Monday, March 14, 2011

I am living a dream.

Hola familia!!  Aquí estoy, en un ciber de argentina, muy entusiasmado para escribirles.  No hay internet así que voy a escribir por Microsoft Word por un tiempito hasta que puedan alegrar la problemita.  Bueno.  Papi, me encanto lo que me escribió hace una semana acerca de la obediencia, las bendiciones, y al reaping rewards.  Cuando volvi a la pension puse lo que escribió en un tarjeta en el pared sobre me escritorio.  ¡Gracias!

It has been a good week.   I lived a lot of things and learned a lot of things.  This week we taught mas o menos 25 lessons, finding some 18 news, some much better than others.  A really promising lady who we found last night se llama vanessa.  5ish years ago another set of missionaries went to visit her and her then living husband.  And the misioneros were from Uruguay and los estados unidos, respectively.  Well, the set that just barely clapped her house, being led to it by the spirit (we had to go through this little alley that would have been easy to not see or ignore) are also from Uruguay and los estados unidos.  Pretty cool.  She’s prepared and will receive her answer through prayer.  Now, its up to her to see what she does with it.
Alright in no particular order . .
It is good going to church.  We have some solid converts here in Rivadavia, el viña del señor.  Celina came, as usual.  She is amazing.  Two nights ago we had an amazing lesson with her about the Temple, the place that I miss so much.  Tears almost escaped as I bore testimony of the Temple.  She is a sponge and absorbs everything.  She hungers and thirsts after righteousness.  Lea, accompanied with here dos padres came as well.  She also loves the church and the peace her baptism has brought her.
Then there’s Rosa and Elvis.  They also come every week, and would you know it, Rosa showed up in time for 15 minutes of la sociedad de socorro!  Amazing.  Her and her family continue to feed us multiple times every week.  This week it was once for her birthday and then yesterday for lunch.  Rosa loves us, we are the means by which God helps her out, and we return the feeling.  She’s like my mom here in Rivadavia.
Next is Silvio.  CAPPO.  He is great with reading in the Book of Mormon and coming to church every week, yesterday with traje!  We are also teaching his sister, Estephania, la flaca en las fotos.  And that is going really well.  This week she prayed and received her answer.  But she’s not sure what she wants to do with it.  Last night we gave her a blessing of comfort as she is  redoing una material hoy.  Like a makeuptesttoseeifyoupasstheclass.
And speaking of the Flores family, they hooked us up last p day!  They took us to a huge bodega.  We were able to walk around the tourist part, we were solos, and take a bunch of pictures, and just have a ton of fun.  We also got some insights into the wine industry and how the grapes turn into wine.  I’m sure you’ll see al the pictures soon .  .  . like in a couple transfers when I send my next card home.  I really hope you received the last one!  Then we went to mirador and just hung out there, eating uvas like every other day!  And playing futbol.

