Monday, September 27, 2010

Spanish is hard

Dear Family:

The phone call was amazing!  No, it didn't make me feel homesick or anything like that.  It just kind of like happened, really, it was unreal.  I loved it.

So the baptism.  It happened!  All 6 were successfully baptized and then confirmed the next day.  The font worked, the water was nice and warm.  We were at the church about an hour before to make sure everything was working.  We told the family to show up 30 minutes before, but they actually showed up 50 minutes before.  After awhile they changed into their baptismal clothes, which actually fit quite nicely, and then they came and sat in the chapel.

Baptism of the Avilia Family
September 25, 2010
 I was playing the piano, it was just the Avilia family and us missionaries.  The spirit was so strong in the chapel as I played those hymns.  As 4PM rolled around, 2 members showed up.  The nice feeling disappeared and nervousness and the 'wow I really hope members show up' feeling came on.  Waiting waiting waiting.  Finally some more came and just after we started at 4:15, Miguel showed up who earlier that day had been asked to give a short talk.  By us.

The service was nice.  We even had an investigator show up at about 4:20!  He's a kid, David, and he wants to get baptized too, but he won't wake up for church!  And his mother wants to get baptized too, but is not married.  She was at the baptism too.  Now for the ordinance.  Let's just say some of them weren't pretty baptism.  Elder Hinojosa is tiny compared to some of them, especially the dad.  But they all happened and everyone was happy.

I think this is going to be a lame email, I feel like I already told everything to Mom and. . . . . I don't know, I just feel all blah right now.

After the baptism we had scheduled to play futbol with the 3 Avilia boys and people in the ward.  These people here are incredible at futbol.  I can't even describe it, they are amazing.  So it was a good and accomplished Saturday.  But I was nervous all day . . . . . my first baptism(s).  Ahhhhh

But nothing really new there.  I am nervous, everyday, almost every hour.  This language is still killing me, kind of.  Sometimes I can't speak, but there are other times when I feel amazing.  On top of the world amazing.  I have hope, a vision that it is possible to do this.  And I know I can do it.  There are so many gringos in this mission who have learned this language, and I know I can too.  I just need PATIENCE.  I did better with that these last 2 days.  I am trying to understand that I am not going to be able to say everything and understand everything right now.  Today.  It will take time.

I did receive the 'glorified mail.'  It was good.  And my peanut butter supply keeps growing, I love it.

Right now I am in a trio.  There used to be 2 other Elders in the pench, Elder Ramierez and Elder Crossa.  Elder Ramierez got special transferred to Chimbas this week and so that put me in a trio.  But Elder Crossa should be receiving his mini missionary today.  I'm excited to be back with just Elder Hinojosa.  And he is so patient with me.  There is a mansion waiting for him in heaven.  Living with a native (both of my companions now) is, well, different than living with an American.  They just think and do things differently.

He loves my ipod.  It is always playing.  Then when it runs outta battery, he charges it and plugs it back in.  His top song used to be an EFY one by Kim Braken.  He used to play it everyday, several times.  It got so annoying these last 2 days.  But if that's the only thing that annoys me, I'm fine with that.  But recently, Jonny Vances, Proclamation to the Family have been competing for the top spot.  Often now he sings The Proclamation to the Family as we walk down the street.  He loves it!  But we are still always singing, usually hymns.

¿¿¿¿Who's excited for general conference!!!????  ME!  O I can't wait.  AND, I found out from Elder Hinojosa that I get to watch it in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That made my day.  I am so so so so excited.  It's going to mean so much more to me.  I'm just excited to hear the voices of the apostles and President Monson.  It will be great!
So how am I?  I'm doing alright.  I am trying to overcome my daily frustration and disappointment.  I am trying to learn Spanish.  It's hard.  I have no idea how Dad did his mission in Japan.  I cannot even imagine.  Spanish is hard enough, but Japanese!  Amazing.
I take comfort in the knowledge that the Savior, Jesus Christ, loves me.  He knows EXACTLY what I am going through, because he went through the exact same thing.  That helps me.  But some hours I just got to grin and bear it.  I'll make it though.
Elder Ostler