Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel like I'm walking on clouds

Why Hello Everybody!!  I have no time bytheway, and I am sweating so bad.  It is so hot in this ciber"!" dripping would be a good word, and I’m in my missionary gear and all!
To tell you the truth, February was a hard month.  I did not enjoy myself, even living just about 100 percent obedient.  While I did fun things, I did not have fun.
I have been thinking so much lately, what in the world is wrong!!! Things will be a lot better!  Mom you know that quote you spent me about obedience a long time ago.  About obedience is soo important, until you start thinking or worrying about it.  It was more flowery than that.  But that is what happened.   There was no love or friendship, in general, in our companionship.  I am so thankful he talked to me about it.  The mission is my catalyst.
SO MUCH GOING ON. I will give you as many experiences as I can.
Walking near the pench one morning i felt to knock a door.  2 nice old ladies let us in.  We sang and did how to begin teaching and invited them to church.  Then thought nothing of it.  Sunday comes around and one of them shows up and stays all 3 hours and loves it! Brought her bible and all, and the ward was super warm and loving with her.  Miracle.
R** R** - the Grandma of some kids in the ward, one on a mission.  We have taught her 3 times, committed her to baptism, and she came to church too!!  
The other 2 we had last week didn't come this week . . .
O** - during one hot and lonely siesta I clapped his house, and he let us in.  18 years old, very in the world but super humble and willing to learn.  I have hope for him.  We have had 2 lessons.  A great kid.
We found a family!!! la familia!  They were a ref from member.  Their littlest son has a tumor and the everyone wants to rely and put their faith in God.  They are so ready for the Gospel!! We gave the son L** (5) a blessing and the spirit was so strong.  They committed to baptism, but just 2 days ago we found out that the family doesn't live in that house, they don't  live in our area.  Darn.  
I opened the mouth with a mostly deaf guy.  Old grandpa, lots of struggle and unhappiness in his life, no medical workds, and he can’t hear.  We went by a second time with a joven, 19 years old.  He assisted me in giving his first blessing ever.  We laid our hands on his head and blessed him that he would be healed.  I love him so much and Hope so much he hears and comes to church. We have had 2 lessons with him.
S** (a ref from an awesome member family received during lunch).  The best lesson ever we had with her!!  Me and my comp taught so well, and this woman is READY!  We applied the restoration to her life and taught every principle, alternating giving brief portions of the lesson.  Super powerful.  
2 p days ago we did divisiones with 2 brothers.  We had a powerful night, preaching and testifying of Christ.  After one lesson with a husband who is not a member, but he wife is a RC, L** says to me, I feel like I’m walking on clouds.  
Working with las Hermanas, Hna Thatcher (tall) and Call.  We had 4 lessons with them this week.  We made the effort to work with them, and it was excellent!  We taught the COOLEST Couple.  I wish I could tell you the hole story, but o my gosh.  We had a lesson with us 4 missionaries (they live 2 blocks outside our area, in the hermanas area) and it was powerful.  In english.  We always have to teach about baptism in each lesson and at the end no one had said anything about it.  So it was my time and BOOM I got bold and it was wonderful.  She asked, can you get baptized at 30?  So super cool.
Mom I went to a professional mens volley ball game.  INCREDIBLE!!! One of the guys was black and 6’ 11”.  Imagine that. We were super lucky to go.
We went back to pocito, but this time to do an interview. It was for a lady I had taught there. I interviewed her for baptism and had a sacred experience.  We got on our knees and she asked God if the Book of Mormon was true and if Joseph Smith was a a prophet.  For 10 minutes she was on her knees, on her hard cement floor.  At last she spoke and bore testimony, just as Lamoni did, that indeed a fire burned with in her chest and she knew the Book of Mormon was true and Joseph was a profet.
She has been on and off with the missionaries for 4 years.  She now has a seed of a testimony.

Sign me up for BYU classes, New Testament, Spanish, yeah, those 2.  And business something sweet.
The San Juan Sky is incredible.
Being a zone leader is stretching me in helping other missionaries.
Mom I talk to people almost every time I get on a bus (which is often) daily.  I think of you EVERY TIME.  Last night, I talked to every person on that bus, and the driver.  There were like 7.  A super cool experience.  I was scared and doubting at first.  But I thought of the quote.  When you do the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain.  It’s true.  I love proclaiming the restoration and the name of Christ.
 Divisions with Elder Dyer

 A SUPER good lunch on intercambios with Elder Marin
And that other pic is a SWEET service project we did with some ward families.  I’m with the bishop.  We mixed 30 bags of cement and bucketed it up to put on the roof above the 2nd floor.  5 hours.  So much fun. O, so much real work!  I was on the first floor receiving the buckets and handing them to the guy on the roof.  My shoulders died.

I’m done being discouraged.  February was tough.  And on top of that we didn't baptize.  But things will be so much better now that my comp and I are friends.  After all those cool experiences, I was still discouraged..  crazy!
Right now I’m in Mendoza.  We had p day here with all the 25 zone leaders.  I played the best soccer I’ve ever played in my life. Absolutely incredible.   Now I go work with Elder Huntington!!!  And sleep in his pench with Elder Arrua. We have consejo de lideres tomorrow.  Psyched.

Elder Ostler