Monday, January 24, 2011

I saw the beautifulist sights I have ever seen!

Hey family How are you doing!?  I am doing good. Some picture descriptions to start out.  I haven’t sent pictures in a while .  .   .

The dog with many names.  It has stopped following us.
Thank the heavens.
We play futbol with the chicos every Wednesday
in the canchita behind the church. Classic action shot.
Me (obviously) and a braille Book of Mormon.
Its part one of 7 others.
That’s us walking away from the pench Saturday. Notice all the gawkers, just thinking how cool we are.
And that is him.  Picture taken 39 minutes ago.
Yes, Elder McClain is out of here.  And my new companion is called Elder Arrua.  You really gotta roll that rr because he’s from Uruguay.  His ingles is real limited, so it’s all castallano baby!!!!  I give the Lord thanks because He blessed me with another wonderful Latin.
Elder Arrua is 22, and he is a good missionary.  We have absolutely no problems.  He serves me, for example:  we come home form work one night.  After planning, I see him moving around in the kitchen.  I’m to tired to ask whats up.  About 45 minutes later, he just pulls a cake out of the oven!!!!  2 eggs, water, sugar, and flour. It tasted just like 2 eggs, water, sugar, and flour.  It was wonderful.  No frosting needed.  Elder Mario Arrua is great.  He’s from paso de los toros.  It’s a drink too, I think.  I love speaking castallano with him.  He’s got a huge accent.  In any word, if there is a y or ll he says SH.  For example, in the word castallano. Those in Mendoza kinda have the same thing, but way way less.  And when I talk, I have almost all the way eliminated it.  But with him . . . it’s fun speaking like him.  He’s really good at teaching too.  He will complete one year in the mission in March. 

The week started slow.  Thursday was the real first day of work and it was so weird teaching that day! It had been three days since I last taught.  And wow . . .  it was hard.  Tuesday was Elder McClain’s day.  You know, he actually got transferred to Villa Mercedes, he’s in my old ward!  My old pench! But not my old area.  Then transfer day, I went to the terminal in Mendoza and was there for almost 2 hours waiting for Elder Arrua to come. In that time I just hung out with the huge group of missionaorus also waiting.  And  . . . . . . I say Elder ALLEN!!!  What a great reunion!  What a stud.  It was unreal seeing him.
This week I learned 2 slang forms of the word marijuana.  These same kids always talk to us about it, ages 10 & 16. I just cannot see Benson stealing and doing drugs.  Well, with Elder Arrua the other day we stopped and talked to about 8 of them.  It was really good.  Hopefully they come to the partido de futbol.
You know daffy duck?  Well the other day I about died laughing when I leaned that daffy ducks name here is pato Lucas.  Lucas duck!  I’m sure that’s not very funny to you, but man, when I saw the poster and then asked my companion, I thought, and still think that is hilarious.  Bugs is still called bugs, but daffy, nope.  Lets change his name to Lucas.
The other elders, who are still together, brought home a big bag they got from a part member family the other day.  And O My Gosh!  The white peaches were like heaven in my mouth.
This week was pretty cool, especially yesterday.  We had 8 people committed to church . . . . 2 of them came, and 2 others.  So 4 in church!  Dario and Silvio came. And Rosa’s daughter and then a 22 year old largayoli girl.  Natacha brought her friend to church!  Mainly because Natacha is president of the primary and  .   .   . yesterday was the primary program!!!  It was untouchable, listening to, watching, and feeling the spirit of those children.  13 participated in it.  I love it.
And yesterday, as the branch pianist, I played again.  I love playing for church.  Practice boys so you can have this same experience.
Bytheway, Silvio, after an incredible lesson Saturday with him and his mother, is set to get baptized this Saturday.  Wow, way exciting.  He's ready.  This lesson, the sprit was about to lift the roof off the house.
After church on Sunday, we hopped in the back of Titos truck to ¨help¨ the other elders take 4 little girls back to Andrade, an outlying campamento.  We were all in the back of his little truck, and what happened next I will never forget.  I dare to say that I saw the beautifulist sights I have ever seen!!  The day was clear, the mountains were visible, and the vineyards were incredible.  The sky was so blue.  I can´t describe it, all the colors, the smells.  All I can say is wow.  It was incredible.  Once in a lifetime, me with my plaque, a missionary, having the time of my life.
Then last night we had some more amazing experiences.  We found and taught 6 people in one lesson.  There was cigarettes and beer and wine.  A party drunk crowd, but within 45 minutes we kept it together and shared a really spiritual restoration.  It was super cool, during parts of the lesson.  Elder Arrua to 4 of them, and me to the other 2.  This one guy knew of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  Well, during the lesson I committed him to be baptized and he said yes.  He wasn’t drunk, if you were wondering.  But he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  It was a really cool lesson.
Then we found these 2 people with their 2 kids outside their house.  Turns out, she's and RM from Chile, 15 years ago and he's not a member.  He was talking Nextel to his sister in New Jersey.  We were passing the walkie talkie around and all talking to her.  I tried to talk English to her, but she didn't want to.  Then her little kid, who is a boy, Julian, takes the phone and says he wants to talk to me.  So for 15 minutes we talk back and forth.  I tell him to call you, and he does!!  It was so cool.  I’m pretty sure he’s a boy.
Last night because of teaching we did not get to the pench until 11 pm.  That’s 30 minutes late.  And WOW.  Rivadavia comes Alive at night!!!!!!  It was a party on San Isidro and in the Plaza!!!
Emiliano is a stud, and he’s got his own miracle story, but no time for that now.  I sweat whether I’m working or not.  It’s hot, but I expect it to be hotter.

A rather cold day -  Wink!
Junin, on a bike. One of my favorite pictures of all time.

Well, later
Elder Ostler