Monday, August 8, 2011

He taught by puro ejemplo!

!!Hola Familia!!
To answer some questions.  Yes, I got the coat.  Graham crackers made it and are well digested by now, and one 9 year old, Ignacio came to church.  Do I want anything?  I can never deny Reece's or a roll of scotch tape.  I already got the outside cutter part.  No, just whatever, you already send me so much love, don´t worry about it.  :)
That’s so great to hear that Casey is a zl.  O, I love reading from my friends, so send some more emails if you want.  About the pesos, one dollar is 4 pesos.  So 30 pesos is like 8 dollars.  We just had an asado and I spent 26 on meat for 800 gramos.  I bought a great cut of meat called vacío.  Yum.  Every time we take a bus, it costs 2 pesos.  Cada uno doing ciber for an hour and a half costs 5 pesos. mas o menos, and printing is 50 centados per oja.  And a girdo ice cream is from 6 to 8 pesos, for 3 scoops.  And a factura from the expensive panaderia abajo de la pench es 1 peso 70 centados.
But serving a mission.  Priceless.
I love being here, and even thought I miss you all so much, what I am doing, and what every worthy Elder and Hermana is doing, you just can’t put a price on it.  Not only are we helping others come unto Christ, we ourselves are leaning timeless lessons.  I will look back on my mission with the biggest smile on my face.  I will use what I am learning in every calling I will ever receive in the Church and in every face of life.  So come.  If you’re sitting on the fence and maybe por ahi don´t want to go or whatever.
Harrison, your probably what you would call in the preparation stages for the mission.  Yeah?  Mom, you too.  I thought this last night as sleep did not come and I layed in bed reading the conference Ensign. Hope talk, a mission is not something you do, a missionary is something you become.  Mom and Harrison, you can start to become the missionary you want to be today.
I urge you to share the gospel with your friends.  That is the number one thing you can do to prepare.  Apply what you lean in your study of PMG!  I love you so much Mom and Harrison.  You are both wonderful.
Some commentaries on the letters I read last week.
AMY.  I love your letter with the stories about Grandpa.  Please send more!!   What a powerhouse of a man.  que pedaso de hombre!  Amy, seriously, thanks for always writing me.  You are wonderful.  And the dog news never gets old.  Did I tell you that your house looks wonderful?
Family, aka letters form brothers.  O i laugh out loud.  They are so funny!  I love the lacrosse stories, mowing stories, and just everything.  Harrison, it is so weird to think of you driving!  And it was funny that you mentioned that the song dinamite is old!  I’m just not with the times I guess. How about the song Friday Night.  Is it good? For me it was way catchy yesterday when I heard it.

Harrison, you’re great and I love you.  Please take your mission prep serious.  Never miss a month of home teaching.  SO IMPORTANT: we take that for granted in the states.  But when you’re in a place that well, is struggling with HT, you see the horrible effects.  Also, esfuersese to remain digno.  Do not give heed to satan’s temptations. Enjoy the priceless priest quorum experience.  O looking back, just incredible memories.  Like blessing the sacrament with Jase and his dad, Hermano Ward, for Gary Martindale, and his next door neighbor.
Dad.  Wow, that was so weird to read your letter.  I got the weirdest sensation when you mentioned about coming down to pick me up and eating an asado in a year.  It made me burn so bad for like 5 minutes!!!  O you’re great dad.
And mother, your letters are always so wonderful.  Hey let’s see if i can say this without really saying it.  Please write a letter and email it to me sometime.  Write a letter to a super nervous and stessed out mother who is passing though the opposite of marriage, and has no self esteem because of lies that were fed to her over the past many years.  Baptized a year and a half ago and has received her investiduras, and the ward is not helping at all and actually fighting against us.  Thank you.
I did divisions this week with Elder Menocal, my zone leader.  He is so wonderful.  It was one of the best divisions I’ve ever done.  I went to his pench (which Elder Arrua also lives in, FUN).  He really didn't teach me anything with what he said to me, he taught by puro ejemplo.  I now understand why he has baptized so many people in this area, and will baptize 6 more this Saturday.  Just an animal, and he BLEEDS animo.  And happiness.  Animo and the spirit literally bleed from his being.  It is so contagious.  Walks so fast, works so hard.  We didn´t get back to the pench till 11:15 in the night, and left at 9:15 the next morning.  And the minutes he could have been relaxing or enjoying pench life, he was engrainedMenocal.
Alright, some pictures.
That’s last p day with some smores supplies.
That’s during the D Meeting.  Elder Menocal is the morocho in the back. 
That’s the asado I’m digesting right now.  So wonderful.  I organized the whole p day.  
Pure enjoyment.  I need a haircut.
Jugar a la pelota.  Like my club sportivo deamparado camiseta?  A member gifted it to me! swell.  Actually, an inactive member. 
Can you say roasting some marshmallows!!! Over the brasas!!!  It was delicious.  Actually, I didn’t even eat one today.  No worries, there are still 4 more in the pench.
Another thing I leaned this week was Teach Doctrine.  I love teaching about the Atonement.  Just sharing a scripture with a member or whatever.  Elder Menocal did that so well.  He was so thorough.  It sounds like this-thur o.
I was reminded of wonderful things about the atonement this week.  I love the atonement of Jesus Christ, and Know that it is Real.
Comp struggles.  Well, they continue.  There were some pretty feo moments this week.  It’s hard.  We just aren´t friends.  I feel like I do my part, but it takes 2.  But don´t get me wrong.  He really is trying and doing many good things.  I just hold him to a high standard and am looking out for him, and a lot of the time he doesn´t like that.  But I like what you told me about not judging him and loving and serving him.  Yes, I loved what you told me mother about being uplifting, kind and patient.  Serving him and not judging.
And it’s not all bad.  We do have some lindo moments.  There were some days I pushed him pretty hard, like yesterday.  But today I let up and just let him do his things.
The District Meeting we had last week was wonderful.  We talked about the refiners fire and I put the marshmallow over a fire ejemplo, and how the marshmallow changes while it is put over the heat.  And it is much more dulce and sweet as a result, then we ate smores!!  See foto.  Amazing.  The district loved it and the zls were there to enjoy too.  Then I used music and we learned about chapter 6 of PME, and it was wonderful.  Then they all closed their eyes and thought about the Savior as we listened to This Is The Christ by Jenny Oaks, as I read some choice verses.  So spiritual.
We had an achievement this week. .  we had consejo de bario!!  It was wonderful that we had it.  But still A LOT to improve, ahh los lideres. As backwards as this is, they are the road block and the obstaculo as to why the baptism of Ignacio is so difficult.  OOO it kills me.  But we have a team and are working for success, and Ignacio’s mother is passing through a lot of problems right now.  Last night we had a cita with her and the family Quiroga came, Edwardo and Ingrid, and we were on the fone with abogados and everything!  and calling the zls, who called the assistants, who called president, and just doing everything we can to open the gates of Heaven for Ignacio.  He wants it so bad.
To Grow you need resistance.  That thought came to me last night, and then again this morning as I did my pushups.
Hey mom, are you ready for this!  Doubt it, but here we go anyway.
I found the direction to my pench!  Or at least most of it.  Hmm, think of it and there’s no area code or anything, maybe you can do some homework.
San Juan Rivadavia   street is talcahuano 3891 oeste  rivadavia dpt. 1
That’s all I got.  
I will say that p day was wonderful today.  We asadoed and jugared a la pelota.  And now I’m way tired and need something dulce.  Luckily I haven´t hardly touched the dulces from the states!!
Stay clean,
Elder Ostler