Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have given my heart to the Lord

Dear Family:

This is Elder Ostler am I am doing good.
I loved your email this week more than usual.  Thanks!
Que bueno que deje mis apuntes de que paso esta semana y la camera en la pench.  Darn.  I forgot to tell about a lesson we had last week with R**.  The 16 yr old, super intelligent.  We went to pick her up, and brought her to the oficeds and into the office of Hermana Packer.  We had the Best lesson with her, in English, and read form 2 nefi 31.  So spiritual, Sister Packer is Great.  She will get baptized. Last night there was a talent show, and she danced, like a ballroom, solo, long dress type, So Good!  It was amazing.  She was so happy. She has made great friends in the ward.
Cool Cool dad about being with los dingelberrys of AZ.  You’re a great dad, I love you and am thankful that I nací de buenos padres.  
Mom, you asked many a questions.  I think the dads 6 months comment was because he knows something you don't.
It is called a 6 week extension, ask Cheri C about it.  So 4 1/2 + 1 1/2 = 6.  
Just kiddin!
About the trip to Mendoza, I agree.  I would love to asistir church here with you.  And flying out Monday would put us home mid day on Tuesday.  That’d be 7 day stay.  I’m down.  Sounds like a plan.  Send us the flight numbers so Moon can put me on the same flights.

Yes, I will be disponible Tuesday morning, that’s when we’ll see each other, probably around 10ish.
If we do it like this, we will have plenty of time for all the adventures.  I am de acuerdo with the plan.

I am still shocked to re read that Quinnster y Mister Robertson received their Missionary call.  But good good for them.  They can only imagine what they are getting themselves into.
Mom, no one knows anything about transfers.  President doesn't even know, his work load is 6 floors above his head.
Love the PMG study comment again.!!
And I know you think it, but I’m not even close to Elder Reynolds.  I know you won’t believe it, but it’s the truth.  He had so much love, I think he had 2 hearts.  He will always live on.
It’s amazing that I’m at the point he was at when I met him (as far as time is concerned).  
Now its USPALLATA time.  The most beautiful place on planet earth. It had me in awe for 4 days.  I arrived Monday night, and returned Friday night. (Elder Lounsbury was with me until Jueves po la Mañana.)  I wrote a good journal entry about it, but as a summary . . .
It was beautiful, on one side were the pre cordilleras, snow capped. On the other side were the sickest other mountains.  I noticed many rock formations Randy teaches about.  Like sweet layers and things.  Tell him that, would ya?
It is a desert, just like the rest of the misión.  But the people of Uspallata have made it a forest.  The first day we got there we hiked 30 minutes up a mountain and saw everything, the whole city.  So much smaller that Daract.  Lets just say this, I saw so many amazing views this week.
We worked it hard.  I Love Elder Garcia y Cisneros.
I definitely understand why Braden said what he did about Elder Cisneros.  He’s good, I’m glad he’s on the mission.  It was fun talking about Elder Nelson.  He had great things to say about him.  Recto is the word he said over and over again to describe him.  And that he works and works and works.  And some times he would say, you are exactly like Elder Nelson.  I loved it.
In my opinion that area is the hardest in the mission.  Satan puts so many lies in the missionaries heads, and if they’re not strong, mental toughness, they believe them.
Petting horses, seeing the fresh insides of a dog, I still remember the sights of flower fields, horses, and the andes, the sky, the clean air, streams, strong sun, lots of UV.
I broke my walking record.  One day in a trio we walked 35 kilometros. It was amazing.  I love the work of the Lord.  Caminar por la causa de Cristo.
Elder Cisneros taught me how to make Mexican food, So Good!  His Spanish was crazy though.
This week I go to Malargue, 7 hours on a bus.  There is a little rama down there too.  I’m excited!  

It was wonderful to be out of the offices all week, it’s weird being at a computer again.  I loved not having keys in my pocket, no cell pone. Interesting how we always want what we don't have.
que mas quieren que les diga?
I was humbled by the spanish this week.  Those 2 talk so fast, and Elder Cisneros does NOT have an Argentine accent.  I did learn 15 new words, I counted.  And I memorized a simple scripture in spanish.
I am doing soo good.  Obedience is So Important.  I am living after the manner of happiness.  I am being obedient, but it is not the cram myself in the missionary mold for 2 years, por que eso no vale.  I have given my heart to the Lord.  I think more about my covenant I renew every Sunday.  I covenant to always remember Him.
We had Zone Conference on Monday, and it was Incredible.  Being taught by your mission president and his wife, nothing tops it.  He is changing the mission so much.  Or at least trying to.  So many missionaries are just . .  They are not all like Elder Reynolds lets just say.

So thats whats up.  I received a great email from Saydi this week.  I love that little sister of mine.
Amanda sounds like she struggles alot more than me.  I’ve learned to be more tranquilo, and not stress the small stuff.  And just remember, it’s all small stuff.
The Gospel is True, it indeed was restored through Joseph Smith. Believe what you want, but that’s the truth.
Elder Ostler
ps: I send lots of love to Benson and Wilson, the 2 capos of the Ostler Family.