Monday, April 25, 2011

I am filled with so much desire.

My Family:

Hello to all.  Elder Ostler reporting from Justo Daract.
One thing I don´t like about email is lately I have always been worrying over them, usually the couple days after I send them.  For some reason I get frustrated with myself.  I will try not to do that.
This week was a really unexpected week!  I was involved in a special transfer and I’m not with Elder Molen anymore . . .  instead, I’m killing Elder Wetzel!  Just a preview of whats to come . . .
The district meeting that we had one week ago was so amazing, it just seems the Lord keeps helping me out and giving me little answers and pushes.  I gave the meeting, but it was the comments form 2 elders that just hit home.  I was filled.   Last week I talked about a routine I have set for myself in Daract . . . and part of that routine is not baptizing.  Something needs to change.  Because I have huge desires to baptize.  And for the 5th week in a row, no one came to church.  It is kinda weighing down on me and causing hardship.  I know Dad, that the Lord wants me to baptize just as much and more than I do.  And that for me, serving in Justo Daract is a trial and an opportunity to grow . .  but man.  Justo is killing me.  But don´t worry, I’m being strong and enduring and working with a smile.
So the special transfer, we just received an unexpected call Wednesday from the zone leaders telling us that Elder Molen would be leaving and Wetzel would be coming.  And then that evening, I talked on the phone with the aps.  They pretty much told me the same thing, and that this was an inspired transfer.  That I am the person to help and kill Elder Wetzel.  It was an unexpected change, and to tell you the truth I was excited.  And I thought killing Wetzel would be easy, keeping him focused etc.  But after 4 days together, it’s kinda hard.  Elder Wetzel was one of the first people I met in Argentina because he trained Allen.  It’s good, but just the ganas to work really aren’t there.  And so I really got to put in the pilas and a ton of energy derived solely from prayer and the study of the scriptures and do this month good.  I have established this habit in Justo that when I think about the need to pray and am in the pench, I just go to the chapel and get on my knees.  I have never been so thankful for the supernal gift of prayer.  We are so lucky we get to pray!
This week I made brownies (sin una mix) or tried to make them.  They were ok at best.  But the best part was eating the melted chocolate and butter.  Spooning that into the little boca (mouth).  Yummy!  Maybe next time I’ll spend some pesos and just buy a mix.  And for a siesta snack melt some butter and chocolate in a sauce pan.
And on Saturday we made ourselves spaghetti for lunch, or a variation you could say.  It was interesting, we just echared (threw) a ton of different spices and flavors . . . but it was very edible.
As far as the work, it’s going.  I’m using my faith and HOPE.  We get out there every day and I hope something good will occur.  And know something great is going down this week.  We had some way good lessons . .  but nope.  We had one solidly committed to church, Carlos, the guy we helped with his fence but nope.  For some reason he didn´t show.  So in church it was just 8 . . . en total.  Five members, Julie (the Alaniz little chica) and us.  We can only GROW!  If you know what I mean.  Three of our members were out of town.  Including our branch president so Hermano Alaniz ran everything, and he's pro because he’s done it all his life, and us three were the only sacerdocio.  Piano went good, the Hermana Alaniz didn´t like my chosen hims, so she changed them right before we started . . . but no worries because I could still play them!  Victory.  And I was so excited to hear of the practicing of the piano starting up!  You go Saydi and whip those boys into shape.  Work those fingers.  And Harrison . . wow, you better practice if you want that Envoy!  I hope life is good my little brother.  And you too Jefferson.
Justo Daract is just a tiny place in the middle of nowhere.  There are 2 economy.  The train, and working in the campo, doing farming etc.  Noting else.  The city is a grid and mostly dirt streets.  If you walk the city at the right time, you will see NO ONE!  Not a soul.  And hardly a car in gear.  Its quite the shock for my buddy Wetzel, who just came from the heart of Mendoza.  And with them, it was just a switch, Molen replaced Wetzel and visa versa.
