Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Thank you for the work you have done here Elder Ostler"

Dear my Family:
Hello to all.  I’m starting out in a word document because the internet is not functioning.  This will be a fun email seshin.  I saw a quick picture of Kim in white, and that made me so happy.  Amanda has just played a huge role in making Kim’s eternal exaltation possible. So sweet!  Go Amanda!  You rock!  And I saw that picture of you with Sister Italia in front of the new car . . and wow.  You are transforming into a beautiful woman.  You look great Amanda.  And I love you as my sister for ever and ever.
This week had a slow start and an AMAZING finish.  Allow me to explain.
Tuesday we went out with faith and hope, and found nothing.  Not even a lesson.  It was a hard day on the spirit, but we had fun being a little depressed.  I really felt like I was in Amonihah.  Not a soul would listen.  Ye that have ears to hear, let him hear!  So it was a hard day.  And from there it really picked up.  Let me describe a couple of the amazing lessons we taught this week.  Well major dicho.  We teach people, not lessons . . but we taught 16 of them this week.
What a wonderful email!  Thank you for always sending me an email filled with love.  I loved the tithing story!  And I was stoked about sharing the gospel.  But before the mission, I didn't do it too much either.  I’ve changed.
It will be so hard to wait to describe what happened yesterday, but here’s what happened this week.
We found a great woman named Patricia.  She was prepared for us, and the spirit inspired me to knock her door.  You could almost taste the spirit after the first vision.  She FELT with ever fiber of her being that Jose was a prophet.  And we committed her to be baptism.  Because a big focus in this missino is putting fechas with all news.  Unless the spirit is screaming don't do it, we do it.  Or at least we should do it.  And I have been real good lately at doing it.  It is inspired counsel from Audikaitis and it really helps.
I did divisions with Elder Hyer, in his area, and it was great.  The member we ate with showed us his art work.  He can draw, paint, and write on a grain of rice, a grain of sugar, in the eye of a needle.  We looked at it through a microscope.  So sweet!  Also, an amazing woman, reference de miembro, that we taught, came to church.  Exito. Walking through the streets of Villa Mercedes to lessons, I knocked many doors, just ones I felt.  And 2 let us in.  I love the inspired door knocks, and the challenge of getting in a door.  And had 2 amazing lessons with our news.  And put fechas with all them.
Hey Mom, did you get a fb message this week from a little girl in Argentina?  Because in one of the houses, the little girl looked you up on fb and added you and messaged you.  I thought that’d make you happy.
The day I was on divisions, Elder Moon saw Carlos.  He’s working like a fool.  And is NEVER home.  I also talked with him on the phone, which was a miracle.  Long live my good friend Carlos.  And much of what he taught me about killing pig was put into play this week.
Elder Moon and I had an amazing lesson with Lucas Sergio.  We found out that 2 weeks ago, he tried to come to church.  And almost made it.  But he went to a church 2 blocks away, which is also al lado de la gomeria.  OOOOO so close.  The church wasn't in session so he went home.  This man will be the president of this rama someday.  He has the most sincere desire to repent.  He has already dropped alcohol, the vino y cerveza!  And I love his desire to learn.  I love teaching him.  As we were about to finish the lesson, the spirit whispered to me to call him out, or rather, to preach repentance very directly to him.  I felt he was violating the law of chastity with harlots, and brought it up.  He said indeed he was, but it was amazing, because he is So Willing to change.  I love Sergio Lucas.  He’s going to be in church next week.  He had to work last Sunday.
Also we had a lesson with Juan Gomez y familia.  He’s the doctor.  He loves me.  They invited us for a cena, and invited 4 of his friends.  And obviously the gospel tema came up.  And HE pero dije HE! helped us teach lesson one.  I NEED to talk with him one on one, or I mean just with my companino.  And I found out from Hermana Alaniz that he used to be anti, or a hater.  So wow, lots of progress!!  His heart has been unlocked.  Now I just need to push that little puertecita open!
We visited with the classic Moises this week, and had a wonderful charla.  Be ye baptized.
One time we were looking to teach people, received a reference off the street, and contacted it.  She was a lady half there, and I basically walked in the house and we taught her, but really she didn´t retain a word, so it was just visiting a widow and having a lovely visita with her.  I let Elder Moon do half the talking.
