Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom, read it slow so it lasts longer.....

Dear Family!!!!!

I have been so excited to write you. I had trouble sleeping last night.

Okay, I don't know much about my visa. I just got finger printed and that is it. I have only heard of a few people getting delayed to Argentina. But (watch out Jase and Braden) I have met 3 people that have been here for 15 weeks!!!! They are going to Mexico. Apparently Mexico hates us because so many visas for Mexico are getting delayed. But then some get out just right on time. Oh, and I am so excited for Jacob Calaway!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome. And Chile doesn't require visas. I know that because my ZL's are going there and don't need visas. That's the truth, so lucky Jacob.

Okay, nametag. The guy took all my suitcases and sent me through this door into this nicely sized room. Then I went to like 5 different tables to get different forms and my picture taken etc... And there were a ton of old ladies helping. And then this lady at the end asked my name and got another packet for me and the lady next to her had scissors and cut the sewing holding my suitcoat pocket closed so that my nametag could be inserted. Then this lady put my nametag on and I rejoined with my guide and he took me to my pench. I'm getting pretty used to wearing it now. It's awesome.

No, you are not sending too much. I love getting letters etc. But honestly, in the MTC you have no time for yourself at all! So it's hard writing back. I remember on Monday I got a ton of letters and a bunch of dearelders, like 4. I was reading them as I was going to sleep and started feeling earily homesick. That night my stomach was just in a knot and I felt like waking up at home would be awesome. But I woke up and I was still in my top little bunk and I was totally fine. That was the only time to date I have been homesick, as some call it.

Yes, I got your letter you wrote 2 hours after you said bye. And thanks but honestly, 2 hours!! I don't care who you are, that's funny, right Dad? My hole district has the same mailbox number. Twice a day Elder Allen and I pick it up and distribute it. He is doing totally fine. We are really getting to know each other and while it's not perfect, we get along and connect with each other and work when it's time to work (most of the time) and play when it is time to play, which is like never. I think that answers the questions.

Yes, Elder Hales came on Tuesday and it was so incredible. And because I am so incredible, I was on the 6th row. I know. It was a fantastic talk and I loved every minute of it. Then as he was leaving alot of Elders and Sisters went out on the curb and waved goodbye as he drove away (he wasn't driving obviously). I was probably 10 feet away from the car. Sorry for the spelling!!!

I'll just tell you some stuff now.......the ZL's showed Elder Allen the Walk of Babylon, so we go on it sometimes and it is really fun. Basically, after class at 9:30 at night when we are walking to our pench, we take a detour and walk along the south fence as close to the outside world as we get and just look at the wide expanse of Babylon. Sometimes we yell things out, but the yells are kinda quiet because I dont think it would be a good idea to yell.

Hey, before I forget............Harrison, Jefferson, Benson and Wilson, will you practice the piano everyday for 30 and 15 minutes respectively? Yes, No? I have walked by rooms and hear people playing so good and I wish I would have been more diligent at that! And I promise as you practice the piano everyday you will feel the love of the Lord more profoundly in your life as you seek to develop the talents he gave you.

Tuesday, I met Sister Chen serving in the Chicago Mission as I waited for Elder Allen in an interview. I told Sister Chen about you, Amanda, and it was really fun. Also on Wednesday we met 2 Sisters going to Mendoza. They leave in 1 week. Lucky! I am so so so so so so so so so so so so excited to go. This place is great, but Argentina I can imagine is going to be 10 times harder and 100 times better.

This morning we went to the temple with the zone. It was just great. We had to wake up at 5:55 though. So early. The DR guys in our district got their flight plans today. They leave the 24th and that is so so cool.

I'm still doing awesome on the court. Some days I just sit on the 3-point-line and don't miss. Like I make 3 in a row and a post up shot to win the game. It's way fun. Gym time is the best. Things here are really starting to hum. These 9 days have been good.

I see so many people here I know, it's really awesome. The first few times I would run into 5 different people I know Elder Allen would get maybe annoyed and jealous a little. But now he just makes fun of me for knowing the entire MTC. We are doing great as a companionship and joke all the time. Life in the pench from 9:30 to 10:30 reminds me like 5% of what it was like in Stover. For example, last night the DR guys bombarded our room with wet, sucked on gummy worms and threw them all over. It was fun though. In our zone there is this guy with sleeping problems and he takes Ambien and his comps like to mess with him. So when he was loopy and it was like 10:30 they brought him to our room and made him talk to us and it was just about the funniest thing ever.

Just so you know, I am doing amazing here. Spanish is coming, but emphasis is really on learning how to teach. I love you my family. Thanks for everything.

Elder Ostler