesday evening at 9:06, when his plane touches down in Idaho Falls.  And uhhgg, I wrote down all his mothers info, but left it in Justo!!  I did write your stuff on the outside of the package.  So try to contact her, or wait for a call from her, or just wait it out till next week.
Harrison, so great to hear about a couple of your dating adventures.  Planning is the key, and a good looking date helps.  Bet you can’t beat the record Casey Hare and I set: 7 straight weekends of dates in a row!  Bring it on.  No way you can pull that down.  No one beats the Casey/Jackson duo.  The Argentines.
Saydi, good on you for studying Spanish.  I love it.  I need to do that too!
I love you Amanda. . . .  and the rest.
Dad, are you really losing it up top?  And Mom!  You’re only 47!  Who would’ve known.
So you’re probably waiting to hear what I know about transfers.  But let’s just wait it out.  First some experiences from the week.
I was on divisions . .  ALL WEEK.  I arrived in Villa Mercedes Sunday night and didn't leave till Friday night.  I worked with 4 elders in the 4 different areas in this Huge zone.  And lived in all the penches.  But only 1 day of divisións was originally planned, so it was fun living off the 1 pair of socks and etc.  That’s life in the mission, and especially being a missionary in Justo.  You just never know where you’re sleeping next, who you’re working with, or where you’re eating, if you do!  It’s fun.  Keeping it real.  I did divisions with the zone leaders and the other 2 companionships in the district.  And Wetzel worked it out there in Justo for the week.  It was great, and we saw miracles.
The first is a real cool story, but way hard to tell.  Hindsight is 2020, and looking back, I can see that the Lord has been preparing this first one since Elder Cabranes and I found the new with the bloody half chopped off finger, if you remember that story.  Well, we were in the area and had 30 minutes to buscar nuevos, so I remembered where he lived and we went to knock the door.  But he wasn't there.  Which put us standing right in front of the mono blocks (a Big apt complex, but nothing like the states).  So the spirit decided which one to start knocking.  (Yes we knock doors often, not a ton, but bastante.  So Grandpa, don´t worry, we do knock doors.  Just referring back to my hatred towards knocking puertas months back.  And it is just the sweetest feeling when the person says, si, pasen!) Anyway, the second door we knocked let us in.  And they were inactives.  The elders had felt inspired to look for one of them earlier that week, carolina, but had no suerte finding her in her work.  But an employee fb her and told her the Mormons had came looking for her.  So . . she came to church that Sunday!  What faith.  But the elders, 2 days before that Sunday, didn´t really talk with her a lot and still had no idea where she lived.  But it just so happened that the Lord put us right in front of her mono block complex, and we knocked her door, when bloody finger guy didn't answer.  And so they let us in, and we had an amazing lesson with them.  I promised her an inspired blessing about the word of wisdom and it just went from there.  We invited her to repent and come unto Christ.  It was so cool to watch how God put that puzzle together.  It’s cool being one of His pieces.  And she came to church again this week, with her kids!  Éxito!
Also with Elder Yasan, we were hurrying to a lesson in jardin del sur, but just had to stop as we came around a corner and saw the moon.  It was an incredible sight.  A HUGE luna, hung perfectly over a green field, lined with trees, with vacas lecheras comiendo el pasto.  It was unreal!  It is just a snapshot in my mind.
With Elder Esescano I invited myself into this guys house and we had a sweet lesson about God, trials and at the end gave him a blessing for his rapidly deteriorating health.
I got pretty close to milking a cow this week.  That is definitely a missino goal.
With Elder Esplin, the zone leader, we had the best luck with la musica!  In the street we heard “Welcome to the jungle” (I had to tie my shoe as we walked past that parked car) “Sweet Child of Mine . . . .   AND . . . .  JOURNEY!!  “Don´t Stop Believing,”  and I don´t stop believing, I believe there is a prepared person in Justo . . . I believe that I CAN DO THIS.  It is possible.  I want to teach, so many people, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But that was such a good song, probably only heard it for 7 seconds.