We went out to Villa Sillas again looking for Reuben and Danilla.  But no luck.  We did found a guy I’ve taught with Elder Molen before.  He denies the Book Of Mormon and modern day revelation, but knows the bible well.  Real well.  Well we had a nice fiery little visit.  And I, with power, showed him what was up.  If I had all day, I’d tell you.  I confounded this man using his own bible.  Hechos 3 19 21 baby.  And then he kept denying me.  So I stood up and got right in his face.  And I bore my testimony,  and he felt my power.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
For example, this jose would have me read a scripture in Galatians about perverting the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And then I would just serve him.  Basically quoting the missionary purpose, I then ask him, and how is THAT perverting the gospel of Jesus Christ?  I am a true missionary of Christ and I teach the Truth.
We found 14 new people this week.  2 of them were a great family, not married of course, but we just had a great first lesson with them.  They have potential.  Maria y Hector.
Ever heard of a talk by my man Corbridge called the fourth missionary?  Amazing.  Thank you Elder Hyer.
Church was wonderful.  Yeah, no one came.  But the spirit was so strong.  Testimony meeting is fun.  It was my fourth and final in Justo.  Mostly everyone comparirs their testimony each month.  I do.  Then as we went out to work Sunday night, I got in the first house I tried by requesting to enter and enjoy some musica Argentina with them.  And we got in and put a fecha.  She was good.  This area just has SO MUCH POTENTIAL NOW!  Even though I didn't baptize a soul, I did a lot of good here.

Yes, I am getting transferred.  As I knelt in prayer last night, solito in the chapel, it was great.  And immediately, but I mean immediately, as I said amen, I heard these words in my mind, “Thank you for the work you have done here Elder Ostler.”  It was wonderful.  I know my work and faith was not in vain.  No effort is wasted. Justo has grown me.  I have changed.  And wow, I have just had the Coolest experiences ever!!  Like this one . . . . r u ready?
Yesterday morning we all wake up and ready for the craziest experience EVER.  I was Mr. coordination and everything was set.  The 6 Villa Mercedes elders came and slept in Justo, and when the sun woke up, so did Presidente Jose, and he came with his camioneta.  We all hopped in the back, and with our blankets and coats, gloves and scarfs, beasted the 45 ride out to his campo in CORDOBA!!  It was so cold yesterday morning.  But we warmed up our voices and sang hims in the back of his old Argentine pickup out to Cordoba.  Us 5 gringos also put patriotic and sang to our great nation.  The mission makes you more patriotic.   I love America and at times miss the comforts of a living en el primer mundo.
And what followed was the best forth of July of my life.  I had prepped myself the day before as we almorzared with Jose.  The task at hand was to kill a pig.  And I had to kill it.  And kill it I did!!!  Can you believe it, your son out here in Argentina, and he killed a pig.  Pretty much the only ones to get dirty, and I mean REAL DIRTY, was me, and the zls, Elder Hyer and Elder Esplin.  I caught the pig, maybe 75 pounds.  Then I had to psyche myself out enough to kill it.
We chose a male without blemish (lev 1,3) and did not delay to offer the fist of our ripe fruit (ex 22,29)  and then, just as Teancum did with Amalickiah, I put a knife to his heart (Alma 59.3).  I stabbed the pig through the throat to the heart.  Elder Esplin and Hyer held the pig.  IT WAS INTENSE!!!!!!!!   To finish with this fun scripture share, my hands were certainly defiled with blood (Isaiah 59, 3)!  After the matanza of the chancho, the sacrifice was salted (Mark 9,49).

In the olden days, like even before my parents lived, they used to do this as a form of cleansing people of sin.  But in Hebrews 10.4 it says that it is not possible for the blood of bulls, goats, and might I add pigs, to take away sins because Christ came and fulfilled the ley de moises.  And he made a new law.  He raised the bar.  And in 1 jn 1,7 we read that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.  I know that Christ lived and died, for me.  For me and for you.  And he paid the price.  The Father sacrificed Him, so that I can live again.  I will rise form the dead.  And I will be exalted, to live forever in happiness with my family.  All thanks to Jesus Christ.  We must dejor nuestros pecados and live righteous lives.
Oh and I found this.  Revelations 13.10.  That worries me a touch.  He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.  hmmm
After the pig was dead (might I add that I was the only one man enough to do the deed) we skinned it.  Hey Kevin, Uncle Kevin.  Now I can say I’m a chicken plucker and a pig skinner!  How bought that che!  Carlos taught me how to skin a pig, so I headed that effort.  Then Jose helped us cut it open and soon enough it was on the parrilla, being slow cooked by the coals.  Asado style.
