Monday, October 3, 2011

That is about the most apostasy I've ever heard of.

So here we go again.  One more week ending.  One more starting.
Fine mom, I’ll answer your questions.  No, Fernando didn't really remember me.  Only 20 showed up because, things are never set until they happen.  Mostly just because people don't get visas.  And I guess Salt Lake and Mexico City wait until the last minute and then tell us.
I was a Junior, I think.  ONLY BOY! I was the only dude intern.  I consider that as a plus.  What an experience you have Harrison.  The only thing I did wrong as an Intern, (or at least the only thing that matters, looking back on it) is that I didn't write it in my journal.  I had So Many cool experiences.  But they weren't written down, and thus forgotten.  So I plead with you.  After every session.  Write it in your journal.  Will you do that?  Just 3 sentences works.  But you got a leave a record.  You just gotta.  What if Nephi hadn't left a record.  Get it?  What if John never wrote anything down.
This is the first english keyboard I’ve typed on since the MTC.  (I’m at a different computer) and I’m so confused right now!  Everythings not where it should be.
So sweet.  Love it Harry Boy.  I hope you’re preparing for our wrestling match when I grace the Tri Cities.  I weigh 169 with proselyting clothes on.  So BRING IT.  I ran 2 miles this morning.  You’re great Harrison.  Wishing you were here.
Mom I don't know what to answer when you say . . want anything.   Need anything?  Because the truth is nope.  I’m well well cared for. Always bring my smile.  Well fed.  Have clothes.  Have people in Argentina that love me.  Have good companions and pench mates.
The Harveys just walked in.  Hermana  Zepedas still here.  My comp helped me give her a blessing yesterday.  After conference.  I have been giving a lot of blessings lately.  Love it.  I don't become so scared anymore.  Dad remember that first time at BYU that I gave a blessing to a girl I was home teaching?  I remember calling you, twice I think, and I was just terrified!  I was shaking!  You gave me the best counsel ever.  I remembering writing it down and pegaring it to my wall.  I read it over and over.  And prayed for help.  Giving that blessing was such a cool experience.  And now I’m doing it no problem in a different language!  Crazy progress.
Did I answer all the questions mother??  Are we all satisfied.
Ok, well it was General Conference, So here’s my General Conference email.
I went into conference hungry.  The gas tank was literally on empty.  I prayed and prepared myself.  And the Lord blessed me.  I received a lot more than just 25 cents found on the side of the road.  The first talk was mine. I know God had Me in mind as He inspired Elder Scott to pen those words.  It was a talk about the Scriptures.  Memorizing scriptures.  To calm an agitated soul, to refresh.  Which is just what I need.
In the oficina, study is a little harder.  It is not the set 8-10, 2 hour study block that other missionaries get.  Quite the contrary.  And especially transfers week.  I’m doing a goals sheet and among many other things, specifically keeping track of my Personal Study minutes. And last week there were 4 days I didn't have my personal study! That is about the most apostasy I’ve ever heard of!  A Missionary not personal studying!  While I should study every day from 8 to 10, sometimes there are other things to be attended to, and study gets pushed aside.  Then it is up to me to pull away from secretary and personal study during the day.  Ok way too much on that.  But I need to work on that!  And maybe I won’t be so empty next time!  So that talk was for me.  Loved it!
I loved the talk about how the church will fill the earth by Elder Clayton.  And he specifically mentioned Argentina several times.  So cool!  Represent.
And a Second temple in Provo!!!  Are you kidding me!!  I fell off my chair.  I can't believe it!  Now I’ll have 2 favorite date spots at the Y. Hahah just kidding.
I want to go the temple so bad.  The desire intensifies.  As President Monson announced all those new temples . . . O I just want to go.
I loved the old crows talk, Elder Packer.  Fabulous.  Lucifer will lose.  It is so nice to hear and believe that.  Because with my mortal eyes here in Mendoza, it certainly looks like he’s winning!
And yes Mom, what about that Uchtdorf talk.  An open your mind talk. I loved this line . .  he did not let their disrespect to anger him. . . that was also for me.  Because I get ancy these days when people are so blatant to reject us.  To not even shake my hand.  It angers me.  I am learning that isn't the way to go.  Be more kind, more loving.  Not yell at people in english after they pass us without even looking at us.  Ok I’ve only done that a couple times.
I love Elder Christofferson’s line.  When Profets call repentance, it throws cold water on the party.

Yes, Dad I did love and cherish Elder Waddells talk.  The Lord knows exactly where each missionary needs to serve.  That statement of truth really impacted me.
Ok I must tell you one thing so funny.  Elder Lounsberry and I have become good friends.  Really good friends.  He was at BYU with me. No Mom, I never met him.  So during Elder Anderson’s talk he looks at me with the most frustrated smile and says this.  Last conference they told us to get married.  And now they’re telling us to have kids!!! We are still laughing about that.  
Back to my home computer, got kicked off the other.  So yes, it was SO FUNNY!   Elder Lounsberry is such a capo.. and I love him.  I think we will be comps soon.

de verdad.  I was hardly with my real comp Elder Boisados this week. Transfer week is like that.  I was comps with everyone from some newbies that came to Presidente Avila.  We were comps for a few hours as we went to airport.  Then we drove home 20 minutes solos. Pretty cool.
I worked so hard last week.  Just in charge of so many organizational things.  Getting 18 people and all their bags to the terminal.  And then coming back and taking all the rest, the ones who live here in Greater Mendoza.  . .  just to mention one thing.
I don’t think I’ll even try to describe transfer week.  Just insane.  Long hours.  Not much preaching.  But when we went out, I love it.  Even though I was sick.  We had the coolest miracle.

