Sunday, July 25, 2010


July 23rd email

Flight plans.  Flight plans.  Flight plans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would feel completely content sending this email with only those 2 words!!!  O my gosh, I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so excited to fly to Argentina and to finally become a real Missionary.  Flight plans, O the joy, O the thrill!!.

We knew that our flight plans would come soon, we thought they would be here today.  But we heard that Elders were getting them early this week so yesterday we went to check about 1 hour before dinner and sure enough, Elder Huntington opened the mailbox (he's the new DL) and our flight plans were in there!!!!!  Maybe the happiest day of my life!  I am not kidding when I say it was comparable to the actual opening of the mission call!  It is so great to have them.

Alrighty, this is them.  (This is pending on whether we got our visas or not.  We asked the travel office and they said check back Monday or Tuesday to see).  We leave on August 3!!!!!  My flight group is just us 3, just my companionship.  The Buenos Aries Elders in my district for some reason leave on August 2.  We fly Delta the whole way and have one connection.  We are to report to the travel office at 10 am with our equipaje on the 3rd.  We then bus to SLC where we catch a 2:50 flight, I think.  Maybe 1:50, can't remember.  So this means between noon and whenever my flight leaves, I get to call you guys!!!!!!  So exciting!!!!  We fly to Atlanta where we have a 50 minute layover and then take our last breath of American air for 2 years and get on our plane for Argentina.  We fly all through the night and land in my homeland of Argentina at 8ish in the morning.  I will get to see a northern sky sunset and a southern sky sunrise from the airplane!!  That's what I'm talking about.  And Elder Allen and Elder Huntington and I plan on converting the entire plane on our way to Argentina, bytheway.  Then I guess they pick us up when we land in Buenos Aries and take us to our home in Mendoza!!!!  Just great.  Just a great feeling.  I'm sittin' here with 11 days to go.  So fantastic!!  Ok, I will try to move on.

I had the grand opportunity to be a host last Wednesday!!  It was awesome.  The first Elder I hosted was Elder Avery Tagg.  I hosted 4 total.  It was sad doing it and some of the Elders in my Distrito even cried, just cause when you are doing it we were all thinking of when we said bye to our families about 2 months ago.  But I loved it and it was real cool!  AND we signed up to do it next week too!  And out of the 500 missionaries coming in this Wednesday there is a huge chance that I will host Elder Calaway.  NOT!  But man, I am so excited to see him.  I so wish that Jase and Jacob and I could all be there at the same time.  Dang.  I did see Braden a couple times actually, and it is so great.  All of the Stover 3100 and 2100 Elders are planning on taking a picture together.  The logistics are kinda hard because you know, we can't just text each other, nor can we come alone, (remember the whole companion thing).  But Saturday night we are trying to spread by word of mouth to all of those in our ward from BYU that we are doing a picture deal.  Should be Great!  I am so excited.  And I found Elder Millard again and got a picture on my camera with him.  Sweet huh!

Nope, the temple isn't open yet, maybe next week . . . they don't tell us anything like that here.  And nope, we aren't the oldest distrito yet.  There was one that got here one week before us, they leave for Panama Monday and are jazzed.

UMMMMMMMMM thanks for abandoning me while I hang on a cliff MOM!!!!!  PLEASE TELL ME MORE!  I have to know.  One cool thing is that the night before I got the letter, I specifically prayed about that.  Way cool.

During our Sunday night fireside the wife of someone spoke, can't remember now, but you should have seen what she was wearing.  I can't even describe it, but it was so fantastic.  You could tell that she grew up in the 60's.  She was rocking her oldschool wardrobe for us.  Pretty funny.

Well, I'm just rambling and I feel like I have nothing new to say (besides FLIGHT PLANS) because everything here is the same.  Everything is the same.  Not a bad thing, just how it is.  Teach fake investigators, gym, food, class, daydream about Argentina, Spanish, you know.  So I feel like I have no new light to shed on my life here besides the hosting (and FLIGHT PLANS).  But just wait till I get to the Motherland, Mendoza.  Just wait.

Yes, I plan on mailing a suit home and maybe other things if I am overweight (yes, laugh Saydi.  I said if I am overweight. . . I mean my bags, gosh!)  Elder Allen's birthday is tomorrow and Elder Huntington said the funniest thing.  He asked Elder Allen, "So does that mean you will have 3 birthdays on your mission?"  No, Elder Huntington, no matter when you start, you can only have 2 birthdays over a period of 2 years.  We had a good laugh.

Spanish is coming real good for me.  I love Spanish.  I also love the 'll'.  You know, the 'll' in spanish that makes a j sound.  Yee haw, awesome.  I'm studying hard, having fun, and feeling the spirit always.  My days of english are numbered (come on, give me a native trainer!) and that is exciting too.

Well, my time is done.  I only have one more thing to say:  FLIGHT PLANS

Elder Ostler