Monday, September 26, 2011

I recognized it as a house I once knocked.

Family.  I formally start my loving email to all of YOU.  The Fam.  la verdad.  I loved so much the triple team lawn mowers picture.  It was inspiring.  Also I just can’t get over that 3rd picture.  

That's my life.
Lets start about the work.  Preaching the Gospel en Estanzuela.  We found some really good people.  One woman is so prepared, her name is Isla.  She that very day had been praying and asking God to show her la senda.  To show her the path she needs to follow.  During the lesson I was on a little stool thing and was kinda enjoying teaching and was leaning back a little.  I wasn’t obeying the 4 on the floor rule. When all of a sudden, I was on the ground!  I snapped that stool right in half!  It was a good laugh for all.
Pedro, a recent convert, just a capo, has a daughter who is so receptive.  Marcela.  We went to their house and taught them, and it was wonderful.  We watched como haller fe en cristo.  I cannot get over the fact that Jesus Christ walked on water.  He Walked On Water.  And He is our God.  Our Savior.  And we owe him everything. por lo menos, we can at least keep His Commandments.  And we can Earnestly pray for a Change of Heart.
Even as a Missionary I have to do that.
Isn’t it just great being alive?  Breathing air, running, jumping, seeing, doing, overcoming, being?  And it’s a beautiful day.
It really is. Everyday for the past while has been marvelous.  And today we did our last Run as an office crew.  We went father than 5K and I ran with Elder Ivie.  It was a wonderful way to begin the day.
This week we attended 2 servicios bautismales.  The first one was for 2 little 8 year old princess that were baptized.  There were a ton of people there!  More than were at church the next day.  And it was a great missionary opportunity.  I was able to sit before the service with some nonmembers and teach them.  Teach them how to receive Revelation from God.  Because I realized this week that that is what I really do.
The Second service was a Miracle.  You see the story starts way back.  Back when I was in Sarmiento.  I remember knocking doors one day in Huarpus.  A joven, almost Asian looking opened up.  As I started to share my message he cut me off and said.  No thanks........
O wow.  I thought. I was at a loss for words. So about 3 weeks ago Elder Ivie and Elder Hoggard start to tell all of us about this Miracle. How this man named Fernando found them, and how they started teaching him.  How he fulfilled Every commitment they gave him. They would tell us about how this man had true ganas to repent and be baptized, how he was giving up his sins.  The struggles, the miracles, the blessings.  It was all really cool to hear about.
He was golden and had a date for this week, the 24.  Elder Hoggard and Ivie went out of town to do divisións in Malargue and sent us to Fernando’s house to strengthen him, because he was having the biggest struggle against the cigarette.  As we approached his house I recognized it as a house I once knocked, and also a house that rejected me.  It was amazing to enter this house, meet and teach Fernando.  And after that lesson, he didn’t smoke, and hasn’t smoked another cigarette.  It was nothing I did. It was just a true miracle.  We attended his servicio bautismal this Saturday, and it was so special. Me and Fernando are way good friends.  

In fact, here's a picture of him.
Above, I forgot to mention that in the baptism of the 2, 8 year olders, we sang.  Better said, 3 misioneras and Elder Boisados and I sang Cuando yo me bautice.  It was good, off pitch alot, but one of the hermanas and I carried us through.  Really special moment.
But you want to know what the specialist moment of my week was?
It was reading DyC122 with Hermana Zepeda.  So here’s a just add water version.
She has gone through A LOT in the mission.  From Honduras, and only miembro en la familia.  She’s had some ankle problems and has been with us here in the offices.  You know she’s the one I rolled home on the swirly chair?  This week I got wind that she might have to go home.  O I was so sad for her.  Then on Friday she came into the offices and she told me.  Hey, I might be going home.  I just want to die.  That was the gist of the conversation.  I finished lunch and acted.
She was sitting in with Hermana Packer, I brought in 2 triples and told her to look for DyC 122.  And I told here, Hey Hermana Zepeda, we got to read this right now!
The next 15 minutes were so special.  We started with vs 1, reading uno cada uno.  And it was just perfect.  It was exactly what she needed, I know.  When she hit the middle of vs 6 she started to cry. But vs 7 is my favorite.  She cried and cried and let it all out.
Hermana Packer didn’t understand everything, but was probably wondering what in the world I was doing.  We talked about Humility and someterse a la voluntad del Padre.  We talked about being strong and being happy, and how God really and truly knows her circumstance and feelings, but that He will test her and put her through trials but not so she can suffer, rather, que todas estas cosas te serviran de experiencia, y seran para tu bien.  The spirt was so strong.
It was probably the best lesson I taught all week!  haha there I included a foto.  That’s when she made us some lunch hace dos semanas atras.  

