Monday, August 15, 2011

The sun never sets on righteous missionaries testifying of the Savior. N.L. Anderson

What’s up family?}
Receiving this email a little late eh¡?
Well I have a lot to explain.  A lot of things are happening.  A lot of changes in my life.  The Lord, through President Avila, called ME, Elder Ostler, to be El Secretario de la Misión Argentina Mendoza!!
I’m the new mission secretary.
But how about we start from Monday . .  last Monday.  We finished an amazing p day, except for hardly conversing with my companion at all that day, and started preaching around 6:30, and it was amazing what happened.  We found an Amazing Amazing AMAZING Familia Maciel. Myseal.  I felt so inspired to sit this family down, the mother, Marcela, and 4 kids, Matias 15, Belen 13, Jesus 10, and the little guy and teach them about family prayer.  The mother cried.  It was so beautiful with this family as we taught them in their humble home.  Imagine the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, all being one room.  We taught them about how to pray and how to receive an answer.  Belen had some excellent questions.
In the follow up visits I individually asked each of the kids if they felt anything when they prayed and asked if these things were true. Belen, Matias, and Jesus all described to me the feeling and burning in the pecho they got!!  It was so beautiful.  Those are the moments most beautiful of the missino.
This week we had 4 people pray about the veracidad del mensaje and 3 receive answers, so amazing.
Well this amazing family, we were about to go buscar them domingo en la mañana, but they were visiting family.  But I have so much hope that those elders who wash Rivadavia, baptize them and bring them in to the True fold of God.
After finding the family Maciel, Elder Cajas and I attended a Católico church.  Notice I said attend.  Not assisted!  It was cool.  A lot smaller, but I really liked the preacher.  A good public speaker.  I Love seeing True Followers of Jesus Christ outside our church.
So on Tuesday, he called President Avila, and on Thursday we traveled to Mendoza.  Then on Saturday night, President calls me to the position of secretario.  That night we didn’t sleep to well.  We had one of the best talks of all time.  He cried.  Ok I really am not trying to have orgullo, but I had the Spirit with me and was inspired speaking to him.  Consoling him.  And counseling him too.  It was interesting.  And I know the Lord does things for a purpose, and I know he put me in that situation for a purpose.  He really opened up to me.  And we talked.
Among other things, we taught an evangelical preacher who is so close.  But he killed me when he was not interested in if Joseph Smith was a prophet.  In that lesson, I realized, or was reminded, that the spirit is So Important when we teach, and we must follow it.
And we realized that we have been working in a Red Zone, aka, don’t go in this area, ever.  Very dangerous.  But we went in that area.  Isn’t that comforting mother?  Good thing angels protect us.  And just have some fun, the gang that runs this villa is called los diablos, a bad group.  Everyone told us how dangerous they are.  Even the people who live there.  I had one experience on a Saturday afternoon where I saw a group of them about 3 blocks down.  And I had the distinct feeling that if I kept walking down that street, I would have gotten hosed.  Good thing i didn’t keep walking down that street.
Also working in the bebida we found Roldoflo, a great hombre.  So family oriented.  So ready for the Gospel.  He accepted everything. But when we went back the second time with a member, he didn’t cumplir con los conpromisos.  But strongly committed to church.  But on Sunday, he didn’t come.  I put him in the area book with stars next to his name, because I really believe that if the elders work with him, he could convert.
This week I really focused my teaching on 2 things.  One was receiving an answer por el poder del espiritu santo.  The other was the Book of Mormon.  O I love in Braden’s letters when he says thats 2 more converts for the Book of Mormon.  He’s such a capo.
And in open the mouths, or door approaches, I was showing the libro to everyone!  Testify.
Then 4th person that prayed about our message was Mariana, she was a reference from a member.  And a really really good one.  2 good lessons with her we had.
I know that the call to be secretary was inspired.  Before it came, I had had 3 real encounters with Presidente Avila.  The first was the first reunion we had with him in San Juan.  And we knelt and I gave the closing prayer.  He came up afterwards and thanked me and hugged me.  The second was the zone conference we had just weeks later, when I gave a talk on obedience.  And the third was just days ago when we came down to Mendoza.  And after Elder Cajas had a long interview with him, President sat me down and we talked.  It was wonderful.  He asked about my family, about me area, and all the problems happening therein.  It was a wonderful 10 minutes.
On Sunday after church we packed.  And cleaned up the pench, and got the area book ready for a wash.  And wrote the new elders notes and everything.  And also despediried the elders in the distrito and a few members.
Before I forget, 2 side notes.
1.  Ignacio Cortez, the 9 year old, is getting baptized this Saturday. And he chose me to baptize him.  Hmm, but I won’t be there.  que bendicion por los elders nuevos¡!

2.  The distrito de 3 compañerismos, or my district, had 10 people in church this week!!  With 5 progressing, o sea, 5 of them have a fecha bautismal!!  Wow, we had an amazing district meeting and we put a high goal.  And the other elders saw miracles this week.  It was such a huge improvement.  I was so happy!!

