Saturday, January 28, 2012

I just bounce off the walls!

I am super sweaty right now . . . the chicos (young men) challenged us to another game of futbol this morning, said they'd show up at 9, game started at 10, and we HOSED them.  We  strategically locked them down on D.  They got so frustrated.  It was a wonderful game, Elder Lounsbury was unstoppable.  He had the coolest plays.  Even Mike would have agreed that they were ESPN top 10.
I just want you to know that I am doing so gooood.  I am doing things right, and really enjoying myself.  Alza tu corazon y regociate . . .dyc 313
I loved your email mom, and Amandas too.  She sounded so mature and patient in her words.  I love her so much!  You are wonderful Amanda!!!  And if she took those pictures in her pench . . . all I can say is wow.  She’s got a pad.  
Go Ben!  
I received a package this week, with a letter from Saydi, a tie, and brownies and jello.  Thanks!  You are all so nice to me.  No mother, I’m not extending my mission.  The Lord called me for 2 years.  

I hope Jefferson gets his head on strait.  I don't know if I’ll play basketball when I get home, I love futbol so much right now!  
I loved hearing about visiting teaching mom.  I hope Sister Greens family is alright.

I liked the Chicago story.  Don't burn to much mom!  You got 2 months, and then Amanda’s back . .. thats crazy to me.  Please record her homecoming talk.  But really, she sounds like she’s doing so good.  She inspires me.  

