Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Lord is making an instrument of me in his hands.

Hey Family:
I loved so much your words to me.  loved to hear about the Priesthood blessing our house. I loved to hear about your love for the missionaries.  Don't let them leave.  I want for them to be there during my summer home.

So many members in this church, so many missionaries don't understand the atonement.  To a good degree, I feel like I do.  I honestly feel like the sons of Mosiah in 28 3 (I think) that I am desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for I cannot bear that Alma alguna pereciera.  Many times I still have to get over my natural desires (natural man) but I feel real progression in my life.  I really relate with Elder Burr, and we share ideas a lot.  He is an inspiration to me.  We had a date at subway today.  I refilled his water. O it’s so fun with him.
I’m barely understanding this Gospel.  I have the true desire to help people.  Attitude is so important.  What is my attitude?  To help, to serve, to be obedient? Or just mostly do those things, and only cuando me conviene.  I am learning great things while I’m away from home.  Know I’m in good hands mom.  Because the Lord is making an instrument of me in His hands.  Sweet huh?

There are so many people that don't know about the Gospel family, we got to help them!  Really, it’s urgent.
So sweet about Sister Swensen sharing the gospel.  Hey Harrison could you do a favor for me Sunday after Church.  Give those 2 Elders each a big squeeze hug for me.  That’s awesome and I send my felicidades.  Go baptize someone!  And what do you know . .  the baptism came through . . . . . . . a member.  Surprise surprise.
Alright, let me collect my thoughts and send you round 2.
This morning with Elder Burr and Elder Lounsbury, we ran a half marathon.  13.1 miles.  21 Kilometers.  It was insane!!!
We put the goal and accomplished the goal.  It was an amazing experience.
Time: 1:59.  We all finished within a minute of each other.  I got third place!

I am so proud of myself.  So contento y complacido.  A half marathon in under 2 hours, no walking.
To tell you the truth, it went fast.  When I finished, I hit the ground. The only thing I could think about the last 10 Kilómetros was food and water.  But mostly food.  So that’s cool, huh?
Some interesting week it was.  The most notable was teaching Christina, a mother of a girl who got baptized in the USA.  All her life God has been preparing her.  And I just know that she will take the plunge.  She already knows it’s true, even though she won’t admit it. Her sister is a really strong member and lives here.  So that is Super! Go Cristina!
Our focus is totally working with the members.  We visited them, both inactive and active, a lot this week.  We have 2 citas with families that constitute our 5 program.
It should be 555 but our ward is just like all the other wards.  I was finally sick of it, so we visited the RS president and she gave us 5 families.  We had great lessons with 3 of those families this week. Our bishop is great, he works, but he doesn't know how to use us.  I am so exited for a new ward.  I loved what you said about Brother N (not sure who he is).  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to go out swinging.  I am going to work my next barrio so much!!!!!  They’re going to be sick of me.  I’m so excited to go back normal.  I have big plans.  I think I will die a zl.  It will be fun to be a zl out of the offices.
So thats life!  
Elder Ostler