The Grapes and the Wine.  Family, it truly is amazing here.  The sights, the sunsets with the gold trimmed clouds over the Andes.  The viñas viñas viñas.  Grapes grapes grapes, uvas uvas, uvas.  And the amazing people, some of which will actually listen to us!  The smell of wine enters my nose daily and the taste of grapes is constantly in my mouth.  I Love It.  I am living a dream.  This morning I ate grapes for breakfast and read my scriptures.  I could ask for nothing more, other than for each one of you to be here living this with me.  But that is not how God wants it.  So I guess we will just have to wait now, won’t we.
A Little snapshot.  We were walking out of a villa and this little girl poked her head out of her door and said ¡Que Dios les bendiga! God Bless You.  It warmed our hearts. Because while we hear that every day, she actually meant it.
The villa costa canal has been temporarily shut down by Elder Ostler and Arrua.  No one wants to progress there. We can try to persuade them to faith, but it is up to them to choose happiness, or death.
It seems to me that someone (MISS AMANDA PANDA) hit 6 MONTHS in the misión this week!  Thats what I’m talking about,  YOU GO COWGIRL!  I love you.  And think of you often, and not only because Elder Arrua is always reminding me!
A Little Spanish tip.  When being committed to do something, especially coming to church, at the end of telling the missionaries si, throw in a little, si Dios quiere. Doing so takes the responsibility off of you and onto dios.  Meaning if, Sunday morning you are tired, or really just don´t want to come, its not your fault, but in fact Gods.  Jajajajaja
Did you know that Argentine government and schools pay kids for doing bad in school?  Yeah, you think your country is messed up all you Obama followers.  The kids who do the worst in school, their families receive plata from the gobierno.  The government thinks that will help, I guess, but to me and the people I talked to, it seems like parents who are lazy and don´t want to work will help their kids fail school.  That’s at least what I heard and thought I’d pass it along.
While the garbage is not to bad here in Rivadavia, it is in costa canal.  They are bagos! Instead of being responsible and ¨going the extra mile¨ digamos, they just chuck all their garbage, o lo que sea, into the big canal that runs right along their houses.  It is very sad to see.  Especially after a few days that water has not run down the canal because then it is just lleno of garbage.
After entering a house one morning and teaching a lady who really was nice, but didn´t want to change, I noticed a real piano in the house.  After the prayer I asked about it and she said, sure go on ahead.  But in Castallano of course.  So I sat down and tried to play a hymn.  But WOW.  It was so so so so so out of tune that it hardly sounded like a hymn.  And some of the notes didn´t play or were sticky.  But none the less, it was a real piano and not a keyboard.  It was a pretty cool and unique couple minutes.  Playing the piano in church went well, especially the ultimo himno o mi padre.
One of the recent convert families, Tito´s family, the family Alaniz, completed a year as members and went to the temple recently!  It was very cool to hear them speak of their experience in church.  The Temple is the House of God and I can’t wait to enter those doors after the misión.
My companion Elder Arrua, continues to amaze me and teach me.  I love being with him.  Also, last night we ate an asado and empanadas with Juan, a recent convert, and his family!  And with a friend named Ramón.  It was so so fun.  They love us so much, and we love them.
In the pench, there is some friction with the other 3 elders and the zls. I know the Lord has placed me here to show faith, obedience, and a follow your leaders attitude in this situation.  Also, I heard a ton of stuff about Japon this week and saw some footage - wow, a real disaster, I was shocked.  I know the church is down there though helping and saving lives.  Dad how do you feel?¿  That is your Motherland.
Hey I don’t know why, but this letter feels shorter and more business like.  Probably because I haven’t read what thou has written.  So let me try to get online.
Hey, a couple things I forgot. There were no wedding bells in Rivadavia this week.  Bummer.  But that is only because Miss Rita forgot to go back to the registro civil to verify the fecha.  Hopefully everything will be set for the next Friday!  And we already bought the coke!  We found a pretty cheap deal on about 20 litros of coke and got it!  And with money, we are fine and the other elders went to Mendoza today, they will return with mail, and it might be there.  But I did get the valentines package!! Thanks I loved it, Elder Arrua too.  The tie is spanking awesome!!!  I sported it at church yesterday and felt like a cappo.  Thanks harry man.  And lacrosse sounds way fun.

NOO.  I feel sad you haven´t received the pictures.  Keep looking!  Yes they are all backed up.  Whew.  Be prepared.  Eagle scout.  O and the 3x melted chocolate was so so good in my mouth!   A birthday present!  It seems like you guys send one of those monthly, not including the never ending supply of letters from you all.  Thank you, I have a deep love for each one of you.
Saydi the lady.  What a scare!  Wow, I hope you have gathered your wits and are testing good!  And doing good with that new novio of yours.  Go Get Um!
Yes, Japan is all talked about here too!  crazy crazy crazy.  Well, my companion doesn´t want to email you a picture from the asado or the bodega!  Igual, espero que reciban muchas fotos esta semana!!  My fingers are crossed.  C’mon crappy Argentine mail.  And should be said with some gusto!!
Elder Ostler