Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of the many miracles of this church is a good and loving mission president.

Hola y buen dia!  I hope this one works, because yesterday we were at a ciber for an hour, I had just the best letter written an ready to go when the argentine internet cut.  I tried not to be angry.  So here we are again, round number 2!  Let’s see if I can replicate what I typed yesterday. . . .
Dear Amanda, I can’t believe you are home.  My whole mission I have served with you.  I have always said, si, y mi hermana es misionera. But now I have to say, mi hermana era misionera.  I said that last night as I showed B** pictures of the family and it was just strange.  It was interesting to hear that the transition for you ha sido dificil.  Don’t be too sad, don’t let the sadness of not being a missionary overtake you. Know that you became the 4th missionary, know that you were an example to ALL, especially this brother in Argentina who is trying to finish his mission with as much focus and diligence as you!!  I love you Amanda.  My heart goes out to you.  Maybe listen to Chicago, that will help.
I agree with you, mother, conference was incredible.  If I had to choose, I would definitely say that Saturday conference beat Sunday conference, by a long shot.  After every talk I put a 1, 2, or 3 next to my notes.  For example 3 meant amazing talk, and on Saturday the average after the first 2 sessions was 3.
When the Profet stoood up and opened conference, wow, what power.  The work will go forward.  And then he put both hands in the air.  For me, he gave a powerful opener and I KNEW and felt once again, That man is profet of God.  He is speaking for God.  It was burned within my testimony even deeper this time that T S Monson is the Lords profet on the earth today.
The first 2 talks were incredible!  I saw so much focus on the family, on parenting, on raising children, on praying with your children. Elder Packer and Sister Esplin rocked it.  Sister Esplin taught right out of PMG, teaching for understanding, but she applied it to teaching your children.  I had never thought of it that way.  Wow! so many things I am learning and experiencing here are will greatly benefit me as father and husband.
Hallstroms talk about the Gospel vs the Church was amazing.  He dropped some cane on us as Argentine Members when he said Activity is not the ultimate goal.  You can be active in the church and inactive in the Gospel.  I loved his teaching.
When Koelliker started his talk saying I love the full time missionaries!  A cheer went out in our little viewing room.  (we watched it, us 13 greengos, in a classroom, in english)  Loved his talk.
Oaks -I loved his glasses!  What a fashion statement, what a capo.  I loved his talk about the Atonement and sacrifice.  We are to offer a small imitation sacrifice of His Sacrifice.  Amazing things were said. 

Holland.  He dropped it on us.  When he ended that talk, there was an audible gasp in our room.  Don’t delay, it’s getting late.  He preaches the Doctrine of the Kingdom with such fluidity, such power, and such boldness, I fall in love with every one of his talks.  He talked about envy.  It was extremely applicable to real life (just like Uchdorfs that you liked mom.)  Then he called the Priesthood of the church out.  Step up! he said. 
Hales was another 3*. They crave the joy their service brings.  I relate with that so much as a missionary.  He talked about the sacrament and about the temple recommend. 
Baxters talk, aimed at single parents, and specifically mothers, was INcredible!  Although it didn’t super apply to me, there was one new member that it was perfect for.  A**.  It was her first general conference.  She was baptized 2 weeks ago in Cnetro.  She is a single mother.  After conference I talked with her and she said that she was crying during all of the talks!  But when Baxter started talking the flood gates were open and she said she the enseñanza le llegò.  So cool to hear that!  I heard members and missionaries alike, and my mom, say the same thing.  That talk, that sentence, was just for me.  GC is amazing.  Those men and women are inspired of God.
I loved Elder Cooks talk.  He also talked about refrain from judging others and he talked about the music of faith, and not being tone deaf.  It was him that said praying with your children may be the best thing you can do for them.  Then he spoke to me.  Do not become discouraged!
I went in with the argentines to listen to Elder Scotts talk.  He translates his own talks in spanish.  It was so tender to listen to it!   There is not a man alive who loves his wife more that Elder Scott.  Again, he spoke of Jenene.  Everybody in this church should know her name.  What a couple.  Not a conference has passed while I've been on the mission where he hasn't mentioned his wife Jenene. 
Then the missionary chiro was amazing!  When they closed the session with Praise to the Man, they sang to my heart.  I FELT the spirit of God. 

The Priesthood session.  I think after these last priesthood sessions we should all have dyc 121 half way memorized.
Bednar dropped some good cane on us.  We bear Gods priesthood, do we act like it?  Does our bishop and EQP has to beg us to do our home teaching.  I loved it.  Another solid 3.  O and did you not love his pinstripe suit! 
Richard Edgely changed my life, he said approach less actives when visiting them as actives!  I have tried that before, but after him explaining it and telling that story.. . .I understand so much better now.
Ochoa gave a great talk, and Uchtdorf and Eyring and the Profet too.  I don’t have to much time to keep commenting on all of them.  But I loved Eyrings on the Sealing power and his 3 suggestions/commandments.
President Monson said some amazing things too.  I left that session with the ganas to magnify my priesthood better.  Understand it better, understand the why of the priesthood. 