So now for transfers.  It’s been quite the week of preparation, and getting greengas legal to leave this grand pais.  We had to do some extra tramites for them.  And now my only worry is the chilenos leaving.  Just making sure they have the right documents, and everythings updated and paid.  But just in case, I had a sobre with mil pesos to take to the airport, por las dudas.
But this morning was stressful for me.  All the oldies came in.  And also I have to be in charge of  receiving all the news.  21 of them!  For example, how are we getting the luggage from the airport, how are we getting them form the airport to President’s house.  And then the really big question was where are they sleeping the fist night!!!??  Just basically a ton of things to think of and do.
Administrative work.  Fun fun fun!
I absolutely loved the letters that Sister Harvey brought me!  And 32 gigs of memory!!  Dang.  You’re nuts mom.  Don’t you dare send me one more gig of empty memory to fill.  But don’t worry, I love taking pictures.  I went on a rampage this week.  Dad your letter was wonderful.  And mother, your testimony part I loved.
And always I love reading about Ahmed.  I’d love a picture.  And remember Ahmed.  Walk like an Egyptian.
I am such a comedian, I just know.  Meeting the Harveys was good. They brought REECES!!!
Harrison, I love that you are having such an amazing time.  Date date! Keep it up.  Don’t worry about using some of my ideas, I can speak for Casey and say that we are honored.  Most of those ideas came out of RHS portable, 6th hour calculus class with Mr. Smith.  So keep it up Harrison, you’re just a great kid.  But please don’t throw the piano out the window.
Yesterday we ate lunch (ASADO!) with a family so fun.  It was one of the few few houses that I have seen a piano in.  And the 22 year old just ripped it up!  He’s kinda alejared from the iglesia a bit, but he created a masterpiece with his hands.  He plays blues. He plays even better than dad.  O my gosh, it was so inspiring.  I want to be a bluesist!  So keep practicing, because he told me to play, and I was so sad that I couldn’t sit down and throw down something great.  So PRACTICE!  Remember,  Discipline weighs ounces, Regret weighs tons.  
O so did I mention that I’m getting Transferred?  Crazy huh.  Ok ok I’m still the lone secretary. But I’m talking areas.  I’m no longer in Estanzuela.
Juntos with Elder Boisados, we are washing yet another area! sincerar is a better word.  President wants us to work mas cerca to the offices. So we are washing Godoy Cruz Centro.  I wake up every morning and am in my area.  Thats nice!  The last 2 missionaries in GC Centro were hermanas.  A pair of dying hermanas.  I take both of them to the airport tomorrow.  And we are not the only 2 elders in this area.  We are washing it with even more power, because the 2 assistants are doing it with us.  Elder Burr and . . .  just guess who the new assistant is.  Elder Menocal!  Remember him?  The one I did divisións in Chimbas and just loved it!!?  Put on the party hats because it’s going to be a party.  
despedimos el barrio estanzula ayer.  fue bueno.  nos quierian mucho. Our ward mission leader Jobino is Such a Stud. I want to be just like him.  Lito. lito.
I love the talk by Elder Eyring, O Ye that Embark.  I feel that happening in my mission.  I am being required to do more things, and to be better, but I am not left alone.  The Lord blesses me more and more and more.  Sometimes I get down, but I always must lift myself back up.
I am going to explode this transfer.  I am going to put so many goals, and just be the best I can be.  I’m going to fly.
I know the Church is True.  And I Love Amanda.  I know that the Book of Mormon is True.  I know  I know and I know that Joseph Smith was a profeta de Dios.  I know that any person on earth can ask God and be answered.  God is the Giver.  God will answer.  You just got to follow the steps!  And it is so important to have un deseo verdadero.
Life is good.  I want you to know that I love being here in Mendoza.  It teaches me so much.  I love driving the streets of Mendoza.  I love taking with the people of Mendoza. I love being a missionary.  And I’m breathing it in, because my time is o so short.  I am enjoying every minute.  Even the bad days are good.
When I entered the offices, someone pushed Fast Forward.
I’m still looking for the Rewind button.  But its just gotta be there!
Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.  But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
You better believe it.
Love Elder Ostler
I might be able to send a little bit more later today.  
But just know that President changed our P day.  For us crew in the offices, we will take p day el dia sabado.
So send me something by Saturday, because I’ll be a responding.  It’s supposed to be like that.  I’ll be a responding.