Even though that miembro menos activo that came 2 weeks ago, hugo, said ‘si o si’ he was coming this week, he didn't show.  That was disheartening.  Neither did Carlos.  I don´t know why.  He is progressing, and we threw down the plabra de sabiduria, and he totally agreed.  He’s dope to stop smoking.  Don´t worry.  Folk in the campo go a little slower.  He was super committed to church and had ganas to it, but just didn't come.  I asked him a sweet question Saturday morning with Wetzel.  I say, “Carlos, what blessing have you received this week for coming to church last week, and reading the scriptures” . . . and he responded.  And told us some pretty sweet stuff that had happened to him.  Like finding more work!  And in Justo, wow, once in a blue moon.  So he is receiving the blessings for keeping the commandments.  And now just needs to continue on this path that leads toward the temple.  Lets go CARLOS, you’re my pride and my joy.  I know you can do this.  With my son, I plan on going by Thursday and taking the whisky out of his house.  That should be a fun first experience.  (Carlos doesn´t drink, it’s his friends that they drink when they come over.)
We hit an all time low at church.  4 members, 2 missinoaries.  My comp gave the first talk, and I gave the 2nd (the branch president let me know 30 minutes before hand!!).  My comp blessed the sacrament,  and I passed it.  And of course, I played the piano.  It went well.  And my comp Wetzel said about every prayer.  And now I can say I have been to relief society twice.
I say this every week, but Justo is just a different life.  I cannot even imagine life in your ward.  Hundreds of members, faithful, that come every week, whether it’s raining or not.  Unreal.
It was a good last week for Wetzel.  We got 7/7 abrir la boca!  That last day, Sunday, he so did not want to do them, so we made a deal, I did 15 and he did 5.  Done.  Wetzel died in style.  And this morning, 3:30am we put him on a bus to Mendoza.  And tomorrow he gets on a plane to the States!  Now that is truly an unreal thought: Going Home.  It must be said that being with a dier, I have thought a lot more about home.  About life in the states.  We had a good talk about cereals yesterday.  And a garbage can that gets taken weekly!  A DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about one of those. But I still can’t get it through my head that a dishwasher also Dries the dishes.  No way.
We have had some intense Truco sessions this p day.  And at 11ish we played our classic partido of futbol.  Which is when the assistances decided the call to tell about Transfers!  And . . . . I’m Training.
Even though I wanted kinda to leave Justo, I didn´t get my hopes up.  And sure enough . . ‘Elder Ostler . . se queda.’  And then they told me that I’m training.  I couldn´t believe it.  That is the last thing I wanted to do in Justo.  But I have accepted the will of the Lord.  6 more weeks working Justo Daract . . with my newbie.  I can’t believe it.  Really can’t.  But I was dropped as DL, so that’s sweet.  Not that I didn´t like it. . . you know, just a little less responsibility and problems to solucionar.
So I’m training.  I travel to Mendoza Wednesday in the morning to pick up my son.  Ahhh, just a new kid, full of Faith, Fresh from the states.  He’s going to be my best friend.  I’m going to raise him well.  I’m going to be so obedient, so diligent.  And just believe the Lord will bless us with miracles in May.  And I just pray, that in June, we can baptize together.  It’s a daunting task, training in Justo, but if the Lord thinks I can do it . . so do I.
I just hope Carlos has a couple more pigs for us to kill.  Yeah . . enjoy those videos.  I’m pretty sure there are a ton of videos for you to watch.  Just a little by the way comment.  And President is a big believer of greengos training gringos, and latinos training latinos.  So chances are slim to none, pretty much just none, that I will train a latin.
It’s fun to think of my newbie, just sitting in the MTC, freaking out, because in 24, he will board a plane to Argentina, where the Lord has called him to serve a mission.
Now for some random thoughts I wrote down this week.  Working and being in Villa Mercedes in comparison to Justo Daract makes me feel like I am in NYC.  So much movement and so many people.  So many houses.  It’s great.
I want to be a better missionary.  I want to work harder and be more diligent.  I want to put off selfishness, and serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength.  I want to be better.  
I want to take the words casi, and tratar out of my vocabulario.
O . . and send marshmallows if you are looking for something to replace awful skittles in the packages.  Those would be GREAT after an asado.  When I was on division this week I cooked for all the elders, and at least elders Esplin and Yasan told my they loved it!  I made the classic Skinner hamburger and onions for Yasan and spaghetti for Esplin.  O, the members spaghetti here is So Much Better than that junk we call spaghetti in the states.  They are masters at the tuco.  I love it.  So watch out.  I’m a rising chef.
Great picture of your zone Amanda.  I loved that.  Frisbee!!!  I haven´t touched one of them in for ever.  
Wow, I guess I have kinda run out of things to say.  Let’s see, I will definitely be looking up Regina Spektor after the missino.  And I miss Owl City.
