Monday, November 29, 2010

It is great to wear the black nametag

Hey, what's up big dog?  I'm sitting here, just smiling.  Life is good.  But wow, I can't believe the sacred pday is almost over!!  Back to work!!!  Dad, about sleeping.  I think a time or 2 with Elder Hinojosa I slept for 45 minutes during the siesta, just feeling really tired those days.  But for the most part no, no sleeping during the siestas.  That's only for uncommitted ponchos!  During the siesta is lunch and language time, but I have still so been slacking with putting all of my effort to learn this language.  I'm feeling a false sense of security with the language so I haven't been studying.  And it takes work and commitment to study during the siesta, usually we have just been talking during the siesta.  But this week that has changed, my good ole' dad.  I have set some goals and have decided to be Committed!  AND now I am studying spanish during the siestas (o my gosh, the guy next to me is watching college football highlights on YouTube, and I looked for a second. . . so cool!!!!!!)  I love reading aloud from el libro de mormon.  He's not watching college football highlights anymore bytheway.  The guy next to me that is.

Please send my line of Priesthood Authority.  The Priesthood is so important and I love it.  I love teaching about it and I love having it.  And I especially love it when dad always talks to me about it.  And about the phone call, the big phone call, the big big big phone call.  No worries.  I just pay 10 pesos for this card to call the US and then a few days before Christmas I call home for 10 minutes and we "set up a time when you will call me on Christmas."  I don't know why it will take 10 minutes, but it probably will.  Then on Christmas, at the appointed time, you call me on the cell phone we have in the pench (each companionship has a phone) and then we go for it.  Oh yeah.  And I think I have an interview with President Lindahl this week, and I will ask him about calling Amanda.  That's the deal.
This was taken today, right after Elder George opened his package from his parents.
I got so much mail this week, it is ridiculous.  Four glorified mail packages, with bed sheets, a watch in rice krispi treats, sugar in little packets??, and a bunch of stuff.  I laughed when you said you were being a bad missionary mom.  1 green envelope has arrived and I opened it.  NOT.  Good joke huh?

I would rather have you send me words than little candies.  Please don't take this the wrong way.  And when you do send candies, maybe send some blueberry muffin mix too.  I know that is hypocritical, saying don't send as much and then asking for something, but just when you send something in the future. . . . ok, you get it.

I loved the letters forwarded from the missionary friends.  I loved Casey's descriptions of Argentina.  I have all that stuff that he described, alfahors, the different sidewalks, which Elder George and I trip on every single day, all the time, it is so funny!  And facturas, I love facturas!!!!!!

And Casey Garland wrote me an awesome letter!! I loved it.  Tell him that within a week or 2 I am sending him a nice little letter.

And Braden's letters are compelling, I love them so much.  Bind them in a book and sell them.  He makes me feel like a slacker, just like at BYU sometimes!!!  I love that missionary!  What a stud.

The highlight of this week was THANKSGIVING!!!!  We decided to do something nice, so we organized and put on a nice thanksgiving dinner.  Candle lit and everything.
We had Kenny G Christmas playing, all the lights in the pench off and we ate choripan.  Those little sausage things are so fantastic!  It was such a fun night.  We said the thanksgiving dinner prayer and held hands and everything.  Just a fun fantastic night always to be remembered.

The other best part of the week was that we had 2 in church.  2 investigators came to church!!!!  Lina couldn't because her brother died and she was at a funeral, (hummmm I think we might teach the plan of salvation when we pass by this week).  But Antonio, a 24 year old kid we found through a member (Oscar his dad, who is diabetic and is blind and has no legs) came to church.  And Sara came to church too!  Her mother died last week and she is so so sad, but we are really helping her out.  I know someday soon she will get baptized.  Sunday morning we went to both of their houses to look for them and bring them to church.  We all took a bus, Oscar came too, in a wheelchair.  It was great.  They only stayed for sacrament meeting, thankfully because it was a rather odd day in the Sarmiento ward.  There was contention in both Sunday School and Priesthood.  It was weird and I didn't like it at all.  Just some members started fighting a little, just stupid little stuff.  Every day is such an adventure.  But 2 in church!!!!!!!

And Belen, o Belen, we dropped her, even though she finally started reading the Book of Mormon.  But her heart is not in this.  She lives in a horrible environment too.  And this week, in one of the lessons, we found out that besides the cigs (and the not praying, minimal reading and not going to church) she has this work.  She didn't tell us what it was, but it's bad.  At first we thought it was drugs, then we got some hints in the next lesson and we're sure it's drugs.  I think she is selling drugs.  And she didn't come to church for the 4th time in a row, even though all 4 times she committed to coming.  So she, Hermana Carmen, a recent convert is going to talk to her and we might have one more lesson with her this week.  So that is sad.  She is just not doing her part, and not progressing.  I really wanted to confirm what this "work" she is doing is.  Carmen (who is so so so amazing), Elder Hinojosa baptized her, knows what she, Belen is doing, but won't tell us.  I may never know, but I'm pretty sure we are teaching a drug dealer.

Last night, Sunday night, was so amazing!  After an interesting day at church, yes 2 people came, but the spirit in the 2 classes really was hard to detect, and after a good lunch with members we took a siesta (oh which I forgot to say dad, everyone was in the study room and I was in the kitchen area reading the spanish book of mormon out loud, and the next thing I know is I wake up and the book of mormon is on the floor, I had slept for 45 minutes!!  I felt like a fool, but it really refreshed me) we put some goals, I offered a heartfelt prayer that we would be about to really fulfill the goals we set and we headed out.  To summarize, we did fulfill the goals, we found 2 news!!!!

And one of them, Walter, was just gold.  We said a prayer and asked some questions and then we started teaching.  I love teaching so much.  I want to teach every second of every day.  I love declaring repentance to these people just like Alma and Amulek did.  That's where I am in the book of mormon right now.  I love personal study.  We started teaching the restoration.  And we spiced it up with some baptism.  At the right time, after Walter understood the Joseph Smith story and everything, I asked the question.  "Walter, will you follow the example of jesucristo and be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God?"  He said "si."  "We are having a baptismal service on december __, will you prepare yourself to be baptized that day?"  Again he said yes.  It was amazing.  O, I just loved it.  So as of now we have 2 fechas, Antonia and Walter.  And Sara is going to have one soon.

Well, my hour of yaking at you is over.  It is great to wear the black nametag.  I love testifying of the truth.  Elder Gonzalez got a package today too and we each got an A&W Rootbeer!!!!!!!  Just great great stuff.  Wow, what a thrill.  And poptarts!!  It was sweet.  Well, as I said, the hour is over.  Goodbye

I almost have 6 months in the missino!!!
Love, Elder Ostler