Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Joy Was Full!!

We ran here to the offices to buscar huge black garbage bags so we can more eficazmente clean the pench.  And I printed off the gold you sent me. THANKS!  It’s gunna be a great pday.
Don’t forget to practice the piano harrison, jefferson, benson and wilson.  Saturday is the perfect free time day to do it.  love
There is no way that you are awake yet, , , ,  but if you are.  Here I am.
REtener, REnovar visas, REcibir el Sacerdocio de Melquisedec 
Allow me to share with you my family wonderful news:  Gorge Dichano RECEIVED THE MELQUESEDEC PRIESTHOOD.
At a reunion with mission leaders, Elder Winget who is serving there told me.  I was lifted off the ground with happiness and glee.  My joy was full!  It is such a big pay day when a thing like that happens.  So simple to the common folk, but I opened the mouth with him, and now he has the Sacerdocio Mayor!  Lets get Jorge and Rita to the Temple!
Retener means retain, or retention.  We had a noche de hogar with Maria Eugeniain the iglesia this week and she Loved it.  Another cool thing is as we were hurrying to the church that night, we had entered the gate and my comp was opening the door when I saw a joven walking down the sidewalk.  Just as he passed the church, I popped out and invited him to the noche de hogar.  His name is Alex, and at first he told me no bc he had to go buy cat food for his cat.  What a lame excuse!  On a second more energetic invite, he accepted and followed us into the church!  It was a sweet N de Hogar, and a youth in the ward, Gotmy randomly assigned me to teach the lesson.  That was fun!
Alex is a science genius, he admires people with faith, but it is hard for him to believe in God.
Also Carmen is doing Wonderful!  She received the Holy Ghost last week, and this week we have visited her and Florencia several times. It is finals week in Argentina, and so while reteaching Carmen the 5 lessons, we teach Florencia English.  On one of these occasions I taught Carmen a principle for lec 5, priesthood and auxiliaries.  I explained many things, including being a maestra visitante and she is So Excited!  She has the ganas to activate all the inactive members!
Florencia has been a focus for us, but she’s putting a little dura.  She studies the Bible everyday!  We have already gained her trust, and I know that the second she understands the Restoration, she will be set.  And she has an awesome member to help her out!
My comp and I still have the fire.  But we realize that we are working alone.  A small small percentage of the members home teach.  Hardly anybody magnifies their calling.  An awesome recent convert 8 months ago, Oscar, commented to us that apart from our visits, and the sister missionaries, not a soul has visited him besides Hermano Aguila.
The church is so unappreciated here!   The people who want to work don’t really know how, for example, because they haven't been assigned a companion and don't have assigned families to visit.  And when they pedir that from the auxiliary leaders, they get nothing back. So what Hermano Aguila does is he just visits Everyone!  He goes with the SP, or solo, or with us.  He is a 70+ chilean who I admire.  He has the energy level of a newbie in the mission field!
Yesterday I did divisions with him.  He was on his bike and I ran behind.  We visited some inactives and contacted references and had success.  I want to be just like him when I grow up.  He lives the Gospel, and understands the scripture that says not everyone that says Lord, Lord entrará en el reino de los cielos, sino los que hacen la voluntad de mi padre que estas en los cielos.  In the church we Do things which enable and help us to be like Christ.  3 nefi 27:21/27. That’s a great scripture combo.
In ch 8 of PME it says the phrase CONSEJO DE BARRIO 5 times under the instruction on how do llevar a cabo una session de planeamiento semanal.  We have discovered that it has been years since this ward has had consejo de barrio.  Can you believe that?! It blows my mind.  That’s why the church isn’t growing here.  I take back my comment about how this work is missionaries doing members work. I was wrong.  It is our work.  But still, the barrio needs to help us!

We had an amazing small training meeting this week.  We were taught about the plan of the profet: 5-5-5.  I love it!  I had heard about it, but now I really understand it.  The area 70 in the area and President Avila had a retention focus too, and we were taught about that.  It was an amazing meeting, and I learned so much.  My comp and I are Determined to make consejo de barrio happen here in Godoy Cruz Centro.  We are already putting ideas into play, and it is so fun and a challenge.

