Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Surprise!!  We arrived to Uspallata last night.  It is really small, I will be here till Friday.  I’m with Elder Lounsberry, but he returns to Mendoza Wednesday morning.
I think it’s smaller than Daract.  It is weird weird being here, but I have faith, hope, and trust in 2 key scriptures that I love.  Alma 13: 24, Alma 16: 16.  The Lord can prepare these people, there are people ready for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Just walking out of the pench this morning, we had 2 awesome contacts in the calle, and both of them opened the mouth with us!!!!  They were 2 small little miracles.
We are with Elder Garcia, Uruguay, and Elder Cisneros , , , , you probably recognized that name!  The Mexican, Braden’s comp.
We are doing ciber today, because they couldn't do it yesterday.
I’m doing way good.  It’s going to be the coolest week!!  We are in the mountains.  All alone.
I love you Family,  I’ll email you on Saturday.
Elder Ostler