Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dear Family: June 5, 2010

I just barley sent you guys an email. And man am I sore! The keyboard was, lets say, well used and you really had to stomp on the space bar to make it work. My whole right arm is noticeably tired. Wow, that 30 minutes flew by!

I realize now that the email was all about me and that is selfish. Hopefully it will suffice until I can send a better one next week. Next Friday. I will now just write you things I forgot, or just regular things.

Worst thing that has happened so far: Elder Allen was logging into his email, his time started but it wouldn't let him email. So he just sat there and tried and tried to email but it wouldn't accept his password or login. So he is bummed. But we talked about how in hindsight, this will really be no big deal.

Sorry my handwriting is no good. No Bueno. By the way, I hope you got my email and that it worked.

It is so cool to look down and see:
Elder Ostler
la iglesia de
de los Santos
de los ultimos Dias

This place is so cool. The only place on the planet where 2,000 19-yr-old kids wake up everyday at 6:30 (6:15 for me) and study language and the Gospel all day. And are happy! It is amazing.

Just so I don't forget - when you send my jeans also please send some flash cards. If you want to, cut them in half, or I can. Or I can just use paper and rip it up. Surprisingly, I didn't forget anything! Elder Allen forgot his towel! So he borrows mine. And Elder Huntington forgot regular underwear and he is an intense baller so he cooks in his G's when he plays.

I see people I know all the time! It is so cool. Most importantly I run into Daniel Chavez sometimes. I also see Renton, Wesley Rawlins and Kevin Hodgson. And I've probably talked to 15 other Elders I know. Mostly from BYU. My comp is amazed because I see guys, I mean Elders I know all the time. It is so fun.

I got a bunch of crap (material) when I got here and today I got my name embossed (nice word) on my Spanish scriptures. So that's another cool thing. We have been laughing so much today. And since we have only been here for 1/2 a week we were told we are only entitled to 1/2 a Pday. So we did work all the way up until noon.

This morning we had class from 8:30 till noon with Hermana Bailey. Our other teacher is Brother Estevez. Hermana Bailey is who we had this morning and she is the best! She served in Chile and is the best teacher ever. Estevez is going to be a bit harder (not that Sister Bailey is easy) but Brother Estevez is a native from Hondurus who served in Guatemala. His accent is not to bad but he goes so fast!

It will be so nice on Monday when we have a set schedule with ample MDT, missionary directed time.

We just ran an errand and took a trip to the front desk to ask how my comp can still get to email today. He gave us people to see so we are going there right now.

I have put 8 of the pictures of Jesus Christ around the room. So thanks for those. O yeah, in that package could you also send maybe 5 hangers! My pants are all doubled up on hangers so 6ish, actually 5 more would be delightful.

How's the blog doing? I bet hundreds of hits. Does illeligible crap like this go on? How was grad? Oh and thanks so much for the letter Jefferson. It was so nice hearing about your day. Are you getting A's Harrison? I will be angry if you don't. So angry!

If you can't tell, I'm about done with this letter. The roommates are searching for hidden things left by the last district and I want to join the hunt. We are finding a ton of stuff.

E. Ostler