Monday, December 27, 2010

He put us in her path.

Hi, just me sitting here.  Another pday.  Another normal Argentine day.

The phone call was good.  But very weird.  Dad was right when he said it was so normal, like I was in the house next door.  There was no rush or fireworks or anything.  It wasn't a big deal at all.  (Very opposite of what I expected.)  It was good having us all on the phone.  Go Family Ostler.

Wow, the boys are probably just getting up to go skiing.  LUCKY. That's awesome and I am happy for you.  The remainder of my day includes writing some letters and Futbol with the zone.  I'm excited. Pretty much everyday you can expect that I will be playing with the pelota.  That's how it is said here.  Quiere jugar con la pelota?¿ 

Merry Christmas family.  It really did not feel like Christmas at all here in Mendoza.  Thank you again for the package.  WHAT?? ¿THERE IS A TAPE RECORDER IN THERE?  I have not really in depth searched it yet.  All the ritz are gone (as well as the chocolate and Reese's and kitkat from the Crawdads.  Thanks!)  I'm so excited to go home and discover a great discovery.  Yeah.  I love late Christmas gifts.  Thanks for the legitimate mini pmg.  Everyone is jealous of them.  I'll probably wait until I train and give the other one to my son.  And the english ensign.  WOW! Amazing.  And real syrup! And the calendar and picture.  I loved all of it so much :) smiley face!

The mission makes you forget things.  Movies (not that I have that problem.  I don't like movies) but music, places, names, just normal things from home.  A great song that reminds me of Jonny Vance just came on and I can't remember what it is.  It's frustrating sometimes.  Especially stuff that when you were home you knew so well.  And now, the mind just goes blank.  It's kinda sweet.

And may I ask?  Can you send me a sd picture card?  I'm kinda running out of room.  Thanks.  I know you probably already sent it.  Thank you.

The 49 letters were great, most of them.  People told me of the most crazy random experiences.  I was laughing alot during them.  And I didn't open any before Christmas; however, the other Elders in the pench did open one, just because I told them that the author of a certain letter was pretty and they suspected there were pictures sent.  It was pretty funny.

A week ago I tried to take out money from an ATM.  It was Sunday night and I surely learned my lesson.  I forgot my pin number and so after the fourth try, the big bad Argentine machine ate my card!  My mission card with all my money on it.  I was so angry, it was disappointing.  I learned my lesson about trying to take money out on a Sunday.  Even though it was night and pday was only hours away.  The Lord moves in mysterious ways.  This morning we went to the bank and waited in a line and I was about to retrieve my card.  So life's good.

I also got an amazing letter from Mr. Jeffrey Young.  I love so much reading letters sent home from Braden and Casey.  They inspire me.  Mom, you said my English is going down.  I'm trying to improve it.

Encontramos tres personas fantasticos esta semana! Pusimos fechas con dos de ellos. uno con Gimena (hable un ratito a cerca de ella por telephone con ustedes) y el otro encontramos ayer, despues de la iglesea. Nosotros fuimos a una casa de un meimbro y uno de los chicos estaba jugando con un amigo. despues un tiempito, apredimos que la abuela de el amigo se fallecio hace tres dias atras. por casi una hora nosotros ensenamos el plan de salvacion. La leccion fue Incredible! Me gusto mucho y el miembro y el y animado. los dos chicos nos preguntaron muchas preguntas sobre leccion dos. ambos, el miembro y el amigo, estan tan interestado sobre la vida que viene y el reino celstial. uno de los preguntas was tan funny. something like, and these kids both 15 were sincere.  Carlito asked, if someone sells their soul to the devil, can they change and still be saved by Christ?  la pregunta era algo como asi. es dificil para mi para escirbir en castallano. pero me gusta. bueno.