How did piano practice go this week boys?  Harrison, how well can you play the himnos?  Good mowing news too.  It’s good to hear that the grass is being cut.
We are making some good work on the skit I am in charge of.  We perform in front of a bunch of primary kids el sabado en la tarde.
News, we got a brand new calefón . .  . it is now possible to get burned while taking a shower in the Justo pench/church.
It’s getting cold, the long sleeves and sweaters have been busted out.  And the iron in the pench is probably the worst iron ever made.  It should be called a stain.  OOOO the pain.  And in the missino, the ironing board is your bed.  But if you dry your clothes right, you don’t have to iron.  But it just seems every single time I put my clothes out to dry, it rains.  Here in Justo we get about one day of rain a week.  And the whole city has just been losing power recently.  This week it happened again, and I mean everything just goes out.  But this time it was only for 5 minutes, not the 40 minute one we had a few weeks back.  But that was a sweet 40 minutes.  You could just reach up and touch those stars.  I love the southern sky.
Wellp, I love you my family.  Live like you believe, and SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  That would be sweet if you would put a monthly baptism goal as a family.  jajajajajajaja.  But really, I hope you are sharing the Gospel with your friends, or just with people who look sad in the streets.  Why Not?
Tomorrow I get to eat lunch with the San Luis Stake Patriarch and the only temple sealer in San Luis.  I’ve eaten with him before, and they are a sweet old couple.
Well, it’s about time for me to get going.  
I love you family and enjoy that carpet under your feet!
Elder Ostler
Tell Ben O to be a beast!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yesterday, it happened.

Dear Family: 
Elder Ostler reporting from Villa Mercedes Argentina.  And this keyboard I am typing on is like cutting butter.  IT IS SO NICE!  Brand new.  Right off the assembly line.  Haven’t had this in forever.  Usually the keyboards are like 2 pieces of cardboard that somehow communicate the thoughts from my hands and heart  to your little screen.  But this one is money!
I had a wonderful week.  It was great.  Sure with its hardships and hours of despair.  But all in all - YEAH:  exito and felicidad.  That’s uhh success and happiness.  For the p day today, first, Elder Wetzel and I (and bytheway, John he’s from ID falls. And I’ll pass the info you need la semana que viene.  I’ll send some good stuff home.)  correred the city looking for recuerdo shops.  We finally found a sweet one.  And it was so fun, just in there with the store owner Cristina, buying recuerdos for almost an hour.  I couldn´t pass up this campera, sweater gaucho style.  SO SWEET.  That’s the 340 peso withdrawal today.  And I took out 300 pesos in cash Saturday, just to have - fyi.  I got the notica about the numero.  Thanks, but so far no problems.  Then we bought meat, I bought some great cuts, and we had an asado!  It was fantastic.  I’m aways so hungry p day because it’s not like my food source is in Mercedes, it’s in Justo, and at the end of the week you're out anyway.  So it was good to have that salty carne in my mouth.
Then we played an intense partido of fútbol.  Intense.  My team lost but we had a good rally led by me at the end.  We split latins and gringos.  And we played at a local field, fenced in, in some random neighborhood.  And it was really cool because all the locals came and watched us.  So Fun!  But we played with a full belly of meat.  Wow, that killed us.  But that’s where the real men rise to the top.  With a belly full of meat and coca!
Hey family I love you all so much.
And then after that we had district meeting.  And I gave it.  Alright, lets go to the notecard . . .
CARLOS CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just have no idea.  The alegría (joy) and complete felicidad (happiness) I felt as he walked through those chapel doors as the sacrament was being passed.  WOW.  We had one lesson with him, after helping him burn weeds for a solid 45 minutes, just like dad always did, and then we taught him.  I love teaching him.  And he solidly committed to coming to church.  And he came.  As I sat there at the piano and watched him walk in, a feeling I have almost never felt before came over me.  I have been waiting over 2 months for someone to come to church here in Justo, and yesterday, it happened.  Carlos came to church.  And loved it.  He is the Cappo!
I love Carlos so much.  And just hope and pray he can keep progress in this gospel!
Lets Go Carlos!
Yesterday I decided to read my patriarchal blessing.  And it lifted me.  Even though I was on cloud nine because Hermano Carlos came to church, there still are challenges and many trails in my life.  And President eluded to me when he actually personally wrote to me this week. . . .  he’s a great man, and said I may get a LATIN!  The will of God will be done.  But as I read, I was lifted up, above all the problems and trials, and given an eternal perspective.  It helped me see above the trail of Justo and just realize all I’m doing.  All I am.  All I am designed to become.  It was a great moment.