And while it cooked we played.  We went pig tracking and ended up at the river.  But Jose took us through the wilderness!  Wow.  We then threw down a classic game of truco, then feasted on our asado!  It was so flavorful.  And so fatful.  Let your soul delight in fatness.  2 Nephi 9.  Millet always liked that scripture.  It was a great feast and I requested to cook the heart and manned that task and got almost ever missionary to try it.  It was pretty good.  Then at one point I picked it up with my hand and like a savage took a big bite out of the heat.  So sweet!  I felt like a Lamanite and everyone followed suit.  Such a fun time.  Really, you have no idea.  OO and the whole time Elder Esplin sitting next to me was making the funniest comments about how eating the heart was giving us more charity.  Putting more heart in the work.  How he could feel his love growing for los demas etc.  It was SO FUNNY!
Then we went running through the campo and herded some cows.  Elder Hyer led out there.  Once the cows were in the pen, we went cow throwing!!  You might be wondering what in the world that is.  Well, we isolated a baby calf in a pen and Jose just told us we had to grab it by the ear and throw it on the ground!  Wow.  So Elder Hyer and I went first.  With no experience, we were beginners, it took 2 minutes, and it killed us.  Cows are fast!!!  I eventually caught it by the ear and Elder Hyer helped my put it on its back!  SOOOOOOOOO SSSSWWEEEEETTTTTT!!!  You have no idea.  Second to go was Elder Esplin.  He went solo and it was AMAZING.  In 25 seconds he had the cow on his back!!  Wow, I will never forget that.  I was freaking out.  Then, after that, Jose taught us the form in which to throw a cow, which made it 10 times easier.  Then I went solo, got it easy.  But as I was taking it down, we whacked heads!! Oooo, right on my temple and it hurt!
Then we went to the next animal.  The brother of the eaten pig.  We let it loose and had to catch it.  It was SO FUN!  You have no idea.  After both Hyer and Esplin dove and missed it, I also dove at it, but did not miss it.  I got it!  Then Hyer and Esplin got up and dog piled us, and all of these activities involved a lot, but I mean, A LOT of screaming and yelling.  So I tackled the pig and I tackled it in the middle of a cow pasture!  If I didn’t think I was dirty from tackling a cow in a cow pasture, I certainly was after tackling that pig.  There was just cowpies everywhere.  I was covered in la caca de la vaca.  Oooooo we all, well us three, smelled like cow poop.  It was SO GREAT!  The best forth of July ever.  Then we pushed a tractor and drank some hot chocolate and called it a day.
So it went like this:  pig killing, pig skinning, pig cooking, pig tracking, cow herding, cow throwing, pig chasing, tractor pushing and hot chocolate drinking!  BEST 4 OF JULY EVER!!!!  And all thanks to THE MAN Jose and his lovely esposa Poala.  And it was right in the middle of the pig killing (I still think of Lord of the Flies) when the transfer call came.  And we had signal!  O the tender mercies of the Lord.
And so I’m getting transferred.  I’m going to Chimbas, San Juan.  Whhhhhwhoooooo.  So legit.  And I’m excited.  My comp is a Latin!!!  Elder Cajas.  Elder boxes.  He’s got 6 semanitas in Argentina.  Newevito.  I am psyched.  And my area is called . . are you ready for this.  Rivadavia!  There are 2 Rivadavias in the missino.  And I get to work both!   I will apply everything I am and all I have recently learned and rip it up.  Moving areas is a great opportunity.  I can start fresh.  I can put goals and cumplir them.  I am so excited.  It will be a wonderful experience.  I hear my area is rich, and has Wal Mart.  WAZZZUP.  From Justo to Wal Mart.  Who would of thought.
And Elder Moon is getting a Latin!  An experienced way good Latin, who doesn´t speak a lick of english.  Elder Moon and I did wonderful together.  His name is Austin.  The coolest book of experiences was written in Justo Daract.  I love it.  And might think about missing it.  Who am I kidding, of course I’ll miss it!!!  I LOVE JUSTO DARACT!!
I love you all family.  Enjoy Mexico. Enjoy a different culture.
And Ben Cuevas, don´t you speak another word against Argentinos.  I’m one of them!!  And I need to work on my charity hacia los chilenos.  jajajajajaja love you Ben.
Love you all.  Go live the gospel.  AND SHARE IT.  Open your mouth with 2 people this week.
Elder Ostler