3.  Talking with some elders today, I found out that 1 of the daughters of Rosa Sosa, de Rivadavia San Martin, and a boy friend got baptized!!!!!!  Elder Arrua and I were the first elders to teach the boyfriend, Raul.  He’s 25.  And the daughter is Lucila, taught her many times.  So cool!!!
Ok, so last night we really didn't sleep to much either.  And we woke up bastante temprano to travel to Mendoza.  And I have traveled to and from Mendoza so much recently I’m broke!  And we’re only in the middle of the month.  Good thing I’m in the offices and can turn in some receipts quick!
As missino secretary, my jobs and duties are many.  My companion is Elder Boisados, a great LATIN from Buenos Aries.  My first Argentine!!!  He’s so fun.  I know him decently.  And we are washing an area.  Estansuela.  It will be wonderful.  I will explain things as they happen.  But as an office elder I will only miss 15 hours of proselyting a week, 3 hours in the morning 5 days a week.  Because Monday - Friday we leave the offices at 4pm to start preaching.  And Saturday and Sunday we get full days.
My job is very administrative.  And my secretary trainer is Elder Ivie. Just a CAPO.  He’s the current secretary.  And I got my first taste today, as we dropped elders at the airport, and had to pay 240 pesos for extra baggage.  Then we journeyed through Mendoza and bought 20 kilos of bananas.  Today, Elder Ivie had like 700 pesos on him in cash!!  For 6 weeks I will receive training, then I’m on my own.
I am actually very excited for this opportunity.  I know it is from the Lord and He has wonderful things to teach me here.  I am most excited to work side by side with Presidente Avila.  An x setenta.  He is a man of Love.  A Good Man.
A position in the offices is dreaded by many elders.  But man, the Lord has just given me excitement.  I’m PSYCHED!!
And I get to drive.  I get to drive Presidents car.  The Hilux.
Speaking of cars, Dad, I’ve fallen in love with muscle cars.  O yeah. The Ford Taunus.  Hatch back.  They are abundant here.
Today I spent with Elder Ivey and Hoggard.  They are amazing.  I forgot what it was like to have so much fun while being a missionary. We played rummy cube for p day.  But I’m telling you , it was just so much fun today.  Tomorrow is the Big day.
We send 15 missionaries home and receive 14.  Can you imagine the logistics of that?  And Elder Ivey is in charge of most of that.  We’re going to be at the airport for a long time tomorrow.
I’m ready to learn.  I’m ready to soar.  My goal is to be Efficient.  And I know I will just love and nail this position.
And I am also psyched for Elder Boisados and to wash an area!!!!
This week in Rivadavia, I ate the Liahona, conference addition.  It was amazing.  
Bednar.  Your missino will be a sacred opportunity to bring others to Christ and help prepare for the Second Coming of the Savior.
Ballard.  The future growth of the Church will not happen through just knocking on strangers doors.  It will happen when the MEMBERS, along with our missionaries, filled with the love of God and Christ discern the needs and respond to those needs in the spirit of charitable service.   . .  this cannot be accomplished by missionaries alone, but requires the interest and service of EVERY member.
Monson.  Stay completely away from pornography.  Do not allow yourself to view it, ever.
And More Than Conquerors Through Him That Loved Us, by Johnson. I loved this talk.  Our personal journey through life will provide just the right amount for our needs.  Many trials are just a natural part of our mortal existence, but they play such an important role in our progress.
And also Christoffersons talk about willing to accept and seek correction was wonderful.  The sentence that starts with ‘eventually’ almost at the end.  Yeah... amazing.  You can quote that part here. Eventually all the way to learned.

"Eventually, much of our chastening should come from within—we should become self-correcting. One of the ways that our late beloved colleague Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin became the pure and humble disciple that he was, was by analyzing his performance in every assignment and task. In his desire to please God, he resolved to determine what he could have done better, and then he diligently applied each lesson learned."  Fantastic!!  What genius men.  I love the Brethren.
And one of them has their office 3 inches form mine!!
The Desire talk, Followers of Christ, by González, all were wonderful.  “Through love the Savior was obedient to the will of the Father under any circumstance.  Our Savior was obedient even when it meant great physical and emotional pain, even when it meant . . . . .”  loved that part.  Or, “as Latter-day Saints, ours is the duty to invite millions . . .”
I could go on.  Wow, did you know that conference was so inspired??  Well it inspired me this week.
A pesar de no hablar mucho con mi companero until Saturday this week, I was filled with unusually animo and felicidad.  I spent the hours we weren’t teaching, singing and talking to myself in english to keep sane.  But a lot of singing in the streets.  And it was funny because when we said good bye to the panadería or breadshop lady Sunday, she gave us 6 free delicious facturas!!  That Friday, Saturday and Sunday and even today were just days of incredible mixed feelings.  Life just got turned upside down.  I’m excited!!!  But 6 weeks in Rivadavia was so short, but helped me so much.
O HEY.  Don't forget to remind me to tell you about Cristin Funes next week.  He needs your help!
We are actually in the offices right now emailing, and I’m not sure how long Elder Haggard and Ivie need.  So I’ll keep typing!!
I love you all so much.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  I can’t tell you all how so special each one of you is to me.  You are my eternal family.
It's in my blood.  I forgot to say that.
You see, for arriba de 7 months, Elder Cabranes was secretario de la misino mendoza.  It’s in my blood.
It’s fun these days because I get to see all the oldies going home. Elder Cabranes, George, Crossa, Elder Quebeman, Martinez . . and just so many others.
My meta is to be Mr. Animo here.  Just always a smile.  Always a kind word.  Always working hard, and not ponching (or being lazy). Always leaving to work at 4pm.  And always focusing on the most important things.  Baptism.  I know I can baptize here in Estanzuela. And I am just so excited.  Pumped.
So Elder Nelson, asistente.
Elder Hare, zone leader.
And I’m the missino secretary.  Good times.
This week I thought about the Sun.  el Sol.  And thought about the wonderful words I am quoting all the time.  Mas brillante que el sol.  In the fist vision.  And I thought of the Glory and Power of God.  I pulled a Brian Regan, and tried to look at the sun.  The first glance I could tolerate it for about 1 second.  Then I went for the 5 seconds, and achieved.  But it was painful... and I thought what it will be like to be in their presence.  Am I ready.  I feel like I will melt like an infeliz.  I also want to purify myself.
I loved the every knee shall bow and tongue shall confess scriptures I studied this week.
Love Elder Ostler