Last night we were walking down this street after a lesson with Rosa Sosa. She is so amazing and we are working on having the Spirit convert her kids.  We were walking and we heard some sweet gospel music so we turned down the street and hung outside the church for a minute to listen.  fue tan cool.  Then we turned down another street as to arrive at our desired destination.  We were in the process of opening the mouth.  My companion walked by this middle aged lady sitting outside on her porch thing.  Her brick wall.  I was a step or so behind my companion and I struck up a conversation with her.  She was hesitant at first, and what started off as a 'merry Christmas, un pocito tardeesta in la busquedad. She is so sincere and has a hard time forgiving herself.  She has many problems and just wants respuestas y paz.  Obviously I testified to her and taught her right there.  Also we wrote down all her information and phone number (that's key).  We discovered that she lives in San Luis.  It was an amazing experience.  I'm happy our curiosity of the music turned us down that street!  The Lord knows everything.   He put us in her path.  Patricia se llama.

I hope you're having fun with the Spanish I'm putting in here mom . . . . Harrison can figure it out.  After the open the mouth, my companion said, that sucks!  She lives in San Luis.  Sure, it would be awesome to teach Patricia, etc. but I really didn't care where she lived.  I was truly happy just because we found her.  And I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bless the crap out of her life. I'm excited to pass this amazing reference along to our fellow missionaries in San Luis.  (She might even be in Elder Huntington's area).

The Christmas party we had on Wednesday was great.  Not over the top super, but still good.  I love Elder Quebemann so much, he's the one in the santa hat.  After the party, everyone was preparing to leave.  I was just standing in a crowd of maybe 20 missionaries when President walks by.  He looked at me.  I was starring up into the deep blue Argentine sky.  I knew he was looking at me, but I kept my gaze upwards.  At last (we're talking maybe 4 seconds) I looked at him.  I was transparent.  I knew he was looking into my soul.  We held eye contact for a second and in the sincerest way he said "I love you."  It was so special and I really felt amazing.

I received an amazing Ben Ostler dearelder.  Tell him to send you the robbery crime fighting story.  And have him submit that!  To something, some organization or the new era or something!  It was fascinating, his writing.  I read it outloud to the pench and they were amazed.  Elder Owens kept saying, "jesh, Stephen King. I guess he's a good writer or something."¿  But yeah, do something with that story.  I love you Ben Ostler.  I'm going to go own some latinos in futbol this afternoon for you.

It's hot!!  The worst is waking up in the middle of the night all sweaty.  Everyday I am a very sweaty missionary.

I played piano in church!!!!!!!  I played for Priesthood, Testimony. And for sacrament meeting I played Away in a Manger, There is a Green Hill Far Away, and then to close, number 50 mas cerca Dios a ti.  It was amazing!  On each song I was able to play at least half of it with both hands.  Sure, each song had a nice blunder (I'm trying to say mess up) but all in all, I was way happy and it went really well.  Thanks for pushing me to play piano in church mom, and I will do it every week.

Mom, you are making new friends.  Like with Elder Owens mom and Elder Crowthers mom and many many more.  Are you friends with Elder Reynolds on facebook?  It's fun talking with other missionaries about our crazyslashamazing moms.  another smiley face :)

Dad, I loved Christmas morning because I had a jam packed hour of Mosiah 3.  I read it through once and was falling asleep!  I thought, this cannot be.  So I got down on my knees a second time and prayed.  When I sat back down I slowly picked about Mosiah 3 and some extra references.  IT WAS AMAZING.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I always love things like that.

I hope your calling is going good.  I love being on a mission.  Just to recap, we ate an asado Christmas Eve.  They had everything, including blood sausage and intestine.  Yum Yum Yum.  I can just see little Miss Saydi biting into a nice fully fatty intestine in the future.  I'll bring some back for you girl.  The intestines are the white things, I think.

Sorry, I could send alot of pictures but I just barley started loading them and it's taking forever.  So I will just send one.  If it ever loads.

I miss the temple, I wish I could go.  I am glad that while at BYU, I took advantage of all those temples and went so often, both before and after being endowed.  When we received our endowments, Elder Chavez and I just rocked it, going to a different temple every week for awhile!  So many good memories with that man.

Well, times up but it's only half way loaded, uhhhh.  Bytheway, have you sent some pictures to that missionary, Elder Chavez    Could you do that, thank you.

Wow, you are all just skiing right now.  That's sweet, but I'm excited this afternoon to go whoop some hinojosa, playing with the pelota.  The picture is done.  I love you family.  I love you Miss Amanda!!

nos vemos en una semana. quiza la semana que viene escribire todo en castallano.

Later, Elder Ostler