Saturday, December 17, 2011

He was prepared by the light of Christ

I had a very amazing thing happen to me.  
An entire family came to church last week!  It was Edwardo and Yanina and their 2 little kids.  When they arrived about 4 minutes into Sacrament meeting, I jumped out of my seat, and with joy on my face let them into the reunion and sat next to them.  And they stayed the next 2 hours.  Edwardo is Amazing, we have really done nothing for him.  We have convinced him of nothing, he was prepared by the light of Christ, and he accepts everything.  We had a several fantastic lessons with him, one of which stands out because Juan Borges accompanied us (x missionary) and it was out of this world.  We taught the Restoration complete.  Edwardo has sincere desires to baptize himself and OOO it is so great. what a blessing from above.
We have another investigatro, named Romina.  She’s 17, knows 4 idiomas, and is the daughter of an antiguo investigador.  Both Romina and her mother came to the Christmas devocional.  It was wonderful. Romina is very intelligent.  Before she viewed us as Santitos, just as people who constantly pray and are holy etc etc.  For that she hasn’t had too much ganas to come to church etc.  But the new bible videos the church has launched touched her heart.  This week the Light of Christ was working on her, and when we went by on Tuesday she said: I really liked the movie that they showed during the devocional.  I want to come to church this week.
!!!!!!!!!! wow, that floored me. We were so excited, Elder Lounsbury y yo.  What another blessing.  Because God is the Giver.
3 weeks ago a woman with the apodo "Pichona" was baptized in Casey´s mission, in a little city called Azul.  She now lives in our area - Godoy Cruz Centro.  We visit her and are teaching her the 5 lessons over again.  On the first visit we had I asked her for references.  She is So Amazing, no one does this - she gave us the name of her younger sister, (bytheway pichonas like 75) and then stood up, went to her fone, and called her right there.  She told her that she was sending the missionaries to her house, and we put a specific time and day.  So sweet!  I love people of ACTION.  The Sister, Irma, does not live in our area.  I passed the references to who it belonged to, and they were valiant missionaries and went by at the appointed hour.  Irma is So Prepared for the Gospel, is going to church, and has a fecha to be baptized!  I love it when things like that happen.
These last 2 weeks I have done divisions with Elder Falcon (he is comic relief.  I don’t let him speak to me in spanish) Elder Menocal (we taught a great part member family, it was wonderful.  I’m a singer in lessons, and they had a piano in casa, so rare, so I played the piano and we all sang a hymn. fun) and Elder Burr (last night we taught the Restoration to an old couple sitting outside.  We also sang Dios da Valor.  It was a cool experience.  Elder Burr is Great!)
This week we had almuerzo with a family in our ward.  Megan and Leo. She’s gringa, from Utah, and married him, hes Argentina.  They are young like us.  They had a friend over, and she was a gringa too - Lauren from Washington!!  She wasn’t a member.  It was a fun english cultural experience.  It was incredibly interesting to listen to Lauren talk about traveling Argentina, and about how distinct and different Mendoza is from the rest.  She says that if all we know is Mendoza, we don’t know Argentina.  She agreed wholeheartedly with us that the people here are seco.  It’s not a friendly culture.  It was super intriguing hearing her point of view.  
Yesterday I had an hour long interview with President Avila.  It was So So amazing.  While some of the time was talking about administrative things and questions I had about Secretary seeing as transfers are coming up) it was still so fulfilling and so cool. I cannot tell you how wonderful he is!
He encouraged me to use skype.  I thought the same things my brothers and sisters did at first.  So now I’m in a pickle.  I don’t even like pickles.
I don’t know what to do, but with in about 20 minutes here I will make a decision.  A man of action.
Alright I just decided, we are doing it!.  I will call you on skype a little before 9.  I will also call you on the vonage fone, so if the skye cuts we will still be talking!   
This part of the letter is called random details:
After a long fast from celestial cereal, it is back in stock.  It is heaven in a bowl and So Good!  I put in a banana, extra corn flakes, extra raisins, and extra avena.  Also, my body is addicted to Raisins and Peanuts.  I’ll send you a picture.  But seriously, I love it!!

And this picture was taken on Tuesday.  Usually just Elder Packer and Falcon go, but because it’s Christmas, more hands are needed.  I love that picture!  I’m the one on the right hand side, with the blue shirt on.

This week I put up scripture pictures all over our pench.  I wrote my goals and posted them, and put the Abinidi  The Book of Mormon is so amazing. 
Washing garments and socks in the shower every morning.

I did a lot of tramites with a lot of missionaries this week.  I renewed a lot of visas.  I also drove the Sharan alot.  It drives like a stick of soft butter.  It is Incredible!  
A love for the misión.  A love for the Mendocinos.  A love for my Savior.
Elder Ostler
ps1 we are having an asado today
ps 2 ok i live in Godoy Cruz, Pizurno 172, that’s in Argentina. 
ps 3 Amanda is Great!
ps 4 Great to hear about Jefferson and basketball, and Harrison
ps 5 And Benson, And I think the other little tiny brother I have is named Wilson?  correcto
ps 6 Laurel with the mission papers.  How about that!  vení a Argentina!