The Sunday morning session (for us it actually started in the afternoon) was great.  That fist talk by Uchtdorf was felt by all.  Stop it!  Yesterday we found 2 investigators in the vea shopping.  They watched this session and both commented on the first talk.  He told us that he uses that frase on his wife alot, and we all laughed. 
Nelson gave a great sermon too, wow. the human body. The profet gave a wonderful talk about the plan of salvation and I think it was the turning point in the conversion of F**. 

Now the Sunday afternoon session I didn’t take to many notes.  Let me tell you why.  We had many a people committed, attend this final session. 
F** came.  It was her 3rd session attended, and she came with her converso reciente boyfrined.  She loved it and I talked with them for a bit.  She is doing good, the Gospel is changing her life.  She is finding the truth.
M** came.  She is awesome, and has attended conference before. We have never had a formal lesson wither her before. But she is bien involucrada en el asunto.  I loved talking with her just before the start.
N** went too.  We eat an asado with their family domingo por medio.  He loves the missionaries and supports the family and the church.  His second son is on a mission, his oldest son is EQ president, is wife is RS president, and his daughter is married in the temple.  The only thing he faults is to accept it and get in the water!  He’s been to many conferences etc.  Many missionaries have worked with him.  I had a wonderful 1 minute conversation with him before conference started.  I told him to listen for the Holy Ghost. Please family, pray for him.  Pray that God will work a miracle in his heart, pray that he will accept the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
H** came!  He was my open the mouth 2 weeks ago.  He came to 2 sessions and loved it.  What a guy.
B**.  What a story he has, we taught him last week and he told us his story.  It’s unbelievable.  one of those stories of starting marijuana at 13 years old.  He’s 21 now.  I love him so much and last night we had an Awesome lesson with him.  After hearing Perry’s talk about the BOM he was so confused because he had no idea what it was.  So we taught him and his girlfriend about the BoM, so cool.  After that lesson last week with him, he pulled out his electric guitar and went to town.  He hooked it up to his amp and, dad you wouldhavelovedit.  He was so good!  He knew everything form eruption to sweet child of mine.  And many other old old classics that I didn’t know.

So B** shows up in front of the church with a cigarette in his hand. I was so excited to see him that I bound down the stairs and give him a hug.  I wait till he finishes the smoke, and then we enter.  He was scared the walls were going to fall in on top of him.  After some of the talks he needed a half time, so we went out in the hall and he got a drink of water.  He looked a little shaken up.  We talked a lot and it was amazing, don’t know how to better describe it.  We got in again.  It was just a miracle. B** and H** were on either side of me, listening to profets in these latte days.  It was a miracle to look out across all the true and faithful argentines.  I explained it so much better yesterday but it was amazing!

So 5 in church!  5 progressing investigators!  Awesome. 

Being with all the Elders and Hermanas of the zone during conference was great.  Becoming a leader.  I looked for the many opportunities to be a leader and to help and encourage and correct and lift and inspire.  just like Sister Esplin talked about.  I have won the trust of each missionary in my zone, I think, and it is wonderful to be a zone leader, have this opportunity to practice being a leader, and loving my missionaries.  I love them all, they are all amazing.  I am gaining their respect.
We are excited to go right now and give a distinct meeting.  We planned it this time!! and it is full of fun, laughter, inspiration, and American dulce!  Thanks for all the packages. They are being enjoyed!  McAlister a and Grandparents Skinners!  You better get better Grandpa, I’m praying for you!!
This week we went to Consejo and had interviews with President.  My interview totaled an hour and 15 minutes.  What feast I had this week. One of the many miracles of this church is a good and loving mission president.  Cook said it.  And it is so true. I continue to learn and be reminded of great things. 
While we were in the office pench I had amazing talks with Elder Moon, Elder Chistenson and Elder Allen.  And listened to EFY 2011.  O Yeah!
I got 2 april fools jokes pulled on me.  One of the assistance called giving me a golden reference 2 blocks form the pench, a family of 5, and then the sisters told me in conference that L** & B** watched the Saturday conference and wanted to get baptized.  I was so excited for both families!  Both turned out being april fools jokes. I got hosed.
I met John the baptist this week. The bible forgot to mention that he was a drunk. 
The day Amanda got home as much as I wanted to, it was impossible to keep that thought out of my mind.  I struggled with it for a couple days, but now it doesn’t bother me at all.  So that’s good.  
O family, all of the other cool and spiritual experiences I am having are recorded in my journal.
I’m doing good with My comp Elder Frost. We got along good.
ojo de la fe.  We are putting the foundations of a granobra.  dyc64.33.  Im focusing on happiness and being happy!
Yesterday we went o zonda and hiked and had a chorizada!  It’s like an asado with sausage.  So dad, I got out and saw more or Argentina and it was beautiful.  
I love you all, know that yesterdays power outage email was way better than this one! 
Elder Ostler