Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm getting transferred

I loved the email from you mom and dad. It always makes me smile to read them.

I feel as if I am about to jump off a cliff, 10 kilometers above the ocean. The first 5 seconds are going to be so scary, I won´t be able to breathe.  And then, with time I will begin to love it. It is going to be an amazing feeling, just freefalling through nothing. And soon I will get good at it, doing all sorts of tricks and spins in the air. It will just become natural every day. But then I will hit the water, and it is going to hurt, so bad.

That is my mission analogy. And obviously hitting the water is when I have to board the plane for the united states.

So yes, I am getting transferred. Last night we were all getting ready for bed when the aps called. They told Elder Orozco he is going to train. Then president talked to him, kinda a big deal. Then he talked to Elder Cabranes and told him that he would be getting a missionary that is really struggling and not liking it. And then apparently he told me my destiny. After all that was over, I was dying to know if he knew anything about where I was going. Because usually on the monday of transfers the zone goes over to the the zls pench to wait for the call from the assistants. But this time we found out Sunday because Elder Orozco is training and then president just talked to Elder Cabranes. I know I'm just keeping you waiting. . . so I asked my comp if he knew who I was going to be with. He said yes I do. Do you want to know. Of Course. So he told me my comp is Elder Himojosa from peru. When he said that Elder Orozco, who is so awesome, just smiled and said, he is an angel. I love Elder Himojosa! Elder Cabranes echoed that. Then my next question, does he speak English?  No. What is my area? You are going to Goddy Cruz, your area is called Sarmiento. I was so excited, happy, nervous, and sad. I had prepared myself to stay and Elder Cabranes leave. But now I have to leave. Leave the nicest pench in the mission, my awesome bishop, my investigators, the members, just villa mercedes! I was so so sad. Then I started letting fear in. I was scared. No english!! But that night I prayed. I replaced fear with faith. Shall we not go on in such great a cause?  So now, I am excited. So excited! I just want it to be wednesday already. There is a rule that when you are transferred you have to be in your new area wednesday by noon. And Goddy Cruz is in Mendoza. It is where the offices are, I slept in Goddy Cruz my first night, in the office pench. It is a 5 hour bus ride there. So I'm going to probably leave at 4ish am on wednesday, maybe by myself, not sure. Everything is about to change. So, just... different. Alright, the events of this week.

I had an asado. One of the pictures is of me with Hermano Canales and the asado. Do you see that strange looking cut of some part of an animal? Look at it and guess what it is before you go on . . . . . . . .

The asado was so good! There was so much meat, and so much flavor. And they eat the fat here! You know how in the states we cut all the fat off and give it to the dogs . . . well they eat it here. I kept looking at the plate of Hermano Canales and all there was was bones, no fat. And my comps plate didn't have to much fat either. So I ate it. All the fat. And there was alot. Some of my bites were all fat. Ok, so that sweet looking thing is a kidney. I ate a kidney! It was way sweet, not the taste, but just that I ate a kidney. I just squeezed some lemon juice on it and down it went. Not bad at all, I feel like I am becoming invincible to food, I am going to be able to eat anything when I get home.

I saved a cat from a tree! This is my favorite story ever. We had just dropped our freshly laundered clothes off at the church, we were going to take them to the pension when the day was done. We locked the gate to the church and I heard a cat. I lookied up in a tree next to me and there was a cat, stranded in a tree. I immediately knew that I must save it. It looked pretty dirty, but I didn't care. I decided I'm a man of action. So I climbed up the tree a bit and saved the cat. Then I washed my hands. That´s the sweet story!

Sister Ostler. I love thinking about how Amanda is a sister missionary. I think there are sisters in my new district, Elder Himojosa is the district leader and Elder Cabranes said there are 2 other hermanas in the district. So that's exciting. But yeah, Amanda, a sister missionary! And I won't take her email time, rarely if ever. I am going to write her a letter every p day. And can you please deliver her email home to me via dear elder?  I know I will only get them monthly, but that´s just fine. No I haven't received any glorified mail yet. I think getting mail once a month is pretty normal here.

And Saydi, the college babe. I am so excited for you. I give you the same advice I gave harry lady: live it up! And get good grades, study study study. Harrison, I was so happy to read that you are in spanish 4. How is school going? I want to hear from you and hefferson next week. No that is not a misspelling.

