Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have a calling and I only have 6 months left.

My Dearest Family:
Thank you for sending me that email.
A mix of thoughts and feelings are running around in me and I don’t know what to say.  To Harrison, that surprised me what you had to say.  And thinking back, yeah that’s probably right.  In classes like Psyc, I didn’t really care.  It was all busy work.  I honestly can’t remember a thing I learned in that class.  I’m to blame though, because I didn’t put in effort.  I loved Mr. Smiths class, he taught so well.
But about doing the homework, again they are probably right.  I did the work, but mostly only to pull the grade.  Don’t make that mistake.  Take advantage of the schooling you have.  Despite the defects, it’s actually quite good.
O boy and speaking about that . . . I don’t know!  I don’t know what to do about housing.  Have Amy pick.  She still writes me the greatest letters, and I thank you for that Amy.  You’ll have to try to help me like dogs when I get home.  Thank you Amy for yours this week.  So much candy!  We took some Reece's to a lunch appt with Carmen and Florencia, and they loved it.
And Harrison, remember to stay close to the spirit.  Really make an extra effort every day.  Establish a prayer habit, and do it in the same place every night.
All right lets start, shall we?
A woman that Elder Arrua and I found in Rivadavia, but she went on vacation so we put her in the area book, got baptized.  Her name is Teresa.  That’s always fun to find out. I believe that the Lord is always preparing people. The Lord is trying to prepare everybody, but Agency is part of the plan in this life, it was in play before we were born, and we will still have agency in the next life.  God never touches peoples agency.  I think its like that.
Last night we had a power lesson with Adriana.  We had that crazy pday adventure with her.  I am trying to have Elder Lounsbury teach more, and he threw it down.  The spirit was so so strong. I hope to God that she prays and can recognize the respuesta. Let us expect a miracle.
Wednesday was one of the best days of my mission.  When you teach 4 lessons in the tarde, it can never go wrong.  That day is mostly unexplainable, it was amazing.  We found 2 familys.  One was a reference from Carmen, de hecho it was her 27 yr old married son.  Their names are Andre y Gimena.
Then using the carpeta de area, we found Norma y Oscar.  We have so much hope for them.  Norma is a middle aged woman who is looking for the truth.  It was incredible to talk to them, they told us that they recently moved here to GC.  They said before they lived in San Luis.  Hey, I lived there too!  Have you ever heard of Villa Mercedes?  Well I lived just outside that city.  Norma says yup we are from Justo Daract.  I couldn’t believe it, it was so cool!
Uncharted territory, how bout that dad.  I have put goals.  I need to perfect them and think about them a bit more.  Then I will put them in a nice place to always remind me.  I have changed the way I open the mouth.  You’re right mom, Scott C's letters rock.  They helped me this week.
I want to explode these last 6 months.  I have so much ganas to learn more about the Atonement of Christ.  And I’m going to do it.  I want to become a polished tool in the hands of the Lord.  I feel often like I lack so much.
I want to live closer to the spirit of the Lord.  I also want to live Happy.  I am, o sea, I exist that I might have joy.  I want to live the Gospel to the fullest and experience that joy.  And the best way to live the Gospel to the fullest is to share it with others.  To be a missionary.  To be someones angel.  That is what Carmen calls us sometimes. mis angelitos.  In my eyes the true angel is her friend, Hna Vera.
We have a perfect system, its called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  I realized that I have become frustrated much, because the system is not being fully used or taken advantage of.  President had helped me realize that we need to work with our ward on the level that they can handle it.  Maybe they won’t be able to expedite the 555 perfectly.  But I need to have more patience and work with them in more unity and love.
We did achieve to have have consejo de barrio this week.  3 people came and a 4th at the very end.  I have so much ganas to develop more love and kindness.  Mom your words really inspired me.  Emailing you family leaves me with the desire to be better.  That’s probably the best part of this.
Life is good.  Elder Burr took me and Elder Falcon running this morning 8 kilometers.  Then at 9:30 we had a cita with the jovenes to play futbol.  So I'm really tired, but we are going to get something great to eat and have a great pday.
I finally feel that I completely understand the process to correctly renew a visa now.  That’s a great feeling.  Better than that, though, is I am finally grasping how to ratify an elder who enters with a 3 month visa.  I had a tranquilo week in the offices, and it was good.  An Elder got mad at me, but President backed me up.  I love that Man.  So Much.  He embodies the Gospel.  He is an example.
The picture is Elder Burr, Lounsberrry and I celebrating after a goal.  GOAL!

I’m happy, I’m trying to meet my goals and be committed.  I have a calling and I only got 6 months left to fulfill it.  This week I had my purpose written a little more deeply in my Argentine heart.
Sending my love,
Elder Ostler