Saturday, June 5, 2010

My companero is Elder Allen from Pocatello, Idaho!

Hello Family!

It is great here. I love it!

My companero is Elder Allen from Pocatello Idaho! He is great! We really get along well and joke all the time. We discovered that we each like Brian Reagen so during mealtimes and stuff we quote him and it is just so good. He is a good Elder. He wants to learn and work and be successful. I am so happy we are together. He is a wrestler and placed in State all of his highschool years. He got 6th, then 5th, then 2nd and 2nd again. He is about 5'11" but pretty built. He also loves baseball. And he was just called to be the district leader.

Okay, here is what I have been doing. Mostly just learning the roaps now (spelling is out the window now I only have 20 minutes left and there is an erie red countdown at the top of the screen). On Thursday, the Argentina Elders in our district went to a meeting with an Ambassador from the Argentina Counsul. There are about 70 missionaries in the MTC right now going to Argentina. He told us what the country is like and alot of stuff. Then I got fingerprinted and signed some papers for the visa. It was pretty cool. Then we went and got our immunizations checked. . . . I passed! Elder Allen had to get a shot though. I really like the cafeteria here. It is almost better than the canc. I eat a ton. I really need to slow down though because except for 50 minutes of gym time I am on my behind all day! But it is good. I really love and look forward to gym. You can choose many things. I choose basketball and love it! On Thursday during this one game I was post man and the other post man was at least 300lb, 6'3" Samoan or Tongan. So I had to guard his sweaty body. Hummm, it didn't go so well. We shoot for teams of 3 on 3 and play to 7. That is a rule. Another rule is not to keep score in any of the sports. Pretty funny.

I love my zone. The ZL's ROCK. They are so fun and caring and nice. It is great. And I have made a friend outside of my district. My district has 12 guys. 3 Mendoza, 6 Buenos Aires and 3 DR West. I like all the Elders. We are not suppossed to say dude and man and that is so hard for me. It is getting easier though. Ahhhhhh 12 min!

Our bathroom is really big and nice. I live on the top (4th) floor. The showers are so unreliable though. No matter what the setting is, it switches from 'burning fire hot' to 'so you can't breath cold.' So every morning and after gym time is an adventure. Speaking of gym, our zone has the best time! Not!! It is right after lunch on some days and right after dinner on other days. It is okay though. It is still awesome.

You know how people say they teach you more Spanish after 3 days in the MTC than after 2 years in highschool? That is not true. Really we have been doing alot of orientation and tours and learning how to be a missionary and learning how to plan and do comp inventory. We have probably only had 3 or 4 hours of Spanish class and hardly any time to study on our own. Today we learned what we are supposed to do as far as language study is concerned. So that is good. And we do a lot of role play teaching here. Elder Allen and I love it right now, but I hear teaching not really investigators gets so old after awhile.

Normally my pday is going to be on Friday fyi. We will start living a normal schedule on Monday. We are still learning the ropes and it will be so good when we know what is going on.

My best 2 experiences:
1) we learned how to pray in Spanish on day 2. Then we went outside and actually prayed with our comps. I felt the spirit so strong as I was praying. It was amazing.
2) we went to a 'how to begin teaching' workshop yesterday and we had this amazing teacher who was, well, amazing. He was so so so awesome and taught us so much. It was pg 167 of preach my gospel.

Well, I really am out of time. I love my teachers and my Branch Presidency. They are so so so awesome. I'm on the top bunk and our roommates, Huntington and Bagley, are so cool. Elder Huntington is the other one going to Mendoza. And the DR Elders are going to the DR MTC in 3 weeks and Elder Bagley is going to the DR in 3 weeks. We will probably become a 3 some. And Elder Huntington is great. Saydi would probably think he is cute. I hope graduation was good. Thanks for the letter Jefferson. It is great to hear and I love it.

I love you all.
I am in good hands.
Till next week . .
Hasta luego
Elder Ostler