The work with inactives continues.  We had 4 very distinct lessons or different lessons with inactives this week.  I will mention 2.  One humbled me so much.  It was Hermano Nereo.  I had talked with him before. . . but in this lesson we just messed up.  We went in there, lost the spirit fast, and just made him repel any good feeling he was having.  After that lesson I truly desired that all the rocks of the rocky mountains be piled on top of me.  We just asked him every question in the book about why he was not coming to church.  We, as misioneros, just think sometimes that we have the spirit and can speak whatever we want.  But no.  We too have limits.  The inactives are under the direction of the branch president, and what we did was wrong.  It was to the point that he just felt so bad and repelled the spirit... I have repented.
The other one was also very interesting, but we learned from the above example, and improved.  But this second guy, the before mentioned Hermano Vega, we could get him excommunicated.  A pesar de trying to teach pure doctrine and invite him back to church, we found that he drinks wine, smokes, AND blesses the sacrament every Sunday in his house.  And for this reason sees no reason to go to church.  O boy, the crazy mission experiences.  Wish I could expound.  We were in shock.  You just can’t do that.  Playing with sacred things is not allowed.
I feel like many blessings I receive I don’t deserve, and that they are in fact prayed to me by you.  I really feel that way and wish I could expound.  But just the little things the Lord blesses me with, I don’t deserve.  You pray them to me.  So thank you.  And keep it up!  Keep firing those prayers my way!  And I’ll do the same.  I have been praying for you all more frequently.  I know that the Lord is blessing us so much.  Just un monton (alot).
I had a good pday study about being a leader, and really filling my position mejor.  And it helped, because the district meeting I gave with the Spirit today, was way better than la semansa pasada.  Ahh Leadership.  I love all the leadership scrips in the scripts.
The work in Justo goes well.  I feel like Casey did when he sent the email about his first area Rauch and how the people just are a little different.  Most people just aren't all there.  A few frayed cables as Casey said.  And many screws missing in many cases.  So you just can’t start from ‘God is our loving Heavenly Father’ and end with ‘Pray to know the Book Of Mormon is true.’  It is a lot more difícil.  So that’s how Justo goes.  A different brand of people.  We did find 6 news this week.
Please pray for me on this one thing.  I am in charge of a skit for a primary stake activity for the 28th.  I was not to happy about the extra responsibility, but I’ve prayed about it, am looking at it as an opportunity and a blessing, and hopefully I can pull it off.  Just like all those sweet dates we used to effortlessly do . . right?, Casey, and Braden and Jeffrey? Planing prom hours before it started. . . O the good days.
A crazy new this week was Ernesto.  O where did my time go?  Just a great  guy,  wants to stop smoking, he’s missing many a screw.  A classic lesson on sillas (chairs) outside the casa with sheep and ducks grazing just feet away.
It’s all good with Elder Wetzel.  He just follows me around everywhere, opens the mouth when I open the mouth etc.  It’s good, but he’s so ready to board that plane! ONE week baby.  And this week I will expect to be in the pench a tad more.  Packing, carta de mayordomía he has to write, etc.  Hey, a great time to study this language which I should know so much better by now!
Hot water has officially been restored to the pench, although the calefón (water heater) is melting, so they are limited hot water showers we are taking!
Amy, great letter, actually great letters you always always always send me.  Thank you so much.  One of the missionaries in my last pench, Elder Owens, said ‘I feel like I practically know your aunt, she writes you so often.'  I love you Amy.  Siga adelante, con fe, and the Lord will bless you so much.  You are His Special Daughter.  Keep Cody in line too!
There have been 2 things on my mind lately:  tennis and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and wheat bread.  I have pretended my funda is a tennis racquet many times this week.  And can almost taste the pbj with moms casero jam. O BOY.
The face is improving, the feet are fine, the body is in good condition.  Needing some more pushups and pull-ups, that’s all.  Too bad my athletic trainer Benjamin Wallace Ostler isn´t here.  Ahh bummer.
I read some of Braden’s letters this week... what a kid.  What an elder.  I just can´t believe the incredibleness that bleeds through his letters.  So much faith.  And such a hard worker.  I love reading them, and they help me so much.  Vive México!  aye aye aye andele andele.