I loved Brennen’s story.  It was great!  
Its finally hit Moon that I’m gone.  He always has had a carefree attitude.  But now I see the stress slowly rising.  He’s partially in charge of next Tuesday.  There will be at least 4 trips to the airport made, maybe 5.  We send away 10 and receive 16, and all the flights are at different times.  So it’s his first logistical opportunity that I’m not there for.   Well I will be there, i just haven't been here to plan it.  
I love to hear about your growth in prayer mom.  I have grown a lot too.  Every night I pray that hearts will be softened and that we can find people to teach who are ready.
(note> in Uspallata a man we found has a date to get married to his member wife, and he’s getting baptized the next day.  In February) I have recently been really praying for my new area, although I still don’t know where the Lord is sending me.
Funny you’d say about stepping out in front o busses . .  I’ve almost done that a time or two!  My comps have saved my butt throughout my mission when it comes to not dying in the street.  
Well there, consider the email responded too.
How’s Sweet Saydi!  I am grateful to have a little baby sister like her. And she challenged me to a half marathon in her letter.  BRING IT ON.
I absolutely love reading Harrison's hand written letters. He’s such a good kid.  I hope he’s enjoying his life, because it’s never going to be like that again.  We are always changing, everything always changes.  Especially when your 17 years old.  I love you Harrison.
I got letters form the Ostler Boys this week, and they were wonderful. One clear message was that everybody is excited for Lacrosse!  Especially you Benson and Wilson.  Jefferson when you said draw a charge, I didn’t know what you meant.  My brain had to work for a minute to remember what that is.
And I did receive the DHL package, with the ABC attribute letters.  I loved them!  Such an amazing family.  I love teaching the Argentines about Eternal Families.  I wouldn't want to spend the eternities with anyone else.  My family is the best.  
Thank you Grandpa and Grammie Skinner for the constant flow of letters.  Recently they both have been very spiritual.  It’s great! Grammie, I’ve masted the technique of reading the beautiful cursive you write to me it.  And Grandpa had me laughing with his letter with spanish words in it!  No Grandpa, we never eat fish.  You can buy it, but you do knowing that it has been on a truck for at least 24 hours, maybe or maybe not refrigerated.  And we eat a lot of pollo her.  
And AMY.  What would we do without her mom?  Isn't she just a ray of sunshine?  I love her life of quite obedience, her faithfulness.  I love you Amy, and all your letters to me!  But you will have to explain to me what a crazin is, because I forgot.  And I’ll let you have a chance at helping me like dogs again.  And I accept your invitation to Sunday dinner.  Yipee!!
Thank you Sister Wrendie for your letter, and for the scouts.  Tell them all that I like Argentina, and it’s fun.  They all asked me that.  And that I like my companion too.
Thank you McAlister family for your love and support.  Me and the Elders in my pench loved the Chewy bars you sent!  And I loved the letters.  Thank you.
I also got a letter form the Harrison Family.  I tired so hard to remember them.  But I don’t think I can.  I do have a vague memory of playing starwars in someones back yard in Birdhill many years ago.. .. but other than that, nope.  But thank you for writing to me Harrison Family!  Keep my brothers in line!!
I also got a letter from Laurel.  It was good, thanks Laurel!  
Translate:  for example over the past weeks this is what I can remember.  I translated between Elder Packer and President on the topic of importation of water filters.  And for Sister Packer and a ward member on the topic of porcelain pottery.  And I translate for President now and then.  For BYU, and for calling stake presidents.  I get to call them.  
Its melon season here!  Fruit is in full swing!  I love it, I hope my next area is loaded with grapes!  But the melon . . . nothing beats it.  It’s white on the outside and green and white on the inside.  It is SO GOOD!  I bought 3 last nigh for 10 pesos total.  I ate one for breakfast.  
I have a friend in the mission, Elder Galdo.  He’s from Buenos Aires and I met him in Villa Mercedes when I was in Daract.  He is so awesome.  Well, we talked recently and it turns out that one of his best friends from home is ZL companions with a certain Elder Hare in a certain Bahia Blanca Mission.  COOL!
I have learned a lot about leadership recently.  Im getting better at it, but that doesn’t come with a lot of failures!!!  Failing in life is part of the program.  We just got to get back up and keep going! 
Boys, I share this with you.  On Sunday 1 minute before church was supposed to start, they called me up the stand and sat me down at the piano.  I was the ward pianist.  And then the primary teachers asked me to play for primary, it was super fun.  But just please please keep being consistent in your practice of the piano.  Youwillneverregretit. And you can be much better prepared than I am.  Don’t think I’m crazy, just do it.  Right Ben?  Just do it. 
On Monday I arrived to Malargue.  On Friday I came back.  They were 4 wonderful days!  Elder Lounsbury and I worked with Elder Caro (8 transfers(and Elder Myers(3 transfers).  We worked it hard, working through the siesta.  On Tuesday with Elder Caro, we entered 9 houses!  Teaching all day long, and when 9:30 came, I was done, just dead tired.
For me it was a great week of training and helping these Elders.  They are excellent missionaries, working to the best of their abilities.  It was wonderful to help them, because they wanted to learn and improve.  I don’t think I’ve had a week in my life where my personality has been funner.  I realized how extroverted I am.  I just bounce off the walls.
A teaching that I wasn’t expecting to give was about the area book, but by the end, we all understood the importacia de la carpeta del area.  Pretty cool.  It was almost a 6.5 hour bus ride there!  Pretty far away.
I have been thinking a lot about obedience lately . . . 
So, thats it.
I’m Out.  President has given me an idea of where I might go, but its not for sure.  He did let me know that I’m staying a Zone Leader.  He expects great things from me.  I talked with him for like 3 seconds last night, and its going to be weird not being his secretary.  Great Man.
I am truly sad to leave all of this.  The Avilas, o Hermana Avila. Elder Burr and Menocal, Elder Lounsbury and Elder Moon, Elder Cristinsen and Elder Falcon.  We have become a team.  There have always been little things and disagreaces, but we did good.  It’s been a magnificent experience!  I will never be the same.
And I’m the only one leaving.  Everyone Else stays.  
So there you have it.  A new chapter in my mission starts.  And it’s the last one.  I’m so excited.  Really, I am.  So yeah, I’m back to being a normal missionary, so send me an email in 9 days.  
One last thing, so finally the barrio Godoy Cruz centro is doing something!  They had consejo de barrio this week, and every member was there except one!!!!!  Insane!!!!  I can’t believe it.  I am super excited for them.  They are working a ful with the plan cinco cinco cinco, so thats great!  But man . .  right when I leave, I just can’t believe it.
So thats life.  I love you all.  
Elder Ostler