Monday, March 7, 2011

Beun dia!


Well, it’s buenas tardes here, but it’s probably still pretty temprano over there.  Ashi!  As my companion would say (alli).
WHEW.  Wow, I just ate up that email and those pictures.  It was so so good, and printed.
Missionaries over for pday.  And man, if I was a missionary in the states, I don’t even know what I’d do.  So many advantages that one will not find here.  Here, we have different kinds of advantages.  That’s cool that the missionaries siempre come over to the house.  Looking at that picture, our house is huge!  I like to see that Harrison is making good use of mine and Ben’s money shorts.  How is that Kid Ben doing?

That was an intense letter about BYU and Elder Campbell and all.  Well, now it’s my turn to write.

That is me on the piano, singing my heart out.

Well, after viewing all of the precious fotos, I think that we can both come to a conclusion that I am. . . . .  Staying!  In Rivadavia!!  For 5 more weeks!!  Uh huh, it's my birthday.

We were psyched to find out we are juntos.  Elder Arrua and yo are just kranking.  We are like brothers at this point.  We know everything about each other.  We roll our eyes at one another, laugh so hard together, and are starting to put the gente under the water. . . together.

Lea’s baptism was wonderful this week.  It took place Saturday in the morning.  Her anticipated friends didn’t come, which was the only bummer.  Nor did the branch president show up, which bothered us (I just can’t see old man Robertson stiffing the elders on a baptism) but he gave us permissino to go ahead with the priesthood we had there.  We have worked with Lea a lot these past 2 weeks.  She was one so ready to repent and find happiness.  She left her old life behind and started a new one.

Lea in her little baptismal ropa

Elder Arrua baptized her and then yesterday, she was confirmed and given, or offered, the gift of the Holy Ghost.  After church we walked over to the Maure’s house to enjoy an asado!  It was great meat, with lots of fat.  Then we were at their house forever as we talked about standards in For The Strength of Youth and taught the whole plan of redemption.  What a family. . . . 
I like the struggle bus.  Just a side note.  Byetheway, has anything arrived in the mail yet?¿
So Yes, I am in Rivadavia and loving it.  We had a good week.  It was our all time low for new finding though.  Only 9.  And 6 accepted fecha, but that is por razon.  El dia de los translados, hay que limpiar la pension.  Digo bien limpio.  Lo hicimos ect. la cual no nos dejo much tiempo para trabajar.  y tambien, estivimos con la family Maure y Jorge y Rita tanto y no tuvimos un monton de tiempo para buscar nuevos.  Pero igual, encontramos 2 nuevos muy buenos y vamos a ver que pasa esta semana con ellos.  (eshos.  That’s how you say it because I’m with an Uruguayo, and that’s how we talk)
Jorge y Rita are still muy fuerte and pre pre prepared.  Well, I did find them with Elder McClain, so they have had a good chunk of time to get themselves converted to this Gospel which is so true.  Everything is set ma o meno por el casamiento Friday and baptism this Saturday.  What I mean by set is simply that it’s going to happen.  Things here don’t get planned good until the day before the day of.  But did you hear that?  IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!

Ahh,  my first marriage.  And Elder Arrua is going to be there right by my side. . .  throwing rice.  Don’t worry - we aren’t the ones getting married.  Jorge is so strong, his faith is sure.  He is a future leader in this Church.

This is me with Jorge and Rita in the church
after the baptism of Lea.  Cappos!!!

I did divinos with that latino you see.  Elder Martinez is from Tigre, Buenos Aries and is amazing.  He sings like a God and teaches like an angel.  A really cool thing is that my third transfer, I’m now in my 6th, I did divinos with him, twice.  And in district meetings I did some teaching practices with him.  After the night with Lea and Jorge and Rita, as we were walking to the pension, he talked to me and compared what he saw three transfers ago and what he just saw.  He just pumped me up and complimented me and told me the great change he saw in me in castallano y confidence.  Those are the two things he noticed.  It was so great to be with him and partake of his goodness.

Me and Elder Martinez after our day tarde of
divisions and round of 3 baptism intrevistas.
We got a new pench system.  Elder Hyer pobrecito is gone (yes, like Kip would) and Elder Rodriguez showed up.  He’s from Uruguay too and is fourth in line for Amanda.  We are rocking a good pench this first week and I’m happy.  I already love Elder Rodriguez.  He speaks perfect English, honestly, it’s better than mine.  His verb usage and variety of words far exceeds that of mine.  I hope you know I am not joking.  He studied seven years before the mission and obviously has perfected it on the mission.  He uses phrases like ‘hold your horses’ and ‘rank.’
O and my companion is the new DL.  Which is perfect for him because he hates numbers and meetings.  I’m trying to help him in this at first overwhelming position.

Alright, I just attached a picture of the asadito.  That would never fly in the states.  But here, shirts for men aren’t really required when in the home.  Sin verguenza!  That’s Hermano Maure, Lea’s dad.

Our piano broke down this week but our patron (that’s his sobre nombre, Elder Arrua) elictricista fixed it to the rejoicing of both Owens and me.  Yay!
Church yesterday was good.  Like always, there were some awful testimonies, which makes my companion leave the little sacrament meeting room.  But there were some awesome ones to save the day.  For a closing hymn, I played conmigo quedate senor.  It was fantastic and by the end, Hermana Maure on the front row was crying.  I love knowing the song well enough so that I can look out into the people and sing with them.  Jorge and Rita were the only investigators we had show, it is great to see how the ward is taking them and developing friendships with them.
You know the classic Helping an Old Woman Cross the Street?  Well, that was me this week.  I had the wonderful opportunity of helping an 85-year-old woman who had trouble walking and tired really quickly, walk about 2 (super slow but good) cuadras a su casita.  It was great.  She almost fell once.  Well, that’s the week in a nutshell, preferably almond.
I loved that you searched and found Jacob 4:12.  And the asado of chicken for 25 heads will be paid for by Elder Arrua and I.  I guess if I run out, we will be eating fideaos the last couple weeks.  But really, no problem and please don’t worry so much about me.  I can see those wheels in your head turning mother.
The prescription stuff will be greatly appreciated.  And if you ever want to talk to Elder Cabranes, just call the mission because he should answer the phone, or just ask for him.  He’d love to talk to any of you.  No, I didn’t have to pay customs.  And I don’t really know if I think in Spanish.  We have a good rest of the pday lined up, us four are prolly going out to some campo with the family Flores again!!
I loved Saydi’s email and the pictures!  She can tell you what I said about it.  Saydi is looking great, my companion and I both think that.  My companion is crazy about girls and I gotta keep him focused.  I love life, I love the mission.  It’s hard sometimes, yeah, the insecurities of not speaking well or not having a connection with the gente or a dozen other things.  On Tuesday, a ton of kids were calling at me and trying to mess with me.  By kids, I mean like druggies our age.  But it didn’t bother me anymore.  It puts a smile on my face.
This is all I have to say.  Go Mormons.
This is Elder Ostler sending all my love.
Enjoy all the gigs of fotos - winky face