Well Family, I love you.  Smile, you are a member of the only true and living church sobre la faz de la tierra.  What a blessing.  What a blessing we don´t even dar cuenta of.  Working here you just see how WRONG, FALSE, and DRUCHO are the otras iglesias (other churches).  We have the TRUTH, so we Must, we are under obligation with God to share it with All... With every creature.  That’s something I focused on this week.  compartir con todos.
Harrison, I loved the lacrosse that dad told me about.  Some advice:  MOW THOSE LAWNS.
Saydi, you ever thought of finding a boyfriend in the Tri-cities?  Read chapter 9 in predicad mi evangelio for some ayuda!  sike!
Amanda, just with all her international comps and frogs.  O she is amazing.  Love that country girl..  my comp loves Taylor Swift so once we had a couple minutes trying to remember the tswizzle songs.  Mostly a failure.
Well, I best be off.  I am doing divisions with Elder Yasan, a new elder from Peru, with SO MUCH ANIMO!  He is so so great.  And I’m psyched.  I will get to work in hipolito yrigoyen.  The area I was born in 10 months ago.  I’m psyched!  And I get to do 2 entravistas bautismaleds because we are baptizing 2 in the district/zone this week.  We are one zone and one district.  So I am basically the zone leader of Villa Mercedes, because I do all the work, expect verificar with the assistants, and get the cane dropped.  We always joke about that.  This zone is real great.
Alright, I really should say bye, even though I wish I could type and type all day.
Elder Ostler

Monday, May 9, 2011

I decided to fulfill prophecy

Dear my beloved familia:
Hey, GREAT EMAIL and an EVEN BETTER FONE CALL!  Wow wow it was so so great.  I actually felt as if I was at home.  I still kinda feel that way.  Like I’m just right there with you.  It’s great!  I love it like this.  That phone call just brought everything much closer.  I love you all so much and think I might have failed to communicate that last night.
Some observations.  Wow, I don´t recognize the voz of Harrison and Jefferson!  do macho right?  I hope all is good with you two.  Break the wrist and walk away. Forget about it.  I think I’ll just build her a cake or something.
Ahh, Justo Daract.  It just hosed me again.  We were planning to take the eight am bus over to Villa Mercedes this morning, but showed up at a loaded terminal and got in line to watch the man in front of us buy the last ticket out of vietnam!  There’s no more helicopters out of NAM!  I’m hosed.  No, but since I live in the middle of nowhere, we have to wait an hour and a half for the next bus. Or we could pay a couple hundred pesos and take a remis (argentine taxi) over to Villa Mercedes . . but no thank you.  Really, I loved loved the phone call so much.  My favorite part was the end, or the last thirty minutes.  So FRESH!  It was the best fone call sesh of my life.
I love you all so much.  I hope you all can learn the Gospel from Mom and Dad like Amanda and I have and then come out here and serve.  And a formal happy Mothers Day to the greatest mother in the World. . . . Delene L. Ostler/Skinner.  That’s how they do it here.  Include both names.  You Rock Mom.
And Dad, I love you so much so much too.  Thanks for all you told me.
So I will continue my work in Justo Daract.  It is the Will of the Lord that I am here, working this joint.  I know that God has something for me here.  We are close, the Members, all 8 of them, and are working more with them.

Elder Wetzel and Elder Ostler
This is where they have sacrament meeting.
The familia alaniz, brother alaniz has been the branch president for 15 years here.  Their family is passing through some serious prodigal child hardships, so we continue to try to help them and lighten their load.  I love that family.  And she says to tell you that she is taking care of me, and is my mother in Justo.  So true.  I love that woman.  We took her to an investigator and had a great crazy lesson.  The woman just had no faith and is still waiting for the restoration.
We also went out with Jose, the branch president, and had some great lessons.  Then Sunday morning we left the pench 45 minutes early to buscar a meimbor menos activo who is hermano vega.  He has no legs and gets around in a wheel chair.  We had planned on going over to his house to help him come to church.  We were going to take a remis juntos.  But when we went over he just strait up denied us.  And said nope I’m not going.  It was a pretty big let down.
