Monday, July 12, 2010

We really are a royal army!

July 3, 2010 journal entry/letter

Wow.  Coolest nite ever.  We had a devo about the Reformers, America and the Restoration.  There was a choir.  Many musical presentations.  Us missionaries stood and sang alot too.  There were slide shows with music and the whole bit.  There weren't like talks or anything.  It was so cool and different.  I loved it!  My favorite part was when we stood and sang "High on a Mountain Top."  Everyone was belting it.  We really are a royal army and I felt it.  I had an amazing feeling.  It is so cool to be a missionary.

During that, I felt so good - my feelings were just so incredible.  This is true - I know it.  They announced during this, that President Smith would allow us to stay up - go outside - and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks!  A cheer rang through the auditorium.  So after the amazing presentation we, all 2,000 of us, exited outside and waited.  Within 5 minutes the sky to the East of us lit up and yet another cheer rang out.  Sure enough - the show of Babylon had started!

We were so excited!  It was really really amazing.  We all just stood there for 1/2 hour or so in awe.  For some reason, the tone deaf Elders feel the need to sing on every occasion, so they started up their awful chorus.  But back to the show.  WOW!  It was probably so awesome because I haven't done anything like that in a whole month.

Okay, I am sitting outside my room in the hallway because my comps are sleeping.  It is after 11!!  But this is legal because the fireworks didn't end till 10:30.  So I'm sitting here and I'm next to the large bathroom kinda and many of the new district Elders are in there singing.  Many of them were in choir and sound awesome right now.  One of them is shaving and he takes their pitch off the dull hum of the razor.  They sound heavenly!!!

And just barley, an Elder in Sam Swensen's distrito poked his cabeza outta his room and said "What's going on here, a toilet shop?"  It was so funny.  He is a hoot.  He's Elder Gledheel.  He reminds me so much of Sierra Stallings!!!  Just that he is a boy - that is the only difference.  He is so funny!

I feel weird sitting here - I feel like it's 1AM and I just got back from a party.  It's weird, very different.  But WOW!  Tonight was so cool.

Well I can't decide if this is just a journal entry or what.  I wrote it in such a way so that if I decide to - I can send this home as a mini letter.  Hummmmm.  I might do that next P-day.

Love, Elder Ostler