Monday, May 9, 2011

I decided to fulfill prophecy

Dear my beloved familia:
Hey, GREAT EMAIL and an EVEN BETTER FONE CALL!  Wow wow it was so so great.  I actually felt as if I was at home.  I still kinda feel that way.  Like I’m just right there with you.  It’s great!  I love it like this.  That phone call just brought everything much closer.  I love you all so much and think I might have failed to communicate that last night.
Some observations.  Wow, I don´t recognize the voz of Harrison and Jefferson!  do macho right?  I hope all is good with you two.  Break the wrist and walk away. Forget about it.  I think I’ll just build her a cake or something.
Ahh, Justo Daract.  It just hosed me again.  We were planning to take the eight am bus over to Villa Mercedes this morning, but showed up at a loaded terminal and got in line to watch the man in front of us buy the last ticket out of vietnam!  There’s no more helicopters out of NAM!  I’m hosed.  No, but since I live in the middle of nowhere, we have to wait an hour and a half for the next bus. Or we could pay a couple hundred pesos and take a remis (argentine taxi) over to Villa Mercedes . . but no thank you.  Really, I loved loved the phone call so much.  My favorite part was the end, or the last thirty minutes.  So FRESH!  It was the best fone call sesh of my life.
I love you all so much.  I hope you all can learn the Gospel from Mom and Dad like Amanda and I have and then come out here and serve.  And a formal happy Mothers Day to the greatest mother in the World. . . . Delene L. Ostler/Skinner.  That’s how they do it here.  Include both names.  You Rock Mom.
And Dad, I love you so much so much too.  Thanks for all you told me.
So I will continue my work in Justo Daract.  It is the Will of the Lord that I am here, working this joint.  I know that God has something for me here.  We are close, the Members, all 8 of them, and are working more with them.

Elder Wetzel and Elder Ostler
This is where they have sacrament meeting.
The familia alaniz, brother alaniz has been the branch president for 15 years here.  Their family is passing through some serious prodigal child hardships, so we continue to try to help them and lighten their load.  I love that family.  And she says to tell you that she is taking care of me, and is my mother in Justo.  So true.  I love that woman.  We took her to an investigator and had a great crazy lesson.  The woman just had no faith and is still waiting for the restoration.
We also went out with Jose, the branch president, and had some great lessons.  Then Sunday morning we left the pench 45 minutes early to buscar a meimbor menos activo who is hermano vega.  He has no legs and gets around in a wheel chair.  We had planned on going over to his house to help him come to church.  We were going to take a remis juntos.  But when we went over he just strait up denied us.  And said nope I’m not going.  It was a pretty big let down.
So in the first place, Elder Wetzel did not want to be there.  He’s kinda put it in neutral and is just crusin’ it out.  So he wasn’t too siked when I decided to take him with me to go on this journey, and even less happy when we got denied.  Well, we didn´t get denied.  It was hermano vega denying and rejecting Chirst.  So then we started the 20 minute walk back home through the cold.  But 1 minute of walking home Elder Wetzel just stopped in his tracks and looked down.  I turned around and looked where he was looking.  And there was a 10 peso bill just waiting for him.  There on the ground.  With such alegria he picked it up triumphant.  The Lord blessed Elder Wetzel with 10 pesos for going out and doing the extra effort to buscar hermano vega, even when he so didn´t want to.  It was pretty cool.  And we were both pretty excited.

I thought about maybe trying to find the owner of the 10 pesos, there were some guys breaking the sabbath and working on a car close by, but I thought, in the last days mens riches shall become slippery.  So I decided to fulfill prophesy as he pocket the pesos and we went back to church.  The Lord will always bless us when we keep the commandments.  And the blessings come in all shapes, sizes, and amounts.  I love this story so much bytheway.  I wish I could edit it and make it better . . no time.
My wonderful mother has made it clear to me that the influences of this letter are felt decently widely.  Via a cute little blog she has made for me.  So  . . . HELLO EVERYONE!  I hope your day is going great . .  and if it isn´t, it’s your choice.  You can always look for the Lord’s hand in your life and make it a good day.  There is always a blessing to see.
Thank you for the letters Grandpa Skinner and Grammie Skinner.  Grammie, thanks for writing to me and I love you.  Remember to choose the right!  And Grandpa, brother wow.  I loved so much your letter about Cloquet.  What a story!  And the Temple that is in Winnipeg now, WOW that is so amazing.  I love you so so much Grandpa and Grammie, keep that garden growing!
I can´t wait to go to the temple again either.  I’m not Elders Braden or Jase Ward, or Amanda, or Daniel Chavez and don´t have a temple in my Mission!  So I’ll just have to wait it out.  And then appreciate it SO MUCH MORE when I get home.  I plan to go every week for the rest of my life.  There’s no reason not to!  Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God.
And BEN .......  ahh Ben Wallace.  Dude, che, you are a fantastic cuz.  I love you so much and enjoy greatly your epic adventures and writings.  Please, level someone for me at your soccer game tonight.  Let um know who’s boss.  I love you Ben.  I love your faith and complete humility and trust in the Lord that shouts from the pages you write me.
And I now know that a certain Elder Nelson, Hare, and Young and Ward? maybe read this too.  I love you all and enjoy hearing all of your success and stories in your own foreign lands.  Well for Casey and me, we got the same one.  Argentina baby.  Casey, work it hard over there.  And when you used chabón in one of your letters, I about died!  Your experience is somewhat similar to mine.  I love you so much Elder Hare.  Let’s go get ‘em.  Working hard for the Future Wife!!  She’s going to be Good Looking!  And the harder we work, the better looking and sweeter she will be.  I know it!  Sometimes I let that lite the engines when I don´t want to be a baggo or just a chabón for an hour or two.  And Braden and Jase, what stories you are cranking out of Mexico, the motherland.  I love you too, so much.  Don´t get jumped or lynched!
Theres a new song, teenage dream, and I really like this one part of it.  Like I’ve sang it a lot a lot recently.  Just a side note.
And Sister Summers, keep your head up and read D&C 122.  I think thats the one.  Eternal Life will be worth it.  vale la pena!!
I also loved Amanda’s letter just now and it’s great.  I can learn so much and be a better misionero just from what she writes!  If you could email me a picture of her and her companion next week I’d love that.
Also, Saydi, yes I did mention a certain Rachel last night all on the fone.  That’s because I got all those wonderful pictures u sent me.  And WOW.  As a missionary we are slightly deprived in that category, girls, and just tell Rachel if she wants she can write me. If she wants.
Harrison, choose the right and stay close to the Lord.  And to the piano.  Harrison, I plead with you.  PRACTICE.  PRACTICE.  You will be So Happy one day.  You will be so happy one day.  Saydi, push the boys, all of them, and help them do it.  Invite them to come unto Christ by practicing the piano.

Elder Ostler & Elder Wetzel in their pench which is inside the church.
Ahhhh, I just feel so close to you right now.  I can feel you all in my heart.  Our family is ordained of God and we are ETERNAL.  What that means I hardly can grasp.  But it is TRUTH!

I am going to focus on preaching the Gospel to Everyone this week.  Everyone needs the chance to hear this.  And if they all reject it or not, so bee it.  I will work hard this week and do it with a smile.
Well to a partido de futbol I go.  I love you with all I got.
Elder Ostler