Everyone has either a horse, cow, pigs, chickens, ducks or sheep in their yard.  It’s so sweet!  In this one part there is a beautiful green grass field with yellow flowers, and cows and pigs roaming around.  It is a dream really.
But somehow I got to find some more animo.  And Faith.  I think I just hit the longest streak without a soul in church. (Then again, maybe not, my first 2 areas were rough too).  But lets just say, this is noting like Rivadavianoticias from Arrua; one is that his father, who passed away years ago, his temple work has been done! Arrua is so happy and so so just happy about that.  And, an open the mouth I had in Rivadavia, just before I left, got baptized.  That was a great news too.... the bad part is Jorge and Rita aren’t showing their faith!  Arrua said they struggle to come to church.  Because he took another work and is working some Sundays.  But it’s not permanent.  And so what I’m going to do is send them a letter this week when we all go to MENDOZA!
Yes, we are going for a zone conference and it’s going to be great.  I’m going to personally ask president about skype etc.  Also, Amanda, get permiso to call me if you want.  But I have no info on the phone call.  Yes the church might have a landline, not sure.  But as a plan B, we will use the cell phone. And I’ll pass the number next week.  But yes, I guess I’m pretty excited for that too.
But there are miracles happening in the zone.  The zone leaders, Elders Esplin and Williams saw miracles this week as they had 8 in church.  I had to fight the jealousy off as I heard that.  But at last, I’m happy for them.  They are out working hard.
I know the Lord is testing me and seeing what I got.
I am filled with so much desire.  Just bursting with desire to see miracles, do good things, keep the mission rules, and Rock Justo.
And a memory card solution has been discovered.  Elder Wetzel goes home 24 May, so I will just send all my 10ish gigs of memory home with him, and then his mother can send it to you! Genius!!  And I might just have to send you an alfajor too!
Molen went out good. He is psyched because he is now with his first Latin.  And good for him.  I hope he rocks it there.
I need to smile.  I learned about gratitude this week.  And being thankful for the mountain of blessings that I have, and that the Lord gives me every day.  And I Thank Him.  I read the amazing talk by President Monson again.  Almost every human being has an infinite capacity for taking things for granted.  Yup, that’s me.  And also, the way to cultivate gratitude is through prayer.
Kinda an everywhere email, I did make a cute little outline, but didn´t use it to much. I just tried to talk to you guys and create a dialogue.  I love you all so much.
Happy Birthday Dad!!  Have a good tomorrow.  And that’s sweet you’re all studying preach my gospel!  That also made me happy.
And mom, hello. You don´t need to cry. I’m ok.  It’s called a lance .  . hello.  I’m usually not cold, often either hungry or Way Too Full, and sometimes lonely.  But life can´t be without trials . . come on.  We just got to recognize were inside of a trial and learn.  You just got to go through life without looking stupid.
One thing about Elder Wetzel . . his Spanish is PERFECT.  Not an error.  And his accent, it is perfect. An instant dictionary.  He says three words to the guy, and they ask, ‘are you Argentine?  It is insane.  I want that!
I WAS going to send sweet pics of the pench I took, but this computer doesn´t want too!  Ughh, so enjoy those next week I guess.  And my letter hasnt´t arrived!  I might just be done with laboring over letters.  I sent SO MANY in that one.  Easily five.  I really hope it gets there.
And I do thank thee for all the many prayers offered in my behalf.  Thank You.
Today was a good p day.  We played greengos vs latins in futbol at the church and we smoked them!  It was great.  I spent my whole gas tank right at the beginning and got a hat trick.  Four of our first five goals.  And then I spent an awesome time as arcero.  Goalie.  I was a wall.  So that was fun. Then we bought empanadas and played settlers of catan.  It was good.  P day is so inspired.  And my comp lives for them now.   Now I just got to drag him to the next one.  He’s psyched to go home, as anyone would be. We have many things to teach one another.  And learn together.  He’s a crazy kid though.  The person he reminds me the most of is Jordan Calaway.
Well it’s just about time for me to go teach another district meeting.  Yeah.  Have a good week in the Tricities and in Rensselaer.  O, and whose city is bigger, mine or Amanda's?  Keep your head up Amanda, you are a servant of Christ.
Happiness to all, and to all a good night.
Elder Ostler