Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures from the MTC

The day before the DR Elders left with Hermano Estevez in the yellow tie.  He's amazing!  I'm squatting down a bit and look real small.

That's me stuck.  I reached down to grab something from under my desk and Elder Huntington owned me.  So Elder Allen grabbed my camera.  I was probably stuck for 30 seconds.  Elder Huntington just held me there.

Elder Huntington, Elder Allen and me, Elder Ostler

A record dearelder day for me!

Practicing Spanish in the classroom.

My creativity is incredible, I know!

Here I am with Elder Millard, Mom.

The district after Hosting.


BYU Buddies Photo Shoot.

Elder Calaway and his host - ME.

Everything is strong here!  Definitely the Spirit but even the ironing boards!

A button came off my suit. . . mostly everything is black on my suit.  Thanks for the white thread Mother!

August 2nd.  Well, it's 4 PM Monday.   It's just us Mendoza boys, I mean Elders left.  Tonight we'll sing Para siempre Dios este con vos.  I plan to give my camera to a trusty Pirate and have him bootleg me a video!  (Sam Swenson)  Should be awesome.  I've probably done this singing thing 15 times.  And tonight it is finally my turn!  We are so nervously excited.  WOW!  MENDOZA!  Really?  . . . . OH YES!

So today we did a little bit of laundry . . . . and gym was way good today.  And I scored the last goal of the game.  The last goal of my MTC experience.  It was a sweet one too.  A perfect pass across the goal, maybe 10 ft. in front of the goalie.  I knew I would have to do something heroic if I was going to put the ball in the net.  So I slid and in mid slide, poked the ball right to the bottom left corner.  GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!  That's what I'm talkin' bout (Kip accent).

Monday night.   Well, that's it.  Bags packed, just sang and I got a plane to catch tomorrow!

August 3rd.  8:30 AM.  I forgot.  I saw President Uchtdorf yesterday!  He was here and I saw him driving away.  I was probably 15 feet away and he had his sunglasses on and his arm out of the window waving to us.  So cool!  Basically he was here, word spread around campus in like 5 seconds and I with my comps went running.  You know something decently important is going through your mind when you forget to write about seeing an Apostle of God!  Well, this is it.  I love you.

Elder Ostler