What we did one night was call the bishop, EQ pres, our mission leader (we talk with him at least every other day) and some consejeros en el obispado and we asked when we were going to have consejo de barrio.  We acted shocked when thy all told us that that meeting doesn’t funca here . .  and we went from there.  I had some great conversations with people.  I can just imagine that if we all worked  together, we could easily double church attendance.  If 555 was put into play and members would magnify their callings . . o shout hallelujah!  But we have the vision, my comp and I.  We must inspire the ward, we must aminarles!  It is our responsibility!
Mom, I love when you share about your visiting teaching!  That is so strange that you have inactives to visit. LOVE IT!  I just can’t imagine you as a visiting teacher!  I just know your wonderfu though.  Before the mission, I never thought twice about things like this.  
I don't even recognize my own father!  I received SO MUCH MAIL this week, and in it was a picture of dad/duane.  I was sure it was duane at first, but argued against myself for awhile.  I found relief in learning that Duane was at our house and did help with the famous dog pen.
When I say so much mail, I kid not.  Please tell people that I love them.  Thank you Graffs!  Thank you McCalisters!  I don’t know how I'm going to eat all those nutterbutters!  Tell the little McAlister boy that yes it is getting hot down here, and all the jovenes like to play soccer.  They play in the streets sometimes too.
I am supposed to tell you that I got your long typed letter mom.  And is that other kid in the picture with Jefferson (they seem to be working on the dog pen) Ahmed?  I still find it interesting all you tell me about him.  He got to go to Hawaii!!  HEY! You’re all still in Hawaii!!!!  Can’t even believe that.
And wow, espn front row, brightcolorfulshorts, under the basket, duke and kansas!!!   I love all the amazing experiences you are having.  I love hearing about the growth and progression of Harrison and Jefferson.  It’s weird to hearing about them doing the same things I did.  So weird.  Internship, dating, mowing,  highschool, so busy, singing in the choir, wait, I never did that.  And Wilson looks exactly like Benson to me.  I get confused when you send me pictures.  Hey I just realized 1 month and we talk on the fone!!!  I'm so excited, and so glad we didn't talk last month!
Saydi’s email to me was precious too.  My fav part was, Wow the spirit of Elijah is in me!  Go Saydi!  We are going to listen to so much music after the mission.  You know there is a rule in the mission handbook that says: para que usted tenga la mira puesta únicamente en el Señor y en Su obra, evite toda forma de entretenimiento mundano.  I am striving to live that, and it is hard.  Usually I get the first line of song out, and then I remember, so I stop.  And switch to Que firmes cimientos!  How firm a foundation.  
My emails are always so long.  I don’t know but it seams like they would get boring.  

During our planeamiento semanal this week we dropped Adriana as an investigator, she’s come to church 3 times!  But says she has no desire to continue, and she hadn’t read the book of mormon still!!  Of course we read it with her, but I mean on her own.  But finally she read it!!  She read a lot, and understood much.  She’s great, and mostly crazy.  She loves us, and learned how to make cheesecake for us. When the first bite went down she says yeah, I used liquor to make it. Gulp.  and I accidently put a whole cup in.  She regretted saying that because neither of us took another bite.
I can’t tell you how amazing it was working with Hermano Aguila yesterday.  So many cool cool lessons and people.  And really hot.  
Renovar visas. No dad its not routine, my job as secretary.  These last 2 weeks I had done tramites (documents/paperwork) with 25 elders.  Sometimes I don’t get to bed until 12 and wake up at 6.  And it becomes very stressful at times.  But things always work out.  I was so calm doing it this week.
My least favorite place in the whole world is Migraciones.  It’s where I present all the documents and the visa actually gets renewed.  Well I have my contacts there, and this week they told me that we have been doing it all wrong.  And they told me the right way to do it.  I'm so behind.   Both me and Elder Ivie have been diligent at leaving at 4. That is finally catching up because some of the work just isn't getting done.  I focus on whats most important, (many many tasks and Argentina laws still don’t get followed, like every missionary applying for a DNI) and still feel swamped as secretary.  In 6 weeks (I hope) when I train the next secretary, there will be 2 of us.  And that will be great.
About the Argentine system,  it is so true that the man who planned this city did it after drinking 3 bottles of wine, because the transit system doesn't work to well either.  I know because I drive all the time.  And don’t even get me started on the banks.  
O mom you’ve done it, so we’ve got to plan when you come.  We could get together Monday and you could come to the farewell dinner at presidents house.  That’s been done before.  That would be sweet. That dinner starts at 1800.  The only other thing I do that day is have a final interview with president.  I want to spend a day in Justo, one in Rivadavia Mendoza, and one here in Godoy Cruz.  I wasn’t serious about machipuchu, or aconcagua.  I'm fine with whatever.  

Also when you go from Bs As to Mendoza, use LAN.  I'm completely fine with whatever, really.  Yes I can drive, I have a carnet. The problem is that renting an automatic in Argentina is difficult, but possible.  And because I was a victim of the circumstance before the mission, I never learned stick shift.
We are getting references from members these days, and it is so nice.
And happy thanksgiving.  It is such a blessing to have Sister Packer in the mission.  She is wonderful and has done it again.  She has made us thanksgiving dinner!!!  It smells AMAZING, I can’t even describe.  Coupled with looking from those pictures of Benson and Wilson with the pumpkins, I feel like I’m in the USA.
Also, Elder Lounsbury met a goal this week, so we are going to a fancy ice cream place today to celebrate.
We hope to find new people this week.  Last week we taught 17 lessons, and hope to teach over 20 every week.  We are happy.  We are in the Lords work.  We also started an english fast today, with Elder Christensen.  Now I have support!
Love Elder Ostler
An Amazing Thanksgiving dinner!  You don’t go wrong with a 24 pound turkey.  The Packers did it all.  They are such good people.  The dressing was amazing too.  And then Sister Packer unveiled the 2 pumpkin pies.  We went crazy because it was so good. Even though she had to use squash, it tasted the exact same.

The second picture is of Hermana Villegas giving me Sister Packers homemade whipped cream.  She is a new senior sister in the mission from Caseys mission.
I have much triptofane flowing through my veins, a good nap is in order!
Ooo a bowl game would be nice.  Have a nice day.