Sacrament mishap: only one priest showed up to church, so I went and helped with the sacrament. (and this is the first time in 10 years this ward has had 2 active priests) I kneeled down to bless the bread. I had my card with the spanish words on it and I was a bit nervous. Bryen pulled out the microphone thing, it is like this little platform that slides out, and when it gets to a certain point the microphone turns on and a little red light comes on. I didn't know that. So he slid it out a little bit and I started. I was about 5 lines through when I heard this really loud feedback from the microphone. I looked down and he had has his hand on the drawer thing. He was trying to pull it out enough so the microphone would turn on and something went wrong because it got really loud all of the sudden. So I looked up at him. I didn't have the vocabulary to ask him and plus I was now really nervous. So I just started again. I heard the loud noise again. He was trying to pull it out again. I tried a third time and same thing. My heart was really pounding at this point. The 1st counselor came over and was trying to help. Eventually things settled down and just said the prayer in a loud voice. So that was an adventure!

On Saturday we had an activity where we watched the Joseph Smith movie. A descent turn out. It is the movie they only show at the mtc and temple square. Apparently a ga came to the mission and gave the aps a copy of it to use for some meeting. Now about 4 missionaries have it. And because Elder Cabranes was in the offices for 4 transfers, he has it. It was cool to watch it. It reminded of me of my last day with you, mom and dad. But the cool thing is we got Gaspar to come to the chapel and watch it earlier in the day. He couldn´t come that night, so he came Saturday morning. The spirit was so strong. I loved it! It was a great lesson. And plus, he is hopefully now over his fear and embarrassment of coming to church because he actually came to the church and saw what it was like. Oh, no one came to church for us again. Ugh, someday, someday. Elder Cabranes and I had a great week, on Friday we had 5 lessons.  We had 6 news, and 10 lessons with less actives or recent converts total. But still, no one come to church. Not even any of the less actives. That´s ok though. People have their agency.

Elder Figueroa is GONE!!! We dropped him off last night, then we went to justo for another white storm. Then on the way back, there was 3 people on the bus without seats. So 3 of us missinoarys gave them our seats and went to the back of the bus and just stood there for the 40 minute ride. It was sweet.

And the new pench (which I am about to leave, no) is glorious. I am not exaggerating, it is amazing. Here is some things it has. Outlets! A tp holder next to the toilet. A budeah. a clean shower without fungus, our own hot water heater. A dueno who doesn't cut the power, shelf space for dishes. And a white toilet! The other one was, nasty.

Oh I forgot, boys, practice your piano. I don´t just say it to say it or because mom and dad tell me to.  Do it and you will be So Happy in a few years.

I am starting to have a little fun now. I am almost settled into argentina, however, everything I know is about to go out the window.  I know some Elders and am able to have some fun. But these last 6 weeks, I haven´t laughed much. When something is funny in a lesson or talking to someone I usually don´t know what is going on so I just laugh anyway, but that doesn´t count because it is fake. Yeah, my language skills are about to take off. I'm going to have my verb conjugation book in one pocket and a dictionary in the other. Here we go Elder Himojosa!

I want more than anything to be able to communicate with these people. I am starting to feel a real love for these people, especially the members in my ward. Some of them have sacrificed and suffered so much.  Their stories are amazing. If I had another hour I would tell you.

I just want to be able to talk with them and understand them. maybe give me a couple weeks. my language skills are about to go through the roof.
So last p day I bought the machine, then tried it out. Elder Stout gave me a hair cut, and we cut it way to short! There are settings three through 21 by 3s. So I usually get a 7. I, we put it on 9 and I thought it would be fine. It wasn't, as you can probably tell from the asado picture. He just shaved the first strip right down the center.  I went to a mirror and knew I was hosed. I've given 2 haricuts, or rather buzzes, so far.  I am going to be pro when I get home. Hopefully I will be able to do the short on the sides and longer on the top deal. And I was supposed to give Elder Reynolds a hair cut today, but he´s in mendoza. He went traveling ap. So he´s already gone.

Well, we are coming to the end of our time here. I am really excited for what awaites me in sarmiento. Elder Cabranes and Elder Orozco just ohh and aww at Elder Himojosa, how angelic he is. Elder Orozco said this morning, every missionary would love to be his companion, you are so lucky. That is comforting. It´s just the spanish. That´s the only scary part. But faith, not fear. Here we go!

I loved reading about Braden and especially Elder Calaway. Oh, i want to see him so bad. But so good to hear he is doing good. Just wait till he gets to mission field, Braden too. Their world as they know it will be flipped upside down. What an experience this is. I see the craziest stuff.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything. All the prayers. Everything. Thank you. I feel the only way I can repay you is to go to work. So, Sarmiento, Elder Himojosa, Here I Come!!!!!!!!

With love

Elder Ostler
Elder Ostler & Elder Cabranes
First day in the mission field!