Monday, October 4, 2010

I just got goop all over me

Hey!  What is up!¿??¿
Alright here we go, I made an email prep card.  I got to watch all 5 sessions of glorious conference in english!  We were in the Godoy Cruz Stake Center and they had an english room with 25 chairs in it for greengos and others who wanted to see it without translation.  The Elder sitting next to me before the first session leaned over to me and said, "Man, this is like the super bowl!"  And it really was, not that I have seen more than 2 superbowls in my life, but yeah, it was wonderful.
I sat there with my little notebook and just loved it.  It recharged my soul and filled an emptiness that I didn't know was there.  It helped me strengthen my commitment and desire.  I loved it.  Yes, I watched it all live.  Priesthood did end at 11 PM here.  Afterwards we hopped on a bus for 10ish minutes and went to sleep after midnight.  It was weird being up after midnight!
Elder Holland started conference off with some love didn't he?  Charity and love (and patience) are really what I am focusing on.  When I have charity and love, I will not want to sit on my back side and goof off.  I will want to spend every SECOND out teaching and finding and growing the church.  I want that, and as I study love and charity and really pray for it, I feel and witness God giving me that gift.
I am learning how true the 'ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened up unto you' thing is.  I love it.  God is helping me.  And Elder Holland mentioned that his parents didn't touch his bank account while he was serving his mission.  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT MOTHER!!!  I mowed those lawns for a reason.  I want to pay for this.
And then Elder Hales.  He made a comment about a home being an incubator.  I instantly thought, my home was an incubator, and my parents made it that way.  When I emerged from the home and went to BYU, I was still an egg, just taken out of the incubator. I maybe got a few cracks in me, but that's about all.  Then for some crazy reason, I ended up here in Argentina.  I feel like through these past 4 months my egg has almost completely cracked and I have emerged, an ugly, little duck with the goop stuff still all over me.  But it won't be long before the goop leaves and my feathers start to come in. . .  and then I will learn to fly.  But for now, I just got goop all over me.
Before I forget, I met Elder Campbell, I read his blog before coming.  Who elses Mendoza blog did you read Mom, or do you?
Then Richard C. Edgley of the Presiding Bishopric talked about faith vs fear.  O, do I have a story for you!  Last Monday night, Elder Hinojosa found out, he should have known 3 weeks prior, that he had a capacitacinon for all dls and zls, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Which put me with the newbie in the zone as companions, because the newbies (Elder Bradey) companion is the other dl in the zone.  I found this out Monday night and oh, how I was filled with fear!!  I was so scared.  He has 2 weeks in the missino and I have 8!  We have no idea, and then the whole spanish thing!  Wow.  As we took a 30 minute bus to Pedreial, his area, in a 2 man pench, I tried to replace fear with faith.  I prayed, then that night I prayed for a miracle.  I knew that was the only thing.  I had to have a miracle.
And I did.  God knew we were both newbies.  He knew.  So Tuesday morning we went to contact an ALB, we found casa 2 and a woman nicely greeted us.  For the next 25 minutes we (I) talked to her, taught her, listened to her, and understood her.  Truly a miracle!  She already had a LDM because many years earlier, she had met with the Elders.  So she was familiar with things.  Because of this, she was able to help me out when I struggled with a conjugation or a word.  It was so amazing!  We talked about baptism and the priesthood and the restoration.  Truly a miracle.  Then, walking away (I was walking on water) we realized we were not even in the right place!  We were in the wrong barrio, neighborhood.  But God knew that.  And he knew that at casa 2, nonetheless, there would be that lady, blanca, who I would be able to talk to.  I truly witnessed a miracle and still marvel at the goodness of God.
Then that afternoon they sent us 2 veterans to work with us because the big meeting ended after the siesta and they sent all those dls and zls not working close to Godoy Cruz out to work until the meeting started again Wednesday morning.  And bytheway, the mission offices are connected to the Godoy Cruz stake center.  It really should be steak center because meat is so great here.  Wednesday was good, we survived. . . . .
Then Elder nelson's talk, O MY (I am in this huge cyber in Mendoza Centro and english music is going.  I am loving it, one of Braden's favorite bands is on.  Fall for you is the song right now.  Dad ought to love that one.  I'm enjoying it though :))
I loved Elder Nelson's talk, especially when he said All full time missionaries stand!  Oh yeah, I stood!  It was quite cool.  I am full time.  I eat, sleep and breath this stuff.  Bring it on world.  He said, missionaries serve to make life better for God's children.  That is so true.  My job is to help God bless his children.
This week we went to visit Luis, baptized 1 month ago, but hasn't been to church since.  He's maybe 17, I don't know him at all. Well, he wasn't home, but his mother told us that her daughter, his sister, was real sick in bed. We told her of the priesthood and she said that she would like if we gave her daughter a blessing.  That's all I understood.  So we went in and I anointed, like always, and Elder Hinojosa sealed the anointing.  This girl just kinda propped up in bed as we administered.  Walking away I just felt normal.  But about a block away, my comp explained what happened.  The mother said that her 15 year old daughter was pregnant and in bed.  We gave a blessing to a 15 year old pregnant teenager.  I felt so sad, her life will never be the same.
Then Friday we spend the morning in the sisters area helping them and we found 6 newbies total.  But one house we went in there was this old lady, she was nice and told us of this pain she was having.  So we gave her a blessing, I'm skipping details.  I went to put a drop of oil on her forehead and it came out BLUE!  What in the world!  After the blessing I showed my comp that his oil had somehow turned blue.  Then this other time, before he filled his oil, I was anointing this lady's head and nothing came out.  I turned it all the way upside down, but nothing.  Crap, what do we do.  My comp took it and just kind of rubbed the lid on her head and called it good, works for me.
Every day I marvel that I am a missionary.  I am in wonder DAILY that I am in Argentina!
I bought 2 cheap jerseys for 35 pesos each this morning. So here I sit, my belly almost full of McDonalds with my Argentina jersey on listening to pop english music in the heart of Mendoza.  Yeah, that was our treat, we went to McDonalds.  It was alright.
Then Elder Ucdea, he told a story about a dad, I thought so much of you dad, even Dr. M. Scott Ostler.  I thought about your example, the influence you are in my life.  Wow you are amazing and I feel myself becoming like you.  Just the way I talk (in english) kinda reminds me of you.
Then Jay E. Jensen gave the Argentina shout out in his talk.  I enjoyed that recognition.
Elder Uchtdorf talked about pride, but I really liked the part about humility.  He really taught what humility is, I have never understood it, if I had time I would keep going. . . but. . .
So good to hear Jacob is in Chile!  Yup, I see those mountains, especially in Pedreial at the beginning of this week.  I hope he is hanging in there.  And I am so excited for Braden to start his mission in Mexico.  He will be wonderful.
That chocolate you sent me, I finally found a use for it.  It was not so great just eating it, so I got creative.  I melted it one morning and spread it, along with peanut butter, over my pancakes.  It was fantastic.  The chocolate lasted 3 days.
How are Grammie and Grandpa doing. I hope they're doing good.
Saturday I got 3 dearelders from my sisters!!  It was wonderful to read those words, Amanda's emails home and Saydi's first days of college.  I felt joy as I held those unopened letters.  And then as I read, I was filled with absolute love for those two special girls.  I love you family.
There is my week in email.  I loved the email you sent me.  And I love this english music.  Well, until next week,
Elder Ostler