So in the first place, Elder Wetzel did not want to be there.  He’s kinda put it in neutral and is just crusin’ it out.  So he wasn’t too siked when I decided to take him with me to go on this journey, and even less happy when we got denied.  Well, we didn´t get denied.  It was hermano vega denying and rejecting Chirst.  So then we started the 20 minute walk back home through the cold.  But 1 minute of walking home Elder Wetzel just stopped in his tracks and looked down.  I turned around and looked where he was looking.  And there was a 10 peso bill just waiting for him.  There on the ground.  With such alegria he picked it up triumphant.  The Lord blessed Elder Wetzel with 10 pesos for going out and doing the extra effort to buscar hermano vega, even when he so didn´t want to.  It was pretty cool.  And we were both pretty excited.

I thought about maybe trying to find the owner of the 10 pesos, there were some guys breaking the sabbath and working on a car close by, but I thought, in the last days mens riches shall become slippery.  So I decided to fulfill prophesy as he pocket the pesos and we went back to church.  The Lord will always bless us when we keep the commandments.  And the blessings come in all shapes, sizes, and amounts.  I love this story so much bytheway.  I wish I could edit it and make it better . . no time.
My wonderful mother has made it clear to me that the influences of this letter are felt decently widely.  Via a cute little blog she has made for me.  So  . . . HELLO EVERYONE!  I hope your day is going great . .  and if it isn´t, it’s your choice.  You can always look for the Lord’s hand in your life and make it a good day.  There is always a blessing to see.
Thank you for the letters Grandpa Skinner and Grammie Skinner.  Grammie, thanks for writing to me and I love you.  Remember to choose the right!  And Grandpa, brother wow.  I loved so much your letter about Cloquet.  What a story!  And the Temple that is in Winnipeg now, WOW that is so amazing.  I love you so so much Grandpa and Grammie, keep that garden growing!
I can´t wait to go to the temple again either.  I’m not Elders Braden or Jase Ward, or Amanda, or Daniel Chavez and don´t have a temple in my Mission!  So I’ll just have to wait it out.  And then appreciate it SO MUCH MORE when I get home.  I plan to go every week for the rest of my life.  There’s no reason not to!  Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God.
And BEN .......  ahh Ben Wallace.  Dude, che, you are a fantastic cuz.  I love you so much and enjoy greatly your epic adventures and writings.  Please, level someone for me at your soccer game tonight.  Let um know who’s boss.  I love you Ben.  I love your faith and complete humility and trust in the Lord that shouts from the pages you write me.
And I now know that a certain Elder Nelson, Hare, and Young and Ward? maybe read this too.  I love you all and enjoy hearing all of your success and stories in your own foreign lands.  Well for Casey and me, we got the same one.  Argentina baby.  Casey, work it hard over there.  And when you used chabón in one of your letters, I about died!  Your experience is somewhat similar to mine.  I love you so much Elder Hare.  Let’s go get ‘em.  Working hard for the Future Wife!!  She’s going to be Good Looking!  And the harder we work, the better looking and sweeter she will be.  I know it!  Sometimes I let that lite the engines when I don´t want to be a baggo or just a chabón for an hour or two.  And Braden and Jase, what stories you are cranking out of Mexico, the motherland.  I love you too, so much.  Don´t get jumped or lynched!
Theres a new song, teenage dream, and I really like this one part of it.  Like I’ve sang it a lot a lot recently.  Just a side note.
And Sister Summers, keep your head up and read D&C 122.  I think thats the one.  Eternal Life will be worth it.  vale la pena!!
I also loved Amanda’s letter just now and it’s great.  I can learn so much and be a better misionero just from what she writes!  If you could email me a picture of her and her companion next week I’d love that.
Also, Saydi, yes I did mention a certain Rachel last night all on the fone.  That’s because I got all those wonderful pictures u sent me.  And WOW.  As a missionary we are slightly deprived in that category, girls, and just tell Rachel if she wants she can write me. If she wants.
Harrison, choose the right and stay close to the Lord.  And to the piano.  Harrison, I plead with you.  PRACTICE.  PRACTICE.  You will be So Happy one day.  You will be so happy one day.  Saydi, push the boys, all of them, and help them do it.  Invite them to come unto Christ by practicing the piano.

Elder Ostler & Elder Wetzel in their pench which is inside the church.
Ahhhh, I just feel so close to you right now.  I can feel you all in my heart.  Our family is ordained of God and we are ETERNAL.  What that means I hardly can grasp.  But it is TRUTH!

I am going to focus on preaching the Gospel to Everyone this week.  Everyone needs the chance to hear this.  And if they all reject it or not, so bee it.  I will work hard this week and do it with a smile.
Well to a partido de futbol I go.  I love you with all I got.
Elder Ostler