The morning started out obviously with a shower, but at 7:45 we left with Elder Kammerman and got lost on our way to immigrations.  Mendoza city planners probably had a good laugh.  There are 2 streets Balcarce about 5 blocks away from each other.  So that was an adventure.  Then my friends at Migraciones gave me a hard time as I presented 7 visas to be renewed.  That’s always fun.  But they did it.
Then we went to pick up some other important documents from RENAR.  Then Elder Christenson and I, the new financeiaro, went to the bank and hooked ourselves up with 7 mil pesos.  Nice.

The day continued to go.  I ate fiambre for lunch, and learned about programming from Elder Lounsberry.  At 3 we had a staff meeting with President etc.  Then we tired to leave at 4, but it was impossible.  The meeting went late, and then at 4:30, Elders called with a pench break in report.  My comps in charge of that . . . you get the point.  Finally we left the offices and went to the pench to plan a bit.  Elder Lounsberry and Falcon were there planning too.  We were all SO TIRED.  I was absolutely beat.  If I hadn’t been wearing the plac, I so would have been in bed.  But that’s where Men are made, in moments like those.  And I realized that, and animated everyone to get out in the campo blanco and thrust in our sickle.  On top of being incredibly tired and Wasted, especially and mostly because it was transfers week . . newbies .  . . oldies.  Getting to bed late, waking up early . . . I was also feeling sick.  Sick to my stomach.  Achy body.  It was so hard to leave, but we did.  It was a wonderful experience.  I had chosen an area to go to , remember it was our 2nd day working in the area. So we went.  With good intentions in my heart, I tried to saludar so many gente.  I invited so many people to participate in Eternal Life, living with God forever.  But hardly a soul stopped and talked to us.  I tried to smile.
It was a very hard 3 hours.  But there were some good parts.  It was all good, really good for me, but I mean there were some rays of sunlight.  We weren’t knocking too many doors, but when my comp mentioned a stature of Jesus and el sagrado Corazon, I had to knock it.  An older lady opened up.  I pulled a hymn book out of each back pocket and told him to look for Mas Cerca Dios de Ti.  And we sang it to here.  She loved it.
About 4 houses later, I glimpse a lady closing here window from the inside.  2 seconds later we would have missed her.  I told her Hola!  She was so close to not listening to us, but she did.  I did what I leaned in my Personal Study and bore my testimony about the Libro de Mormon.  It was incredible. She opened the front door and came out!  She accepted the book, and showed real interest.  I was so excited.  My comp taught here a little, we wrote down her number and all her datos.  Her name is Beky Quiroga.  It was truly a miracle in my eyes.  And such a blessing.

The rest of the night continued on.  I felt sicker and sicker.  We walked a lot.  And for the general, people were not listing.  So Disrespectful.  They don’t understand anything.  Sometimes I would start talking in English, after getting rejected, or just brushed off.  That was fun.  Some of those people will really burn in hell.  And for me, hell is the Terrestrial kingdom, because you won’t be living with your Father.  They don’t understand.  Satan has them fooled so good.  They reject me, they reject Christ.  O it makes me sick.

But I am thankful for the opportunity to share the gospel.  I love being a missionary.  And am glad I left the pench yesterday.  Choices like that make me stronger.  They are wonderful moments, and priceless memories to look back on.
Upon returning to the pench, I showered and put myself in bed early.  And didn’t wake up till 10!  I feel slightly better now.  Sleeping really helped.  I noticed my fever break at about 1 or 2 am.  The key indicator was that I was covered in sweat.  Drenched.  I didn´t have the best night’s sleep, but from about 7-10 slept just great!
My job is to Declare Repentance.
And now its conference.  I have never been more excited to learn from conference.  In many ways I feel as if my tank is on EMPTY.  Like I got nothing left.  I pray that I will be filled.  That I will be made whole.  I am prepared for a Spiritual Feast.  Looking back on Yesterday I know that the Lord blessed me with the Gift of Tongues.  I want so badly to speak better.  I have really been praying for the Gift of Tongues.  Sometimes the words and conjugations just flow.  Yesterday evening was one of those times. 

So yes we are in a different area and barrio.  Alright Elder Lounsberry tells me We Got to Get Outta HERE.
So chau.  I guess we’re going to some Israelite restaurant.  I’ll think of Ahmed.  Go Egypt!
Also before I go, I do not recommend living out of your suitcases.  It plain out stinks!!!
But the pench got cleaned out so good by us today.  You don’t even want to know the kind of things we found.  But finally we’ve invited the spirit back in.  And also, I’m moving into a different bedroom and a different shelf space.  That’s life.  We got to go get some Israelite food!
Love, Elder Ostler