Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I choose to teach the Gospel

Hello Family!
There are somanythingsicouldsayin this email.  Most important things first.
This week the Lord gave us 4 prepared people, super cool experiences with all of them.  The work of God is moving forward in our area.  Last night we had 2 lessons with our 2 progressing investigators (the 2 that came to church on Sunday!) and an esposo gave us permision to baptize his wife.  So good things are happening.
I am printing all your mails out and reading them on the bus to district meeting.  Some interesting things happened yesterday, (like p day almost went long, and so at 6 I still hadn’t done ciber) making me choose between teaching 2 progressing investigators (different families) or writing you.  I choose to teach the Gospel.
Over 3 weeks ago I sent a letter home.  Actually there were like 5 letters in one envelope. Updates on that?
How is Harrison's leg doing? I thought about that like 3 times this week. O it’s probably answered in the email you sent.
Last week was amazing, but definitely with its tough points.  I will give you a letter of experiences next week.
DANG, I just read about the $$ thing.  Those are some intense options.  It would obviously be best through the Elder Moon opt, so hopefully he will call me soon.  Thanks for doing all of that mother.

In the last 5 weeks I have preached in 6 different Argentine cities.
Well, I love you, all of you.  Have a wonderful week, and expect a good email next week.  CHAU!
Elder Ostler