Monday, June 21, 2010

The best part about being here is knowing that in 6 weeks I will be in MENDOZA!

Dear Family (and others) . . . . . June 18, 2010

PSYCHE! Ha - here is my picture card.  That was a pretty good joke on the email.  But honestly, I probably won't send you  more pictures till I leave.  Brief summary of the pictures:

1)  Elder Allen and I are at our desk writing in our journals.  Look!  We match.

2)  Temple walk first Sunday.

3)  Service day

4)  Nametag & Spanish Scriptures

5)  Me and Elder Huntington

Dear Crawfords:  Thank you for the cinnamon rolls!  They were honestly so good.  There were all gone within 5 minutes!

Amy:  Thank you Amy for the cookies.  Heavenly!  They were so so good and were also gone pretty fast.  And I loved Buster's paw print.

P.S.  So funny, just barley Elder Bagley just got back from laundry and said - "I don't know how to use an iron, is that bad?"  It was so funny.  Thanks for teaching me all the necessities Mom!

Dear Dad:  Doreen sent me a nice letter that had a bunch of nice stuff about you in it.  It was awesome.

Elder Allen and I are doing good.  His Mom sent him a package.  His dad is a country singer.  How cool is that.

Ha, get this.  Elder Bagley is going to practice ironing on his t-shirt.  Wait . . . he just said that's too much work.  He's not doing it. 

I cannot believe Dad is doing a triathlon - and more than that, actually training for it!!!  WOW.

Elder Allen says thank you so much for everything you've sent him.  He thinks you're amazing.  He is so funny.

I'm just rambling now but Elder Huntington doesn't know how to speak English or Spanish.  He never says  "were."  He says the word "was" in every sentence. "We was going to the gym" "We was taking . . . . "  We all make fun of him so much!  Hey, I just found out Elder Allen has a horse.  Sweet!

This week alot of Babylon songs have come to my head.  Like someone says some Jonny Vance lyrics and I have his songs in my head.  Or one time I went to the mail room and one of the workers was on YouTube watching Michael Buble 'I Just Haven't Met You Yet.'  So for 2 hours I couldn't get that outta my head.  And this one time I was in the cafeteria and I swear I heard a Boston rif.  It was crazy.  So I couldn't get that outta my head.

At the fireside Tuesday, this Elder sang 'All Creatures of our God and King' and it was the most Amazing thing ever!  It was incredible!

I would say no one is overly homesick here.  All the letters from the kids have been way good.  Thank you.

The best part about being here is knowing that in 6 weeks I will be in MENDOZA.

Usually I don't get scared here, but right now I am real scared for the TRC tonight!  AHH.  2 hours.

You probably will already do this, but you should send some Elder Huntington pics to his Mom to aid your budding friendship!

O, and I will also send you a dearelder cause you were asking about the format.  Send it back please!

Well, that's about it.  Have fun.

Elder Ostler